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August 1, 2022



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“At  the same time,” says the  Lord ,  “I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.”

Jeremiah 31:1 

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Biden earns the lowest presidential approval rating EVER recorded by Gallup

Apparently, the media can’t redefine words fast enough to keep President Biden’s approval rating from falling. They’re trying to convince us that a recession isn’t a recession anymore, just like a woman isn’t a woman anymore. Facebook’s “independent” “fact-checkers” are even flagging posts by economists who dare refer to a recession by the textbook definition of two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.  Economist Philip Magness of the American Institute of Economic Research called it “absolutely Orwellian.”

As Victoria Taft at PJ Media reports, they’re even trying to redefine the word “definition” so they can deny that they’re redefining words.

Unfortunately, unless they can gaslight the public into believing that incompetence is competence and bad news is good news, they’re not likely to help rescue this woebegone Administration. According to a new Gallup Poll released on Friday, Biden’s approval rating sits at 38%, with a sixth quarter average approval rating of 40%. That’s the lowest approval rating of any President in the history of the Gallup poll, which started seven decades ago in 1954 when Dwight Eisenhower was President. Anyone remember Ike? People liked him.

Trump was the second-lowest at 42%, but he had a hostile media attacking him 24/7 and the DC Swamp ginning up fake scandals. Biden has a media so fawning, they’ll rewrite the dictionary to try to save him, but it’s not helping. Say, maybe they should try telling us that “disapproval” has been redefined and now means “approval.” That would make Biden’s “approval” rating jump by 20 points. 

Reason #73,945 Why Nobody Trusts The Media

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was just nominated for an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Emerging Journalist.” Even if you don’t watch CNN, you know him. He was the reporter in the famous meme from the 2020 riots, the one standing in front of burning buildings and assuring us that the protests are “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

I can’t help feeling that the Emmy Award people have made a mistake. Are they sure they didn’t mean to nominate him for Best Comedy Performance?  


How bad is crime in NYC? This bad…

Here's how bad crime has gotten under blue cities’ criminal-coddling “progressive” DA’s: the New York Post reports that NYC convenience stores have now started keeping sardines and SPAM in locked anti-theft display cabinets because shoplifters are even stealing that. You know you're either starving or a kleptomaniac when you commit robbery to get a sardine and SPAM sandwich.

I don’t see how it will help, since the next step will be bringing along crowbars and just stealing all the anti-theft display cabinets.


Wray to be questioned Thursday in handling of laptop

Just wondering: Why was Nancy Pelosi going to Taiwan in the first place?

It’s not as if Democrats were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Taiwan against China in their quest to remain free. But suddenly House Speaker Pelosi was intent on kicking the ant bed by going there. It makes no sense, and remember, class: when something makes no sense, it means there’s something we don’t know.

As we continue contemplating that mystery, Peter Schweizer, bestselling author of RED-HANDED and president of the Government Accountability Institute, appeared Sunday on LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN to discuss our current relationship with the CCP.

“The Communist Chinese must not feel really threatened by Joe Biden because now they’re dictating who can and cannot...visit Taiwan,” said Mark Levin.

Schweizer said our political class “basically have capitulated” in the power struggle with Beijing. They threaten us militarily, and it sets a terrible precedent for us now to say, “Hey, we don’t think a trip like this would be a good idea.”

Schweizer observed that we probably wouldn’t be seeing this from China if Ronald Reagan or (even) John F. Kennedy –- or Donald Trump, for that matter –- were in the White House. With Biden, they can smell the fear.

“They know they have this commercial tie with the Biden family and it gives them leverage.” Schweizer refers to Hunter Biden’s connection to an investment firm, controlled by the CCP, that was actively acquiring mineral assets in Africa to take them away from western mineral companies. This administration, he said, is “aiding and abetting” what Beijing is doing. “No question Beijing is emboldened,” he said. “And, frankly, they have reason to be.”

