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April 7, 2021

Since California, America’s petri dish of insane ideas, passed a law allowing male prison inmates to declare themselves “transgender” and request transfer to women’s prisons, 261 of them have and none have been denied. What could possibly go wrong?

The L.A. Times reports that some female prisoners have voiced concern that male inmates are claiming to identify as female just so they will be transferred to a women’s prison. They’re worried that having males in prison with them will take away their right to safety, they fear sexual violence, and that they’ll have to install nurseries for all the babies that will be born.

Why, that’s crazy talk! That’s the kind of nonsense you hear from people who believe that biology is real and not simply a social construct. Those female prisoners should listen to the trans activists who tut-tut that “misinformation spread by prison staffers is stirring up transphobia and that more must be done to educate inmates.”

Yes, those female inmates need to be taught that convicted criminals wouldn’t possibly lie so they could get transferred from a tough male prison to a female prison full of women they could prey on. Why, that’s inconceivable!

Or it will be until the first baby is conceived. Maybe the trans activists should educate themselves by visiting a few prisons and finding out that the people who live there aren’t necessarily the most trustworthy folks on Earth.

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