October 22, 2017


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Today's Commentary: Gold star Mom outraged -- Gag order of the worst kind -- Put the First Lady in charge of the budget -- $666 Billion -- Update on major court case -- Additional Commentaries 


While the media, as usual, argue about the smoke and ignore the fire, another Gold Star mom who was outraged at the smearing of President Trump as being cold and uncaring about fallen soldiers released a tape of his phone call to her – one of the calls that, as Kelly said, he doesn’t have to make and that Kelly even urged him not to make because they’re so difficult. Listen to it and see if this in any way reflects the cartoon monster that Rep. Kelly has helped the media create.

Once again, I’ll quote the line from history that I quoted yesterday: “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"



Mike Huckabee


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Gag order of the worst kind

By Mike Huckabee

Paging Attorney General Sessions: if there is an informant willing to blow the whistle and testify on the Obama-era Uranium One scandal, why is the Trump DOJ still complicit in forcing him to remain silent, as the Obama DOJ did? This is a gag order that should make every American who cares about ending government corruption gag.



Put the First Lady in charge of the budget

By Mike Huckabee

There’s a lot of talk about how big the deficit will be under the budget passed by the GOP Congress. Maybe the First Lady needs to head over to Congress and give them some lessons in how to cut spending. Yes, I see the irony of Donald Trump’s fashionable wife being more frugal than Congress when it comes to spending. But let’s face it: when it comes to spending money, our recent crop of politicians could make Diamond Jim Brady look like Ebenezer Scrooge.



$666 Billion

By Mike Huckabee

Don’t know whether this is a coincidence or the universe saying “Boo” to frighten anyone who cares about America’s fiscal health, but right on the verge of Halloween, it was announced that the federal deficit for 2017 will be $666 billion. Appropriate, if you think runaway debt is sending our kids’ futures to Hell in a hand basket. And the next budget, which will include needed infrastructure rebuilding, disaster relief and tax cuts, is expected to send it even higher.

To those who would respond that this means we need to raise taxes instead of lower them: you might have a point, if this were a one-time expense. But the fact that we’ve amassed so much debt leaves us no other alternative than to try to stimulate the economy to grow our way out of it. Many years of spending like money is going out of style have left us too deep in the hole ever to haul ourselves out by tinkering around the edges.

Governors whose states don’t have the easy out of piling up debt year after year sometimes have to raise taxes to get past a crisis, as I had to do in Arkansas (and I took a shellacking from so-called conservatives over it, as if saddling your grandkids with your own bills were a conservative principle.) In Arkansas, we faced a constitutional ban on borrowing money, court-ordered spending increases, and a budget that was going almost entirely to schools, medical care for the poor and prisons (or as I called it, “education, medication and incarceration.”) There was no fat to cut and no way to borrow, so we had to raise taxes temporarily. But I blocked attempts to keep them in place and got rid of them as soon as the budget crisis was past.

In Washington, any attempt even to scale back the rate of growth is greeted with hysterical claims that millions will die if the feds spend slightly less “more money” than planned. But the current proposed budget will spend $4.1 trillion. You can't tell me with a straight face that there’s no fat in there anywhere.

If nobody’s willing to take a scalpel to the federal budget, can we at least stick a liposuction needle into it?


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Update on major court case

By Mike Huckabee

Latest update on a major court case: an appeals court has stayed a ruling by a federal judge who ruled that the federal government has to escort an undocumented immigrant teenager in its custody to an abortion clinic for access to an elective abortion. HHS argued that the ruling "sets a dangerous precedent by opening our borders to any illegal children seeking taxpayer-supported, elective abortions."


Additional Commentaries

The links below are to commentaries I have written.  Please leave me a comment on my website.  I read them!


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  • Raymond Reed

    10/23/2017 11:39 AM

    In 2015 my wife and I went to Yuma Arizona. While there we decided to go into Mexico at Los Algodones. We arrived at the entry at about 7:00 AM. There was a long line. We saw three (3) school buses drive up from Yuma. 100's of Mexico children walked from the waiting area (US side) and got into these school buses. Most had back packs on, some carrying books etc. We had a fun day, bought a few things. We decided to leave at about 3:45. The line was 1/2 mile long. So stand, wait and step one step at a time. Just as we were exiting back into the USA we saw three (3) schools pull up and stop. Out of the buses came these Mexico children. Through the U.S. port of entry into Mexico they went. I did not realize the schools in Yuma was educating children from parents that lived in Los Algodones Mexico. I was upset because our taxes were educating those that were not citizens and DID NOT live in the U.S. I am still upset about it.

  • Ron Stephens

    10/22/2017 02:44 PM

    Why is that the Senate, instead of saying DOJ "should" work with them, does not pass legislation that says any non-disclosure agreement shall be "null and void" in specifically identified circumstances and when any one of those circumstances are met then attempts to use the agreement as cover or to enforce such an agreement shall be a crime.

  • Karen Schoen

    10/22/2017 11:48 AM

    Hi Mike: Florida needs your help. I am a certified textbook analyst who recently had the opportunity to review the texts, curricula and method of teaching in Florida. Florida ranks 47 in the nation in education, from the 2015, ACT analysis. All ideology taught is communist. This starts in preK. No wonder why the NFL takes a knee. This is what this kids are taught to do. They know nothing about America except it is evil.

    My group,, lobbied to get HR989 passed in Florida. This gives every resident (which you are) an opportunity to challenge texts at the local level. This year we are working on a bill to hold FLDOEd accountable to Florida statutes, like teaching the truth. We are finding volunteers in each county to challenge these texts. However, every time I listen to radio or TV, the commentator always stops short of finding a solution. We have one.

    As a former teacher, dean, business owner and candidate for FL house, I have turned my sights to exposing what is going on in school. (the lowest common denominator in the USA). Please help us expose the travesty, for training is not educating. Today our students K-12 are trained to be good little global communist robots.

    You can find my information on,, and I have been speaking to clubs, organizations and I host a radio show. We need national spox. I live in Greenwood, Florida near Destin. I would be happy to meet with you. We need to answer, "but what can we do?" with, “Expose the anti-American curricula and texts in K-12”. You have to be taught to hate and that is what is learned in school, K-12.

    Choice is not the answer for it does not matter the location where a child learns to be a communist. I also know that if a child is motivated they will learn in a closet. Location is NOT the answer. We can do all the wondrous changes we need but if we do not pay attention to the schools, in 8 years as these communists aka globalists go into government who knows what they will inflict on America. Please contact me. C: 954-864-0530, home 850-569-1021