Add Schweizer’s name to the list of observers (including me) who want a special counsel to investigate Hunter. “You cannot trust the ‘Justice’ Department,” he said, “whose senior officials are appointed by the President, to actually investigate the President’s family. You need to have an independent counsel not only to look into the criminal allegations here...but the American public needs to accounting of what was uncovered. That’s true even if the statute of limitations has passed. “The American public still needs to know the financial entanglements of the First Family with our chief rival on the global state, which is Beijing.”

A grand jury or DOJ investigation is not going to dive into that, which Schweizer calls “a grave miscarriage.” Their scope is too narrow: “They’re focusing on very specific issues rather than the broader question of, ‘Is this family compromised?’” But since the Biden family apparently received $31 million from Chinese businessmen “with direct links to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence,” how could they NOT be compromised? This is unacceptable, and I contend it would’ve been similarly unacceptable to voters if they’d learned about it before the 2020 election. They were duped by the FBI and the media.

Here’s the full show; Schweizer is at 25:22.

Speaking of the FBI’s handling –- well, mishandling –- of the Hunter Biden case, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, who authored the recent letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, appeared on Trey Gowdy’s Sunday show to talk about what he learned from FBI whistleblowers. If you read my newsletter last week, you know all about the FBI’s deep-sixing of the laptop by two very partisan agents, Brian Auten and Tim Thibault, who falsely labeled it “Russian disinformation.” (Auten, as we reported, was also instrumental in getting warrants for the FBI’s earlier “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation.) Thibault, Sen. Grassley explained, was making decisions about which investigations to pursue and which ones to close. Guess which category the Hunter Biden laptop fell into?

Director Wray has been called before the Senate Judiciary committee this Thursday. This won’t be like Nancy Pelosi’s sham J6 committee, so Republicans will actually be able to question Wray. “He’s going to get a lot of questions about this,” Grassley promised. He’ll be pressured to explain his “concrete program” to make the cultural changes needed at the FBI, so that “none of this political bias ever happens again,” though I would add that if Wray had a plan, he would have implemented it by now. And sure enough, Grassley said he waited “six or seven months” just for a phone call with Wray, which came only after Grassley had issued a press release about his findings regarding Thibault.

Grassley did give Wray tentative credit for moving Thibault out of the responsibility of determining which cases go forward, and said Thibault is also “presumably” being investigated for violating the Hatch Act (electioneering). Too little, too late, I’d say. We don’t know where he was reassigned or what he’s doing now.

So, is Grassley getting cooperation? In his words, “I get all kinds of help from the Democrats when I’m investigating things in a Republican administration, but I never get any help...when I’m investigating things in a Democrat administration.”

For more on Sen. Grassley’s discovery of the FBI’s method for hiding the Biden laptop story, Andrew C. McCarthy has a MUST-READ piece. It was in 2019 that Grassley and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson first started looking into the Biden family business of profiting from Joe’s political influence. McCarthy points out that by then, “the Justice Department and FBI had been on to Hunter’s shenanigans for over a year...long before the laptop’s existence emerged.”

McCarthy details how the Biden family was lavishly compensated by CEFC, the Chinese energy conglomerate that was acting as an agent of the Chinese Communist Party. “If the FBI didn’t know about the Bidens and the Chinese regime,” he writes, “then we should be asking why we’re plowing billions of dollars into the foreign-counterintelligence budget.” But, of course, they did know.

McCarthy points out that even if dedicated case agents work to follow the evidence and uncover this corruption, they can’t be sure their “political hack bosses” won’t undermine their effort. Those agents must feel like the cops who arrests the bad guys, only to see them no-bailed and released from jail over and over.  Why even try?

We saw in the Durham trial against Michael Sussmann that when Democrats want to get their preferred narrative out before an election, they just call their friends at the FBI. Sussmann even had his own security badge that let him walk right in.

So now, we have virulent anti-Trump FBI agents Auten and Thibault. McCarthy offers more details and also reviews the allegations in Sen. Grassley’s letter. I think we’ve learned from this that when the Democrats need help within seconds, the FBI is...seconds away! Just pick up the phone.

