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December 23, 2022

From Barry B:

Mike, Whatever happened to the Durham Report, that generated a lot of false hope and excitement? Is it dead and buried, or is it buried and now dead?


Thanks for writing, Barry.  Sadly, both your choices have the word "dead" in them, meaning, I assume, not just merely dead but really most sincerely dead.  That pessimism is understandable considering how long we've been waiting for resolution.

Durham's report is supposed to be submitted by the end of the year, so let's hope that happens.  Surely this special counsel knew that his "prosecutions" would not bring convictions in those particular courtrooms, and he obviously was using them as a vehicle to get the facts out and tell the real story of the Russia Hoax.  He accomplished that, at least for anyone who was paying attention.  But now it needs to be released in final, official form.

Notice that in anticipation of that report, it's starting to be circle-the-wagons time at the DOJ, including by this Obama-era official who, a couple of months ago, shortly after Igor Danchenko walked, called for a "pause" to avoid releasing findings that might "unfairly tarnish" the FBI.  News flash:  at this point, the FBI is already so tarnished that all the silver polish in Martha Stewart's kitchen couldn't make it look better.

Matthew Miller, former director of the DOJ's public affairs office (2009-2011), says the report should be reviewed by Attorney General Merrick Garland or "another top official" --- we're guessing former Obama attorney and current deputy AG Lisa Monaco --- before a decision is made on whether or not to publicly release its findings.

Miller takes issue with "the way Durham has behaved," including "inappropriate public statements during this investigation," his "poor judgment," etc.  It has to be read to be believed.  Some people will say anything, but this type of undeserved character assassination only serves to make us think he DOES NOT WANT this report to be made public.  If he had something better to use against Durham or the investigation, he would.

So, that's where we are right now.  The official report should be coming out soon, Durham really did connect the dots, and some people will do everything they can to keep us from reading it.

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