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June 15, 2021

Saturday, a federal judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit by 117 employees of Houston Methodist Hospital who were defying a requirement that they take the COVID-19 vaccine by June 7th or lose their jobs. About 99% of employees have complied, but the plaintiffs argued that the vaccines are dangerous and experimental.

The judge disagreed, saying that they had been approved by the FDA for emergency use (that caveat about "emergency" use was one of the plaintiffs’ arguments against it.) He also dismissed their claim that it’s a violation of the Nuremberg Code barring experimentation on people without their consent. The lead plaintiff, nurse Jennifer Bridges, said she’s not an anti-vaxxer, but that it’s “just insane” to force people to put something in their bodies that they’re not comfortable with in order to keep their jobs.

The attorney for the plaintiffs said this is just the first of many such battles in a long fight, and he expects it to end up in the US Supreme Court. I assume that will be long after this pandemic is over, and let’s hope, not in the middle of another pandemic from that place that must not be named.

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  • Mark Seibert

    06/15/2021 12:30 PM

    I just read an article saying that the liberal Democrats are pushing for a huge climate change bill within a month or so. I don't know if that means the disastrous Green New Deal or what. But it doesn't seem wind and solar are really the answer. I doubt we'll get enough electricity for all the electric cars they envision. And to take cars away from people will mean they can't get to work and it will be a disaster. I saw a report in England where they estimated that they would have to destroy 25% of their ecosystem in order to build all the wind generators and solar panels in order to "save" the eco-system. And of course the cost is unheard of. And some say solar panels are incredibly toxic, so what do we do with those in 20 years when they start to need replacing? There is a much easier and safer and cleaner idea then wind and solar. And it's water. If you look at the Stan Meyer videos on youtube, his brother (since Stan is dead) should be found and encouraged by state governments to build this. I saw it once, and it really worked, but then the man who showed it to me disappeared. This could be used first in water treatment plants to get clean water out of sea water or waste water, and at the same time create clean and cheap electricity. Everyone could also add something to their cars to let it run on water, and then we don't have to get rid of our cars. OF course, in cold places, the water could freeze, so in those areas chemicals or heaters might have to be added. But this is basically taking water and cheaply and easily separating it into H2 and O2, burning it to create energy, and the by product is water vapor. It doesn't get cheaper, greener, more renewable, and less harmful to the environment and people's lives than this. How can this get started before the Democrats add another 90 trillion dollars or so to our debt, only to find it won't work well?