Let’s face it, McCarthy says. The FBI has been investigated numerous times for its political bias, misconduct and abuse of power, and nothing ever happens to reform it. So he has an intriguing suggestion: reassign the FBI’s foreign-counterintelligence mission to another agency that is “strictly an intelligence service with no police responsibilities.” Take the FBI completely out of areas that are classified, restricting them to law enforcement only. And make them operate in the open. This is the first I’ve heard of this plan, and it’s already growing on me.


Extra: Speaking of Mark Levin (but on a different subject), here’s the link to his Sunday monologue, a must-watch history lesson from 1803 that puts the election dispute of 2020 into perspective. An election is NOT over, Levin said, until Congress says it is.

Kentucky in our prayers

Please keep the victims of the flooding in Kentucky in your prayers. The rain isn’t over yet, and so far, the death toll has risen to 28.

Today, the government will release $1 billion in disaster aid for states hit by flooding, extreme heat and wildfires.

But if you want to help those who need it in a hurry, please consider a donation to Samaritan’s Purse, who are always among the first on the scene after a natural disaster.



This documentary is making a real difference

A lot of people make documentaries, but very few change minds. But the latest from Ami Horowitz just might make a real difference.

Horowitz, who’s appeared on my TBN show, interviewed a number of gays and lesbians in San Francisco, who unanimously said they support the Palestinians and hate Israel (the only free and tolerant democracy in the Middle East.)

Then he interviewed Palestinians on the street, asking them what they think about gay people. Their response: they hate them. They consider them a “disease,” and the main cause of weakness and moral and societal rot. He also asked an imam if anyone had ever sought his advice because their child was gay. He said yes; he told them the gay person should be killed. That’s not surprising, since gay people in Palestinian society live in fear of being beaten, jailed or murdered.

Horowitz said the documentary is getting traction in the gay media, and people are “blown away” when they see it. They had no idea of the truth, they just believed the relentlessly negative anti-Israel media and the sympathetic portrayals of the Palestinian cause. This documentary could actually open some eyes and minds to the truth. You can learn more about it and see an excerpt here:



Paying the price for woke activism

The Cleveland Indians finally knuckled under to leftwing activist groups and changed the team’s name to the Cleveland Guardians. So how’s that workin’ out for them? Well, local TV ratings for their games have plummeted by 30%. Live game attendance in the MLB is down 6.5% from pre-pandemic 2019, while attendance at Cleveland’s games is down (you guessed it) 30%.

Who could’ve predicted that it would be a stupid business decision to anger and insult your core customer base just to please a handful of loud activists who probably don’t even patronize your business anyway? They should’ve taken a lesson from Disney, which went woke and has lost 35% of its stock value, making it officially the worst-performing stock in the Dow Jones Average so far this year.



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  • George W. Trever

    08/02/2022 04:37 PM

    I still do not know why Native American's were upset with a team called "The Indians." Calling the Cleveland baseball team the "Guardians" make even less sense. I have never associated a baseball team to guard anyone or anything. Now if they had chosen "The Cleveland Burning Rivers," I would understand. But that seems to be the way of wokism.

  • Larry Rippere

    08/01/2022 08:04 PM

    Biden's approval rating at 40%... WHO on earth is that massive 40%???
    This country is in d-e-e-e-e-e-p trouble!!!

  • JC Holland

    08/01/2022 04:48 PM

    Governor: You appear on your former Fox network somewhat regularly. So why have they seemed to be blocking President Trump from appearing? Is Fox becoming the new CNN?

  • Mike Spears

    08/01/2022 02:01 PM

    Gov Huckabee: I can't believe that there are 38% of the people that approve of Biden. What world do they live in? How could as many as 38% be that stupid?

  • ken moore

    08/01/2022 01:32 PM

    50 more bus loads of illegals' to delaware

  • Carl Serkland

    08/01/2022 01:04 PM

    It seems that Winston Smith is alive and well, and working overtime for the Ministry of Truth (or whatever name the DNC has for its propaganda arm this week). "War Is Peace", "Slavery Is Freedom", "2 + 2 = 5", ....