February 5, 2020

Okay, I admit it: I was wrong. I thought nothing could make the Democrats look worse than their disastrously incompetent Iowa Caucus debacle on Monday (it’s Wednesday, and we still don’t have final results.) But then came their behavior Tuesday in front of the entire world during President Trump’s State of the Union Address. I stand corrected.

Any independent voters who might still have been remotely considering putting them in charge of anything more complicated than a snowcone machine had to be shocked and repelled by their ugly, divisive, nasty, childish behavior that not only expressed visceral hatred of the President but of everything he does, no matter how much it helps America or the people or causes they claim to support.

But before we get into the reaction, a few words about the speech itself, which I thought was magnificent. (If you missed it, you can watch it here in its entirety, and you definitely should):

Many conservative pundits are calling it the best defense of conservatism since Ronald Reagan, but that’s not accurate. It’s the best speech since Reagan, but unlike many conservative speeches, it wasn’t a defense. Why should a system that works everywhere it’s tried need to be defended, especially when the alternative is a system that’s brought nothing but poverty, misery, starvation, oppression, corruption and death everywhere it’s been tried? Too many conservatives approach the subject from a defensive posture, thinking they have to respond to the blatant distortions of conservative beliefs (“Sexist! Racist! Hater!,” etc.) that the left hurls because they have no other arguments to stand on.

No, in addition to the inspiring language of Trump’s speech, it was so effective because he went full-tilt on offense. He didn’t enter the Chamber showing any weakness or understandable exhaustion after the three-year failed “impeachment” jihad against him that should meet its long-overdue demise today. Instead, he launched a forceful, unapologetic case for conservative principles because they WORK. He backed that up with one undeniable fact after another, from the booming economy and job creation that’s helping every demographic group to the drop in illegal immigration to the rout of terrorists and the reclaiming of American leadership in the world. To make it even more explicit, he called out the failed philosophy of socialism to the faces of those who seek to make it chic, and even introduced the man who’s trying to save Venezuela from its deprivations, that nation’s legitimate elected President, Juan Guiado.

And on the subject of guests, that recent tradition has never seen a more moving and inspiring selection of guests, including 100-year-old military hero and Tuskegee Airman Brig. Gen. Charles McGee and his great-grandson who wants to join the new Space Force; a military family being surprised by the return of their dad from deployment; and an emotional Rush Limbaugh, fighting stage 4 lung cancer, being presented with (and apparently very surprised by) the Presidential Medal of Freedom from First Lady Melania Trump.

Best of all, Trump made his speech about America more than about himself (when one commentator said Trump never used the "I" word, referring to "impeachment," I assumed he meant Trump didn't say "I" repeatedly, like Obama) He made it clear that while he cares about the world, he sees America as the exceptional nation it is (the “shining city on a hill,” to quote Reagan), he loves America and will always put American interests and the American people first. Trump sees himself as a proud American, not a “citizen of the world.” It’s something we used to expect of every President, but after years of American politicians badmouthing their own country and bowing to the UN or some other global governance movement, it now appears downright revolutionary. And incredibly refreshing.

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  • Veronica Parrino

    07/05/2021 01:01 PM

    I'm praying that President Trump will be our next President. He is the greatest President the USA has had!

  • Deborah Hunter

    02/10/2020 03:08 PM

    This just might be the year a new party comes into being: Those long time dems who cannot tolerate the craziness of their party any longer!

  • Linda LaGruth

    02/08/2020 02:41 PM

    The speech was truly inspirational. We laughed, cried, and applauded from our living room and enjoyed every minute.

  • Carol Ann Byrd

    02/07/2020 04:36 PM

    I agree with you. Pres. Trump gave a great speech. Whatever will we do if he doesn't win in November? If the Democrats win the Presidency, they will undo all of his executive orders. And we won't have prayer in schools again. I just can't imagine our country with the Democrats in charge again.

  • Kathy Fell

    02/07/2020 09:02 AM

    You are so right Governor! The President's speech was excellent and I love how he honors the people who deserve to be praised. The democrats displayed such disrespect, not just for the president but for anything good that happened that day! I'm praying for people to vote their faith in November not their party line!! Thank you sir for working hard to tell people the truth. God Bless you!


    Kathy and Bob Fell
    Newcomerstown, Ohio

  • Mitzi Cole

    02/06/2020 11:42 PM

    Yours was the best summary of the Presidents speech. His speech was outstanding.
    The democrats disdain for America and it’s people was on full display, and what sad and maddening sight it was.

  • Joetta Stephen

    02/06/2020 09:51 PM

    I thought President Trump's speech was right on. He handled it very well for what he has been through.

  • Carol Finley

    02/06/2020 08:20 PM

    God bless President Trump and God bless the USA.

  • Rebecca Hamby

    02/06/2020 07:55 PM

    Nailed it.

  • Harold and Sue

    02/06/2020 11:45 AM


  • Glenna E. Julian

    02/06/2020 11:29 AM

    Amen. It was a fantastic SOTU address. We certainly learned a lot about the left by their lack of support on anything presented. They showed their true colors. There were many touching moments as you brought out. Very special night for so many that were there or for those watching at home. Makes you glad that we have a President that is a patriot and loves his country and its people.

