May 22, 2018

The shots had barely stopped ringing in Santa Fe, Texas, when some people were already trying to exploit the deaths of students to promote a political agenda that would have done nothing to prevent such shootings and might even make them worse.

On Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, the pop stars couldn’t just express prayers or condolences, they had to demand “action.” They didn’t say what action that might be, but most viewers must have assumed it was, conveniently, the same gun control agenda that the left has been pushing for years and which would, again, have had no effect on the tragedy in Santa Fe (Raising the age to buy guns? The shooter was already below that age, and he didn’t buy them. Banning “assault rifles”? He didn’t use them. Confiscating all guns? He also reportedly built pipe and pressure cooker bombs.)

And yet, if you question policies that would disarm the law-abiding while doing nothing to protect children, you’re accused of not caring if children die. Americans quite rightly saw through that, just as they spotted the hypocrisy of music stars, many of whom promote amoral violence through their song lyrics, lecturing the rest of us. The show’s ratings hit a record low.

Perhaps the…what’s the nicest term I can use for this?...stupidest response to school shootings came from President Obama’s former Assistant Secretary of Education, Peter Cunningham, who tweeted that “maybe it’s time for America’s 50 million school parents to simply pull their kids out of school until we have better gun laws.” It isn’t often that you see a former federal education official urging people not to send their kids to school. Although if he’s suggesting that all parents start home-schooling instead of entrusting their education to people like him, he might actually have something there.

These kinds of hysterical comments are not designed to solve the problem but to sow even more fear and panic so that the left can impose a failed agenda that nobody would support if they were thinking rationally. It’s bad enough that they try to panic adults, but pushing that kind of fear onto kids is unconscionable. Instead of frightening all children into thinking they’re going to die if they go to school, how about reassuring them they’ll be safe by increasing school security, and telling them that as horrific as these shootings are, and as much attention as they get in the media (which I can’t help feeling makes such acts more attractive to sick minds), a person is more likely to die from an insect sting than in a mass shooting.

The irrational fear that every classroom is about to erupt in gunfire is an offshoot of a long-standing phenomenon caused by the rise of electronic media. Two hundred years ago, someone could be murdered 50 miles away, and you could live your entire life without ever hearing about it. Today, if someone is murdered 1,000 miles away, you hear about it within seconds. Because of the “If it bleeds, it leads” mentality, we now hear about every bad thing that happens everywhere. No wonder Gallup surveys routinely show Americans believe violent crime is getting worse every year, even though FBI stats show that it fell by 48% from 1993 to 2016.

But if the left is going to continually blame conservatives and law-abiding gun owners for school shootings and push their preexisting nostrums that would plainly not solve the problem, then let’s turn that around on them. Not to point fingers, but just as an intellectual exercise, I can make a better case that these shooters’ twisted minds are the result of “progressive” left policies than they can that it’s the NRA’s fault.

First of all, let’s put aside the irrational argument that the problem is the availability of the hardware. Americans have always had guns, but we’ve only recently had students remorselessly slaughtering their classmates as if it were a video game. As we’ve seen with recent attacks, both school shooters and homegrown terrorists, if they don’t have semi-automatic rifles, will use pistols, knives, vehicles, pressure cookers or whatever comes to hand. Sadly, Europeans are learning this the hard way as their impulse to ban every conceivable weapons lags two steps behind evil people’s creativity.

Trying to stop school attacks by banning guns would be like reacting to a mugger who threatened you with a baseball bat by shutting down the Louisville Slugger company. The problem isn’t the hardware but the minds of the people who prey on others without conscience.

It should go without saying that one of the biggest mistakes made by conservatives and parents over the past half-century was allowing the left to take over the education system. You can see the results on our college campuses, which the satirist Iowahawk defines as “oases of totalitarianism in a sea of freedom.” But the rot starts much earlier. The left has turned indoctrinating kids right from the cradle into a key element of their long-term mission, and they are succeeding to a shocking degree, as we see by the number of miseducated teenagers who think America is evil and socialism is wonderful.

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In order to turn our kids into good little tools of the progressive agenda, they have to be robbed of their childhood innocence early on and forced to see the world the way leftist adults do: as a terrible, unfair place where warring factions are out to exploit and oppress others. Children as young as kindergarten are now being told that if they aren’t white, they’re victims of racism; and if they are white, they’re oppressors who should be ashamed of their very existence – and if they think they aren’t racist, that’s because they’re blind to their white privilege and microagressions. Girls are taught that they are victims of the patriarchy, and if they dream of going to college one day, there’s a good chance they’ll be raped on campus (isn’t that what controlling parents used to say to scare girls out of going to college?) Boys are told that they’re so bad, they should be put on drugs just to keep them from acting too much like boys. If a preschool boy kisses a girl he likes on the cheek, he can find himself branded as a sexual predator and suspended from school.

If they do go to school, they get to hear lessons in how American history is an endless panorama of cruelty, racism and oppression. They’re given lessons on all sorts of trendy sexual and gender issues before they even know what sex is. They’re told that due to climate change, the world is going to fry to a cinder, and everything they do is responsible for that, from eating a hamburger to wanting to live in a house larger than a refrigerator crate. They’re taught that they’re not allowed to question the inalienable right of women to kill their own babies in the womb for convenience (arguing for the sanctity of life is another patriarchal aggression). And they’re told that while they must be tolerant of kids of the opposite sex who demand to use the locker room with them, they can’t talk about their family’s religion because that isn’t tolerated in school.

When the school day is over, they are bombarded by a liberal popular culture that again insists on treating young children as if they were adults: profane, violent and sexually graphic song lyrics and videos; movies and video games filled with gratuitous shooting and gore; fashions and fashion magazines that sexualize pre-pubescent girls; an Internet filled with cruelty, bullying, profanity, pornography and aggressive mockery of anyone who holds religious faith (“imaginary man in the sky,” “flying spaghetti monster” and all the other contemptuous clichés that modern-day atheists parrot in lieu of intellectual arguments).

All of these things are invented, promoted and/or defended by the “progressive” left. They result in countless kids being robbed of their childhood innocence; allowed to see threats, promiscuity and violence as harmless entertainment; and taught from the cradle that everyone is out to oppress them, people are a virus infecting the Earth, life isn’t sacred, there is no higher moral authority watching them, and the world is doomed anyway so they have no future. To use a computer term, this is GIGO: “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Then when some kids see no downside to slaughtering their classmates, the left feigns shock and blames the gun. And of course, conservatives, who’ve spent the past 50 years in a futile battle against everything I just listed above.


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  • Allison Mauser

    05/23/2018 12:20 PM

    I can only say HOW RIGHT you are on all counts,. BUT as you know the people who COULD change this WILL NOT. We are God fearing Christian's and are far from being in control. They are either heathens, libtards, RINOs, or completely bonkers. As we know you can't serve two masters. So what have we got? It's either OF God or not????. GOD BLESS you, AND your daughter - who is not only extremely bright, courageous, AND obviously an apple which did not fall far from the tree????. Keep on keeping on.

  • Claudia Cheek

    05/22/2018 07:43 PM

    This is so TRUE it's scary and sickening, Mr. Huckabee. Parents need to step up and parent their kids but there is a whole generation(s) of them that weren't parented themselves so they don't know how, don't want to learn, don't want to take the time, and don't CARE! I don't know how you fix that but I do know that GUNS are NOT the issue. I'm not a gun owner, I have no guns in my home, don't support the NRA and don't know how to use one but I pray they are never banned! I'm a concerned grandparent and feel helpless to change what is going on in America today.