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September 5, 2017 |


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Today's Commentary:  Mueller investigation update -- Antifa -- Childhood Experience -- Christian genocide -- California's war on free press  -- News Bits 

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While nobody was paying attention on a holiday weekend, the New York Times reported that the entire "obstruction of justice" case that Democrats have been screaming "Impeachment!" over for the past six months has just blown away like the smoke from a Labor Day barbecue. The Times reports that counsel Robert Mueller already has a copy of a first draft letter by Trump detailing his reasons for firing FBI Director James Comey that do not include ending the Russia collusion investigation. They also have testimony that White House legal counsel Don McGahn advised Trump that firing Comey would not end the investigation and might even expand it and that Trump understood that, but he insisted that Comey needed to be fired anyway.

If you are keeping score of the actual evidence of wrongdoing in this "scandal," the anti-Trump team has been at the plate since November and their batting average still stands at zero.

So why is Mueller blowing so much taxpayer money hiring Democratic lawyers to investigate an accusation for which the only evidence yet found supports exoneration? Oh, I forgot, we're talking about Trump. That means the complete lack of evidence of wrongdoing only means we have to keep looking harder.


Mike Huckabee




By Mike Huckabee

The far-left, “anti-fascist” fascist group known as Antifa has become so brazen in its attacks on anyone who dares exercise free speech they disagree with that even Democrats who once assailed President Trump for pointing out that violence comes from the left, too, are suddenly throwing them under the bus. They must have seen polls showing how many people agree with Trump, and with next year’s elections in mind, Antifa has swiftly turned into a big liability. So, as with anything that turns into a liability for Democratic electoral fortunes, Antifa is getting thrown under the bus – which again sounds like something they would do to anyone who voiced an opinion they didn’t like.

Part of the rising backlash against Antifa is that police who were once mysteriously ordered to stand back and let them riot, burn and attack are now starting to do what should have been done from day one: hauling them into jail. They are big, brave social justice warriors when they can pull on black masks to hide their faces and attack disabled veterans or elderly ladies carrying American flags. But once their masks are pulled off and they are booked for criminal charges that will make them even more unemployable than their expensive, useless liberal arts degrees already do, they tend to look a lot like societal misfits with eccentric facial hair and nose jewelry, general losers and terrified snowflake children, stunned to discover that for the first time in their lives, they’re actually going to face consequences for their rotten behavior. At this link, you can see some of those mugshots, which (sorry, kids) will remain on the Internet until the end of time and searchable for all your future potential employers and romantic partners to see.



Childhood Experience

By Mike Huckabee

For years now, the Western world has been engaging in a massive social experiment of allowing gay couples to raise children, under the premise that kids don’t need both a father and a mother to grow up healthy and well-adjusted. We’ve been doing it so long that the first generation of kids used as guinea pigs are now old enough to tell us how it affected them. Although many may understandably be reluctant to say anything counter to the cherished PC narrative, a woman in Australia recently went public in a speech about her childhood experience and what it did to her. It’s not something the opponents of traditional families want you to hear. But it’s only a click away if you're willing to listen.



Christian genocide

By Mike Huckabee

Christians around the world, but particularly in the Middle East, are facing brutal oppression and even genocide. From Libya, where Egyptian Coptic Christians are migrating to find work, even knowing they will likely be tortured and killed; to Somalia, where the Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab has an estimated 9,000 jihadis committing rising attacks and beheadings of Christians; the war on Christianity, despite the scoffing of some Western liberals, is very real and very tragic.

Now, Notre Dame University is launching a program to help educate the public about the Christian genocide: what’s happening, where it’s happening and how Christians are responding to it. The program is designed for “adult discussion groups, Bible studies, and other group settings.” It’s not limited just to students, although it should be a required course for students in all colleges, especially those who think that “intolerable oppression” means having to hear an opinion you disagree with.



California's war on free press

By Mike Huckabee

The California legal system continues its war on freedom of the press, but only the undercover reporters who dared to expose what actually goes on inside Planned Parenthood. The latest assault: a staggering $200,000 fine for contempt for not censoring video footage that the plaintiffs contend was already part of the public record. But as we have seen across the nation, trying to erase things that have long been on the public record has lately become one of the left’s go-to tactics.


News Bits

Today’s must-see: former NFL star Burgess Owens explains what the American flag means to him, his family and fellow black Americans, and why players who kneel in disrespect to it and those who are trying to “sanitize” history are harming the NFL, the country and the black community.



Twitter banned a man over a “threatening” tweet about killing a mosquito. Will they ban me for tweeting about it?



After a tragic and stressful week, here’s something we could all use to lift our spirits: a video compilation of soldiers being joyously welcomed home from overseas…by their dogs.



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