March 4, 2021

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  • March 4 is the perfect day to say it: "armed insurrection," my foot!
  • A Tale of Two Governments
  • Fruit Of The Abraham Accords
  • A Sobering Lesson for All Americans
  • Proof "Woke" Universities Encourage This Kind Of Discrimination
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



March 4 is the perfect day to say it: "armed insurrection," my foot!

By Mike Huckabee

Uh-oh, it’s March 4, 2021! That’s the day, we’ve been told, that domestic terrorists who support Trump will be marching on Washington in an armed insurrection on the Capitol. Why, they’re part of Trump’s “military coup” to take down the duly-elected Biden administration, and that’s why we have to have block after block of tall fencing topped with razor wire, along with 5,000 National Guard troops protecting Capitol Hill.

What’s the significance of March 4, you might ask? Well, at one time in our history it was the day we held Presidential inaugurations. That doesn’t really mean very much, but I have to say that this year, it might have been better if we’d been able to wait till March 4 for the inauguration. That way, the Supreme Court couldn’t have said they wouldn’t look at evidence of election fraud because any conclusion would be “moot.” Anyway, notice there was no problem at all at Biden’s inauguration, January 20. Pretty anticlimactic, I would say. A lot of us didn’t even watch.

On Wednesday, during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, the Capitol Hill police said they’d had intelligence pointing to some kind of plot possibly being readied by some militia group to breach the building on March 4. No detail was given on the identity of this group. Apparently some conspiracy theorists (QAnon?) thought March 4 was the date Trump would somehow be sworn in as the rightful President for a second term of office. Um, no.

The day before, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that the January 6 breach was being classified by the agency as “domestic terrorism,” and he blamed right-wing extremists.

But hold on just one minute, while we take a look at what that incident really was. Recall that the Capitol Hill security breach on January 6 has repeatedly been referred to as an “armed insurrection.” Nancy Pelosi has used that term, and so have mainstream news outlets. This is, as Twitter might say, “misinformation,” or, as I might say, a lie.

Anyone who hears the term “armed insurrection” assumes there were firearms involved. But at Wednesday’s hearing, FBI counterterrorism official Jill Sanborn testified, in answer to a question by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, that to her knowledge, no firearms were recovered on January 6 and no one was charged with any firearms offense.

She said they’d had intelligence that there would be some armed people coming, but apparently that intelligence was wrong. [NOTE: Stop right there. They had intelligence saying armed people would be there, and they didn’t take Trump up on his offer to allow thousands more National Guard?]

According to Sanborn, they had no intelligence that those people were planning a breach of the Capitol. To that, I would add that we still have many unanswered questions about the breach of the Capitol, the stunning lack of security, and who else might have been involved.

"I believe that the only shots that were fired were the ones that resulted in the death of the lady,” Sanborn testified, referring to Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

Sen. Johnson had previously told news outlets that if no guns were recovered, their description of the breach as an “armed insurrection” was incorrect. I’m sure now that we’ve had sworn testimony that there were no guns confiscated, Nancy Pelosi and all the media people who characterized it as an armed insurrection will immediately apologize and issue retractions. Hahahahaha.

There was some violence at the Capitol, but nothing involving firearms (unless you count Ashli Babbitt). One man was seen hitting an officer with an American flag. Officer Brian Sicknick died afterwards, but we now know he was not hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, as has been widely reported, and we still haven’t been told the cause of death. There have been reports that a firearm was recovered from a nearby van, which also contained Molotov cocktails, but we have no details on this and don't know if it had any connection whatsoever with Trump supporters.

Of course, if it did, we condemn strongly the very idea. This sort of behavior is totally out of character for any Trump supporters I've ever met, and I hope and pray it remains so.

So what was this incident, exactly? Sen. Johnson put it as I would: “If this was a planned armed insurrection, you really have a bunch of idiots.” Indeed they were, and they caused incalculable damage, as we’ve discussed repeatedly. But they couldn’t possibly have been seriously intending a coup, an overthrow of the government. Wouldn’t anyone think that an overthrow would require GUNS? LOTS of guns? Wouldn’t it take more than being able to walk into the House chamber and pose for selfies behind the podium? No, this seems to have been just to make a daredevil statement –- stupid and ill-conceived –- that the Capitol Building is “the people’s house” and that we expected our representatives to do the right thing in counting the electoral votes.

More than 300 people have been charged with taking part in the breach, but, again, none of those charges were for carrying firearms. This is true even though some of them are members of Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, which are typically armed militia groups. Another group, the Proud Boys, which has been wrongly characterized as a white supremacist group, is not.

