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February 8, 2024

One member of the European Union is threatening sanctions or a travel ban on Tucker Carlson for interviewing Vladimir Putin. Others in the west are also floating the idea of various punishments and censorship of Carlson.

I’m certainly no fan of Putin, who is a liar, murderer, thug and war criminal. But doesn’t it make sense, if we’re going to spend untold billions funding a proxy war against him, to at least listen to what he says, if for no other reason than to figure out how his twisted mind works and use that against him?

This is why we have free speech (what’s left of it) and journalists (what few there still are): to give us objective information that we can then weigh and assess for ourselves. I’d much rather listen to a lying tyrant and know exactly what we’re dealing with than let some self-appointed government censor keep us all in the dark “for our own good.”

By the way, that link also includes photos of a number of prominent Democrat political leaders meeting with Vladimir Putin. And does anyone remember Barbara Walters being sanctioned because she did an interview with Fidel Castro? I hate to break this to today’s young Democrats, but he was also a lying, murderous tyrant.

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  • Sue Obermeit

    02/10/2024 10:06 AM

    Tucker's interview was very enlightening. Without having a free press, we only have a limited knowledge of any subject. I found it fascinating to be in that setting listening to one of the prominent leaders of today's nations - whether for us or against us.

  • JanC

    02/08/2024 04:43 PM

    Mike, watch the interview Tucker did with Jimmy Dore when Tucker was still on Fox. He seemingly agreed with everything Dore said as he attacked our nation! Then watch the story Candace Owens posted yesterday. She basically regurgitated the same anti-American talking points as Dore, and revealing this is what she believed the interview was going to be about. They are just giving Putin a chance to bash America and claim everything happening in Ukraine is our fault. They can claim they love America all they want and they're trying to do what's best, but this is a very dangerous narrative and it helps no one. Certainly not America.

    Further, Candace and Tucker are so far off base when it comes to Israel, it's frightening. Someone needs to speak the truth to them, because this is going to hurt all of us. I'm tired of hearing about the "military industrial complex"referring to America. What that really is saying is that America's to blame for every war that ever happened in the world. Sick of it!!

    They claim they are of the same mind of Donald Trump. But that is not Donald Trump policy. It is the exact opposite of peace through strength it's cowering in appeasement.

  • JanC

    02/08/2024 04:20 PM

    I won't argue that Tucker doesn't have the right to do this. But with our rights, comes responsibility; and this is a very dangerous thing to do. Tucker even admitted the risks, but I guess he wants to look like the hero and do it anyway.

    This will only bring up the Russian collusion fiasco all over again, with all the same people regurgitating the same old lies and all the same people believing them. It's already started. Chief among them Hillary Clinton. This is going to hurt President Trump because it will be viewed as they're all just pawns of Putin and they will be able to start using their same old tired narrative all over again convincing a whole lot of people that don't pay that much attention.

    People need to quit making a hero of Tucker and think for themselves. He isn't right about everything, as great as he is on most things. This is going to backfire and the interview hasn't even aired yet.

    And yes it's a shame that people are seeking punishment for Tucker's actions, and I certainly don't agree with that; but it's a different time than when all the other reporters did it. There wasn't near the danger there was then as there is now... Especially after so many people still believe all the lies of the left about Russia collusion.

    I think this is a big mistake yet to be revealed.