October 15, 2020

“How Dare You Question Your Queen, Peasant?!” Wolf Blitzer of CNN committed the ultimate media sin by actually asking a top Democrat a tough question. He learned one reason why reporters never do that (you know the other reason.) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went into full-on huff mode when Wolf dared to ask her why she refuses to negotiate with Republicans to pass a coronavirus relief bill and keeps holding out for her far larger version, even as businesses are going bankrupt and Americans are losing their jobs and standing in food lines.

At the link, you can read quotes or watch on video as Pelosi haughtily lectures Blitzer that he’s wrong and should “respect the committees” and that the paltry $1.8 trillion offered by the Republicans is not even close to good. As for the people standing on corners begging for change, she claimed that “we see them,” although it might be hard through the smoked glass windows of her limo. Maybe $1.8 trillion just doesn’t seem like that much when you have $120 million and eat artisan ice cream out of two high-end freezers in your mansion.

Pelosi became so outraged at the effrontery of one of her house lackeys daring to question her that at one point, she said, "I don’t know why you’re always an apologist and many of your colleagues are apologists for the Republican position." Yes, she’s actually so far left that she thinks CNN anchors are spokespeople for the GOP!

This article also lists some of the vitally important demands that she’s holding up the virus relief bill over. They include $1 trillion for (blue) cities and states with no restrictions on how they use it, other than it can’t be spent on policing (as if it would be!); lots of climate change pork; revoking voter ID laws and legalizing ballot harvesting; funding pot shops and public broadcasting; racial quota enforcement on corporate boards; and taxpayer-funded free healthcare for illegal immigrants.

All obviously necessary actions to fight the virus and help Americans survive the endless lockdowns that Democrat politicians are enforcing, even though the WHO has now said they’re doing more harm than good and shouldn’t be the primary way of fighting the coronavirus. Ladies and gentlemen, the Party of “SCIENCE!” I assume that means “the science of picking the taxpayers’ pockets to increase your own power.”

If you think about it, when you hear Democrats complain about all the horrible things wrong with America, how many of those problems are largely caused by the same people complaining about them? We had a booming economy that was knocked for a loop by a virus from China (for whom they are boosters and apologists) and that continues to suffer due to lockdowns they enforced and refuse to lift. Racial divisiveness that was on the decline before they did everything possible to promote more of it. We have riots, crime and street violence in cities they run. They claim the riots are sparked by racist brutality by police forces they’ve controlled for, in some cases, up to 70 years. And after years of endless wars and growing terrorism, peace is breaking out all over the Middle East and they seem downright upset by it because Trump arranged it.

That’s why, when Chuck Schumer threatened for all the Senate Democrats to refuse to come to work, my first thought was, “Can you get the House Democrats to do that, too?” Imagine how many problems could be fixed in a week if they weren’t there to “help!”

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  • Nitha Vos

    10/16/2020 04:57 PM

    She suffers from brain freeze, if she has any brain left.

  • Alice Wickliffe

    10/16/2020 04:18 PM

    What would happen if “her highness” refused to pass the bill until after the election?

  • Hemmingway

    10/16/2020 11:56 AM

    Yet Democratic voters of California keep putting her in office.

  • Mike Horst

    10/15/2020 07:02 PM

    Governor, As usual you have outdone yourself in your excellent evaluation of our criminal slimy Democrat "friends"! Crazy Nervous Nancy, if you would look up arrogance in the dictionary there would be her picture.