Behind the public facade, I don’t think anyone is really taking the threat of violence on March 4 very seriously, never mind the fencing, razor wire, and military presence. According to THE EPOCH TIMES, the House has been planning to debate and pass a “policing reform bill” on Thursday, and the Senate is in the middle of debate on that gigantic, porky COVID-19 bill. Gosh, think how much it might benefit the country if they all just played it safe and stayed home.

In an update at this writing late Wednesday night, there is talk that they may cancel their scheduled activities. Hey, if they do, they’ll have something else to “blame” angry Trump supporters for.

Rep. Andy Biggs used Twitter on Wednesday to comment on the double standard paid to extremist groups, with those on the right pursued vigorously while those on the left --- in much greater numbers --- permitted to burn and loot in “peaceful protest.” He’s calling for one standard of justice. What a novel idea.

I’ll leave you with the always outstanding independent journalist Glenn Greenwald, in this interview with Laura Ingraham on Wednesday. Greenwald really understands how the left is "working" this. It’s a must-see.

A Tale of Two Governments

By Mike Huckabee

Monday, the GOP-led Georgia state House passed a massive election reform bill to restore trust in the state’s elections after the 2020 election rules changes. For instance, it would bar sending out unsolicited absentee ballot applications, apply strict rules over and require constant surveillance of ballot drop boxes, and replace the controversial signature matching process with a requirement that anyone requesting an absentee ballot provide a driver’s license number or photocopy of a state-issued ID.

It passed on party lines, with Democrats opposing it (note: if you don’t want people to believe you cheat at elections, stop fighting like rabid badgers against every effort to prevent election cheating.) They claim it will disenfranchise minorities, based on what has always struck me as an appallingly racist assertion that minorities are somehow incapable of obtaining a free state-issued ID. One Democrat representative accused the Republicans of “trying to change the rules of the election” because they lost. Ironic, considering Republicans think they lost only because the Democrats changed the rules of the election without bothering to go through the legislature, as required by law.

Meanwhile, all state attempts to ensure vote integrity could be wiped out if Congress passes H.R. 1, the outrageously misnamed “For The People Act.” This would upend the Constitution by imposing federal voting rules on states that would essentially legalize vote fraud and cement Democrats into power forever. It’s a rancid bill that Nancy Pelosi has been pushing for over a year and now that Democrats hold the entire Congress and White House, she thought she had the power to force it down our throats. Among its provisions were banning all Voter ID laws and requiring states to allow people to register to vote on Election Day (who could possibly see any potential for illegal abuse of that?)

Fortunately, Politico is reporting that this is one of four highly-partisan bills that Pelosi might strong-arm through the House but that are expected to die in the Senate. The fact that something as noxious as HR1 could even pass the House is reason enough for all states to tighten voter integrity laws and for Republicans to turn out in record numbers in 2022 and make sure we pry that Speaker’s gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s hand.

Fruit Of The Abraham Accords

By Mike Huckabee

Maybe now that he’s out of office, the socialist children who run the New York Times opinion section think it’s finally safe to admit the truth about President Trump. How else to explain Thomas Friedman’s latest column in which he looks at the stunning positive changes in the Middle East and rightly credits them to Trump and Jared Kushner’s Abraham Accords? Trump was vilified by the old guard liberals for his “blundering” foreign policy that may be reshaping and bringing permanent peace and modernization to the Middle East.

Friedman reports with astonishment that since the establishment of commercial air flights between Israel and the United Arab Emirates in October (yes, Trump was bringing peace to the Middle East before the election, not that most Times readers would have known that), at least 130,000 Israeli tourists and investors have flown to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Friedman explains that there are three axes of power in the Middle East; one built around Iran and Syria; one around Turkey, Qatar and the terrorist group Hamas: and now, an alliance between Israeli and wealthier, relatively more modern and peaceful states like the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The new alliance with Israel is not only making Israel, and thus the entire region, more secure, it’s also importing more modern Western values. For instance, the UAE recently loosened its strict Islamic laws to provide more protections for women, gays and lesbians. (“Thanks, Trump,” I will say, since he’ll get no credit from Western feminists and LGBTQ activists.) It's also setting an inviting example for other leaders in the Middle East looking for an alternative to aligning with hardliners like Iran.

Of course, as Friedman notes, we have to keep our hopes in check. We’ve seen progress in the Middle East before, only for it to break down and revert to violence and anti-Semitism. All it takes is for a biased media to fool voters into replacing someone who knows how to craft peace deals with someone who reflexively reverts to failed longtime policies that re-empower our enemies like Iran. But what media outlet would be foolish enough to do something like that?