  • Dee Dodge

    02/06/2020 11:06 AM

    It was wonderful, but so many people I know won't hear it. Even if they listen and watch the way Democrats acted, they will only see "his evil bigotry and racism". And these are my friends and family, what is wrong with them? I can't hardly talk to my best friend any more. Or my brother. I don't get it.

  • Bernadette

    02/06/2020 10:42 AM

    When Nancy Pelosi ripped up his speech, I cried, then I got super angry. How dare she! She is the one who needs to be impeached on grounds of insanity, instigating hatred and attempting to implode the country instead of uniting this Nation. I call that treason......

  • David Schultz

    02/06/2020 10:42 AM

    Years ago I would chuckle to myself when TV would show the Greek or Italian governments and they were fighting and acting nuts. Now it is us that I laugh at.

  • Katherine Engleman

    02/06/2020 10:14 AM

    Gosh, Mr. H, reading your newsletters is the most excellent way of beginning my day! You're the best at telling it like it is and the only "news source" I believe in. THANK YOU, Sir ... for the wonderful, thoughtful, enlightening and inspiring man you are ... God Bless!

  • Amelia Little

    02/06/2020 10:13 AM

    That is what a SOTU speech should sound like!! These are the things we (as in we, not I) accomplished in the past 3 years. The campaign promises fulfilled, and more. These are the things we will be working to accomplish next.

    I am sure there are those who are disappointed he did not refer to impeachment in any form.

    As for pelosi's offer to shake hands....uhmmm.....she has spent 3 years, the past several months VIGOROUSLY to impeach the President. SHE did not follow protocol with the introduction of the President. It made sense that, after that, he would not even be EXPECTING her to offer her hand, so, hand her the speech, and turn to address We The People. She actually paused just a tad even before doing so. And, I have no doubt that, had HE offered his hand first, she would have been "busy" looking over the speech. As for her ludicrous (there has to be a better word to describe all the garbage the left has been spouting, but I can't think of it right now) "defense" of tearing up the speech because it was full of "lies"---I'm guessing she thinks that she has to inform the "uneducated people of America" what she wants us to believe. I can't believe that she and others absolutely ignore every. single. accomplishment. of the past 3 years. There might be some oblivious people who will say--she's right!!! But far and by large Americans can see for themselves all the good that has been accomplished. And, as usual, there are those congressmen who acted in the usual childish manner--I'll be there, I won't smile, I won't clap (I noticed on who was reading a pamphlet or perhaps her fb.) Sure do wish the cameras didn't pan on the tantrum throwers, or at least show more of them--I'm betting there were even Democrats who were listening and who clapped (sometimes maybe even enthusiastically.)

    Thanks for the link--it's easy access for refering back to at any time.

  • Ron Bangert

    02/06/2020 10:04 AM

    Democrats just are full of Hate & seem to be control freaks. They Hate President Trump. And who he represents.

    I completely disagreed with President Obama's Ideologies and his vision for America. He divided and created derision. A lot of knee jerking took place among hapless Republicans.

    It is said somewhere God hates sin but loves the sinner. Consequently the country is full of sinners and D.C. to boot. So if God loves the sinner, shouldn't sinners be engaged to love sinners also? Or are we witnessing "what a man sows also shall he reap"? (That includes women). We need Revival! God raise up Evangelists in every corner of America!

  • Sandra Gray

    02/06/2020 09:23 AM

    Thank you Gov Huckabee for your conservative views - helps me to decipher the stuff that goes on in the political world. I also thought President Trump's speech was awesome and lifted up America. All of the special guests that were invited helped make many of his speech points, and the Dems really missed out by acting like fools. As for pelosi -don’t go into a work meeting and repeatedly stack/shuffle/straighten papers while making faces, talking to yourself, pointing at people across the room, and then rip up the agenda you were given.

  • Joy Woodruff

    02/06/2020 09:06 AM

    Ahhhh-men! :)

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    02/06/2020 08:56 AM

    You didn't mention how many times President Trump received standing ovations from members present. It was exciting and affirming.

  • Marie Schaefer

    02/06/2020 08:51 AM

    Pelosi was a distraction through out the entire speech. Facial expression, talking to herself? And the final cartoon show, tearing up the speech. Her party would be get rid of her.

  • Betty Tackett

    02/06/2020 08:50 AM

    As for our house we serve the Lord God almighty and we know that our President Trump and vice president Pence is the best turn around for our country the USA. We haven't stopped praising Jesus Christ for helping us defeat the enemies who want to destroy America.
    Bless you, and God bless America.

  • Christine Dowd

    02/06/2020 08:46 AM

    I watched the entire speech and was so proud of our president! Nancy Pelosi made a silly fool of herself the entire time, and when she ripped up the speech I actually laughed out loud. Someone needed to smack that little girls behind and send her to her room. I have never seen such childish, petulant behavior from an adult politician. What was she thinking? Oh, that’s right.......she wasn’t. What an outgoing legacy she has written for herself.

  • geraldine riley

    02/06/2020 08:18 AM

    Pelosi's actions were totally childish and unforgivable by the American public. Something should happen to her for thes actions. impeach her from the House for these actions. Something should be done. Geri Riley

  • Jean holmes

    02/06/2020 07:26 AM

    Our president is a man of truths. I am so proud to have him as my president. Thank you President Trump for all you have done and will do to make America great again. Trump 2020. ???? May God bless you.