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May 17, 2021

Over the past year, rock legend Van Morrison has become more and more outspoken against leftist tyranny, like illogical endless lockdowns that kill musicians’ careers and cancel culture that silences any dissenting views. He’s released songs protesting these things, with proceeds going to help out-of-work musicians. Now, he has just released a new album (two CDs or three vinyl LPs) called “Latest Record Project Volume 1” that carries on that theme.

As always with Morrison, the songs cover a variety of subjects and musical styles, but there are some songs that definitely rip the current social media-enforced, leftist groupthink, like “They Own the Media” and “Why Are You On Facebook?” Ironically, liberal rock critics, who have always lauded Morrison and presented themselves as defenders of politically-outspoken, non-conformist artists, are furious at Morrison for refusing to conform to their politics.

The Spectator notes in its round-up of scathing reviews of the album (because of the politics of the lyrics) that one critic ends his review with “You are hereby and forthwith canceled.” Apparently, the irony of trying to cancel someone for protesting cancel culture is lost on him. As is the idea that some little-known snotty critic can "cancel" Van Morrison.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to check this album out. I’ve never even been much of a Van Morrison fan, but I just ordered it on Amazon on vinyl. There are precious few people in show business with the guts and gravitas to stand up to this garbage, and when one of them does, I think they deserve to be supported.

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