A Sobering Lesson For All Americans

By Mike Huckabee

It wasn’t so long ago that New York City was the great comeback story of the 20th century. Rudy Giuliani performed a miracle in turning a filthy, crime-ridden, rat-infested city into a glittering success story, where revitalized Broadway theaters, restaurants and Disney Stores sprouted in areas that used to be blighted with porn theaters and open drug dealing. Republican Gov. George Pataki also helped turn around New York on the state level.

Apparently, too many New Yorkers took that miracle for granted. Maybe they decided that successful cities just run themselves, or maybe they let the biased media convince them that Republicans are icky racists who needed to be replaced with compassionate leftists who can’t run anything except their mouths. For whatever reason, they elected yet another Cuomo as Governor and a mayor of NYC who was actually the protégé of David Dinkins, whose term was so bad, it finally convinced New Yorkers to elect Republican Giuliani to try to repair the damage.

Flash forward just a few short years, and here are today’s headlines:

Gov. Cuomo is facing calls for investigations, impeachment or his resignation over scandals on two fronts: his inexplicable policy of forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients and his alleged lying and bullying to cover up the actual number of deaths it caused…and a rising number of sexual harassment claims. It’s so bad that even fellow Democrats are finally turning on him. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issued statements supporting his accusers, and Democrats in the state legislature reached a deal to strip him of his emergency pandemic powers…

Those in the media are furiously backtracking to try to explain why they covered for him for so long…

Even the lapdog late night “comedy” hosts are turning against Cuomo

“The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah now admits that his fawning joke about being a “Cuomo-sexual” didn’t age well…

And Vice President Kamala Harris is under scrutiny for allegedly being a “role model of female empowerment,” but not saying a word about sexual allegations against a powerful male Democrat politician. Then again, considering who her boss is, that would be a tad awkward…

Meanwhile, how is New York City doing? Well, the endless lockdowns are only the latest nail in the coffin, since Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s toxic leftist policies had already returned most of the terrible problems Giuliani dealt with, from epidemic homelessness to rising crime to rats swarming over the uncollected garbage. With the city's shutdown dragging on forever, DeBlasio’s priorities are things such as painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on the street in front of a Trump building; canceling the Trump Organization’s contract to run the Wollman Ice Rink, even though it meant having to close it over a month early for no reason; and of course, punishing people for being successful.

Here’s just one of the results: the once booming NYC real estate market is crashing. I would say that the people who pay the taxes to support DeBlasio’s wasteful spending are fleeing like rats, but the rats are staying and multiplying. Only the taxpayers are fleeing. Before DeBlasio, Manhattan luxury condos were hard to find and prices were skyrocketing. Now people are selling them at a loss of millions of dollars, just to get out.

Note to media: this is one of many reasons why so many Americans find it hard to believe that the 2020 election was on the up and up. They can’t imagine how anyone could look at anyplace run by far-left Democrats – New York, California, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. etc. – and actually think, “They’re doing such a great job, we should let them run the entire country!”

Proof "Woke" Universities Tolerate And Encourage This Kind Of Discrimination

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s proof that there’s only one form of discrimination that our famously “woke” universities not only tolerate, they approve of and encourage it, and that’s discrimination against conservative academics.

Liberal media outlets mock the claims of discrimination by conservatives. But the first-ever survey of professors and graduate students by a University of London politics professor found that not only have one in three conservative professors and grad students been threatened with disciplinary action for expressing their beliefs, but a majority of academics said they would not oppose discriminating against conservative colleagues. Ten percent support canceling or firing colleagues who hold conservative views. And it’s only likely to get worse in the future, since 20% of academics under 30 support firing colleagues who disagree with their leftist views.

The study notes that even if conservatives aren’t disciplined, the threat of it is intimidating enough to scare them into keeping their mouths shut, which means in effect that all conservative academics are being discriminated against.

The author also notes that this view is not limited to campuses and is spreading across the US, Britain and Canada in general. If these people really are academics, then I expect them to be able to do research that answers difficult questions. If so, then I have one I’ve been asking for years and still haven’t heard a logical answer:

“Who proved that the personal, subjective views of leftists are objective, unassailable truth, despite over a century of evidence that everything they believe results in failure, misery, poverty, oppression, starvation and death?”

A Reader Writes Back...

Governor, I send your newsletters to my friends and family. I only wish there was a way to reach all of those who only know what the MSM is reporting.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Olympic National Park, visit its website here.

