July 25, 2018

For years now, liberals have been selectively editing interviews with conservatives to make them look stupid and calling it “satire.”  But when a conservative site did a deliberately obvious shuffling of an interview with socialist “It” girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to poke a little fun at her, leftists were so “OUTRAGED,” they not only didn’t think it was funny, one didn’t even recognize it as satire and took to Twitter to expose it as being misleadingly edited. The responses were hilarious.  My favorite: “Thank you, Captain Obvious!”

As long as we're doing a round-up of the latest fake news… Many mainstream news outlets reported that during a high school summit in DC, Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined in the crowd’s anti-Hillary Clinton chant of “Lock her up.”  The video shows that he plainly did not.

An Odessa, Texas, waiter who got lots of supportive media coverage after claiming a customer wrote a racist message to him on a dinner check admitted it was a hoax and he wrote it himself.

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And a bipartisan Senate report found that about half of the government’s public data on federal spending listed at the website is inaccurate and “riddled with errors.”

So now, both the government and the media are feeding us “fake news.”  I keep thinking of the Beatles song, “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey.”  But if you see the monkey on CNN, don’t believe him, either.  



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