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  • Bernice Serbin

    03/05/2021 09:02 PM

    This has nothing to do with content. I do enjoy getting your newsletter--both morning and evening. My question is . . . why do I consistently get both newsletters 3 to 4 hours after it says it was sent? The ones that say "Good Morning" come in the middle of the afternoon. The evening ones recently come after 11:00 p.m. when I'm already in bed. Earlier this week I received Monday's evening issue, and Tuesday's Morning AND Evening ones all within 6 minutes on Tuesday between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. The Daily Verse for Tuesday morning arrived even later that evening. Are these sent from a far western time zone or something? Can't figure it out.

  • Gail Hudler

    03/05/2021 12:13 AM

    I agree with your reader who previously posted that I wish there was some way to get more conservative news out to the people who never hear it. What can we do? There has to be an answer. Someone has to be able to stop the left-wing extremists who are trying to take over all the power in our country. There are at least 75,000,000 (probably closer to 80,000,000 if the truth were known) people who are conservatives. We can't wait two years to have our voices heard. Our country will be down the tubes by then. Thank you so much for all you do to get the word out to as many people as possible. May God richly bless you!

  • Jack macdonald

    03/04/2021 09:39 PM

    I thought Jimmy Carter had sewed up worst president in modern history and then Obama came along to displace him. It didn't take long for someone so bad, he will probably never lose this distinction and that is Joe Biden. Earning honorable mention are LBJ, Bill Clinton, R Nixon, G Ford, and GW Bush. Now that I think about it we have only had three presidents worthy of the title in the past 75 years and they are Harry Truman, Ron Reagan, and Donald Trump.

  • David Redman

    03/04/2021 08:20 PM

    Gov. you are so astute when you suggest that we're all better off when the DC politicians are not in session. Maybe something good can come out of the imagined threats of March fourth. DR


    03/04/2021 07:49 PM


  • Paul Kern

    03/04/2021 07:09 PM

    While your TV show is entertaining it would be helpful to see real experts like George Gallup on. He is the only real pollster left because the questions are real and fine tuned.
    Also have someone who knows the Bible well and give your viewers real info on how and when it is appropriate for God's people to stand against evil. It us called the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.
    It is discouraging to see ads for TBN which promotes heretical worldviews thru most of its programs
    Why not invite people like John McArthur who successfully stood against his Marxist governor.

  • Janet Pingston

    03/04/2021 05:19 PM

    I used to think- Biden's call for "unity" was bringing together Democrats and Republicans- merging a bipartisan think tank to move the country forward.

    I now think - Biden's vision for "unity" is to bring together all States under Federal Control. One set of laws for all. Frowning on any individual paths a State may take.

    Sadly, some politicians can be bought and sold. Therefore, that is how they see the world. With this perspective - socialism is just a vote away or should I conclude one 1.3 trillion package away.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/04/2021 04:37 PM

    I have a Criminal Religion (Christianity)
    an Outlaw Party (Republican)
    I am bad bad bad -- so why do I feel so good? :)

  • Bob Pinaha

    03/04/2021 03:05 PM

    QAnon is coming for you...! With only 23 court cases of white supremacy, 14 Federal and 9 among the states, processed in all of 2020, Democrats are making the fight against White Supremacists their top priority. That is until they turn tail and run. Democrats are dumb.

  • Keet Parakeet

    03/04/2021 02:12 PM

    Perhaps those stumping for March 4th as a time for armed insurrection are having a throw back moment to the old tv comedy Batman (Adam West & Burt Ward). A riddler episode had a riddle (roughly): what date is a military command? March 4th.

  • M. Bennett

    03/04/2021 12:58 PM

    The extra protection at the Capitol more indicative of guilty conscience and or hope to encourage trouble so can use to get emotional votes to pass through senate. imho

  • Sarah Menne

    03/04/2021 12:56 PM

    The Truly Times article will not open, but I find the same info/article at:

  • Dolores Mattingly

    03/04/2021 12:56 PM

    Governor Huckabee, would you please address how we can make our opposition known about Bill HR1other than writing to our representatives and senators in Congress.

  • Laurie Keiski

    03/04/2021 12:42 PM

    If i understood correctly, Chris Wray said under oath that there were no leftists involved in the Jan. 6 incursion into the capital. I have read earlier that one BLM agitator admitted to being there but only to observe yet has now been given evidence that he in fact agitated the issue as it was playing out. I have no confidence at all in our FBI leadership. Trump should have dumped Wray as one of his duties.

  • Sherry Merritt

    03/04/2021 12:41 PM

    I took a DNA test and found that I had Nigerian ancestry. I now believe I'm black, can I get a scholarship to a traditional all black college? I just "feel it"! Please pay no attention to my red hair and freckles.

  • Floyd Unger

    03/04/2021 12:38 PM

    Thank you


    03/04/2021 12:30 PM

    Dully elected Biden Administration MY FOOT ! to use your term.
    This was a coup and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool or a liar.
    We never should have allowed this mess to get this far. Now these TRAITORS ! are dismantling our country and we are all sitting curled in fetal position while they do it. Having been in the military I hate bloodshed and violence but what THEY are doing with the help of FBI and other government is unacceptable and directly antipode to the Constitution I WAS SWORN TO PROTECT. If not violence them petition them again and again! Set it out with our grievances and have all 85 million of us sign it.
    You are a pastor have you ever read THE BLACK ROBE REGIMENT ? We wont have a country unless GOD steps in and directs us. I have not seen any sign . I feel like we are the Israelites, at the Promised Land in our sight, but because we didn't grasp it, a whole generation will die before we are allowed this chance again

  • Stephen K Lentz

    03/04/2021 12:13 PM

    HR1 passed and now goes to the senate for approval which is a slam dunk for the jackasses because YOU RINOS allow it to happen. Politics is a dirty, corrupt game that the jackasses have perfected!! And you rinos "think" you can be in this dirty corrupt game and be "honorable" which is a joke and is IMPOSSIBLE!!! You rinos have allowed the jackasses to play this dirty corrupt game and they get better at it every day while you rinos get farther and farther behind. You think you are trying to be so holy and honorably and are failing MISERABLY!!! Until you rinos get it through your thick skulls that you have to get "down and dirty" to compete in this dirty corrupt game against an opponent who has perfected their performance, you will continue to lose. You rinos are bringing a "knife to a gunfight" and will have to be happy stuffing your pockets with corrupt cash but not being able to make any of the rules.
    Look at this link. It explains what the jackasses understand and you KNOW is the way this dirty corrupt game is played but don't want to "lower" yourselves to their level. If you don't "get in the game" the jackasses will continue to kick your asses!!!

  • Philip

    03/04/2021 11:35 AM

    I quote from your newsletter section today, 'A Tale of Two Governments' "..... and for Republicans to turn out in record numbers in 2022...." We did this already.....

    As much as I like you, you still just don't get how the majority of us view this past election. No amount of 'increasing our numbers' is worthwhile when the vote tallys are rigged against us. You are being tone-deaf to MANY of your own supporters.

  • Cindy Taylor

    03/04/2021 11:20 AM

    I read these newsletters twice a day, every day. Anyone who reads them and likes what they say are obviously fans. So why have you decided to add reader comments praising the newsletters in every single edition?

  • PAUL Schaber

    03/04/2021 11:12 AM

    This 4 March 2021 story being told by the FBI and other is just another HOT COW MANURE THROWING CHIP. If Wray and his intelligence personnel in the FBI did have solid proof then action would have been taken to stop it. But instead is just another example of how scared the Democrats are knowing that the American people have caught to their lies and that Main Street Media is slowly coming to the realization they where taken to the slaughter yard by their bosses and the Democrat party and along with their foreign correspondents are telling them that the OCCUPANT IN THE WHITE HOUSE is a total fraud and has no backbone and will be getting us into another conflict due to his inept Administration in any international event forthcoming .

  • Sandra Roberts

    03/04/2021 10:38 AM

    Keep up the good work governor God is watching and so are We the People ??????????????

  • William Fuhrer

    03/04/2021 10:38 AM

    Atheistic Communists and Socialists whose hero are Fidel and Che and other communists do INSURRECTIONS

  • Sarah J. Berkley

    03/04/2021 10:36 AM

    Thank you for being a bastion of common sense. I'm not sure where most people have lost it,
    along with their sense of decency but I will pray that you help them to find it. I've watched trends
    come and go, then come again. I certainly hope that in a generation or two Common Sense will make a reappearance! What do you think?

  • Stephen Russell

    03/04/2021 10:31 AM

    Conservative counter move ideas:
    Reuse idle colleges, other for OUR Own
    College IE Hillsdale X 10000
    Own media network
    Business dev
    cable TV: Insp, OAN, NewsMax, TBN. 700 Club etc.
    retro cable TV: FeTV, MeTV, Antenna TV, TVLand?, GetTV, Decades TV

    We can do our own Media dont need leftists.
    Can use Indie publishers for books