October 18, 2019

Among the many columnists who reacted to Tuesday’s Democratic Presidential debate, Anne Coulter made a few good points I haven’t heard anyone else mention, such as what happened to the Democrats at the polls after the first time they passed the “assault weapons” ban that they’re talking about bringing back. 

But this paragraph particularly caught my eye, in response to Democrats talking about how much Americans are suffering without health care, even after they passed Obamacare:

“Millions of us were thrown off our health insurance plans by Obamacare, and now I find out that it didn’t even make things better for anyone else. The government intervenes, everything goes to hell, then Democrats cite the hell they created to demand another massive government intervention.”

This got me to thinking about the many ways in which Democrats’ impassioned arguments are based on problems they created themselves.  For instance…

*  Public schools are failing in Democrat-dominated districts, even though they spend more money per pupil than successful private schools in Republican districts… 

The left’s solution: give the same failed school administrators more money. 

*  Gun violence is rampant in cities with the strictest gun control laws…

Obviously, we need more gun control laws. 

*  Conservative speakers on campus have to put up huge security deposits because of the dangers of violence their comments might incite...

And who would be perpetrating that violence just because someone voiced opinions they disagree with?  Shouldn’t the perpetrators have to pay for the extra security?  Here’s an idea: if anyone pulls anything, arrest them and pay the cops’ salaries out of the massive fines they should be assessed for trying to violently deprive other people of their free speech rights. 

* We must end the separating of “families and “caging of children” on the border… 

Those aren’t cages, they’re detention facilities built under Obama. We wouldn’t be dealing with the problem of separating children from their “parents” if we didn’t have Democrat-inspired policies that reward people who come here illegally with children.  That’s forced us to separate those children for their own safety because people who aren’t related to them (a DNA test found that was about a third of them) are exploiting children by using them to get into the US, sometimes even using the same children repeatedly. And by the way: despite what they claim, crossing the border illegally is illegal. In what other situation do we detain people for breaking the law and allow their children to be put into the same cell with them?  Do prisons have day cares now?

*  Trump can’t govern because he’s so divisive… 

From the moment Trump was elected, his opponents started calling for impeaching him, claiming the election wasn’t legitimate, slandering and even physically assaulting his supporters, organizing “resistance” to his Administration, and refusing to work with him on any legislation (even things they’d previously agreed on), while the media blasted him with 90%+ negative coverage.  Even fashion magazines joined the onslaught, loading their pages with “woke” leftist propaganda while boycotting any coverage of our First Lady, a beautiful, stylish, graceful, kind and accomplished woman who would have been treated like the second coming of Princess Di if she were married to a Democrat.

Yet all the “divisiveness” in America is whose fault?  That’s right: Trump’s. To end the divisiveness, elect the people who did all that stuff I listed in the previous paragraph.

*  College is too expensive and student loan debt is too high...

College got more expensive the more government got involved in funding it, and guess who was behind that push?  Also, guess who was behind the government taking over student loan programs, which has resulted in an explosion of student loan debt? 

(From 2015: )  And guess who pushed the bankruptcy bill that specifically excluded being able to discharge student loan debt?  (I’ll give you that one: Joe Biden.)

*  Trump is bumbling his way through foreign policy, and dealing in the wrong way with issues like the endless wars in the Middle East, ISIS and the North Korean nuclear threat...

Pardon me, but aren’t the same people who are claiming Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing also the ones whose policies got us involved in endless wars in the Middle East, ignored ISIS as “the JV team” until it had spread across the entire region, and allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons and missiles (they assured us the NK reactors were for peaceful energy-generating purposes only, just like Iran’s.) 

When someone tells me, “You’re doing it all wrong,” I usually ask, “Do you know anything about this subject?” If the person doing all the criticizing is a complete incompetent who caused the problem in the first place, then I have some advice for them: “Shut up and get out of the way.” 




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  • Zacqueline Davis

    02/28/2020 05:42 PM

    Hello will you please send out a list comparing all the Good things President Trump has done for our Nation to the Evil things the left has done and is doing and worse wants to do much more of please. This list needs to be mailed and taken to every church in America. Most Pastors don't even recognize the TRUTH of the Abortion, LGBTQ , Antisemitism, Anti-Church, Immigration President Trump has fought for and protected this Nation from ( God Bless him for this). They don't recognize that President Trump is a tool in The Lord's hand. They need to be shown the TRUTH very vividly so this can be shared with the congregations and they will be free to vote the proper way by aligning with Kingdom principles. More importantly the lies of the enemy MUST be exposed so The Body of Christ knows that she is being deceived and we cannot assist satan and his diabolical plans. I am African-American and far too many of my AA brothers and sisters are completely blinded to what socialism is and brings and how abortion hurts us the most etc etc etc. I think a grass roots approach should also be taken to help the body of Christ to know the TRUTH and be set free. Obama did much more to hurt us than anyone else. He took the progress that has been made in our culture and set us back 50 years through hate and lie. Please help. Sincerely Zacqueline Davis (510) 468.3214

  • anthony cuccia jr

    11/29/2019 04:18 PM

    To caption the picture from left to right ROTTEN PHONY BALONEY

  • Linda Wolfe

    10/19/2019 09:02 PM

    The Democrat party invented the Dixie flag , the KKK and much more. Now they want to take down our Civil War monuments. They should start with the tombstone of Robert Byrd, their senator and the Grand Wizard of the KKK. They are the party of LBJ who said "I'll have those 'N' voting democrat the next 200 years ". The party of George Wallace who stood in the door of a school to keep blacks out & I'm pretty sure the party of Sheriff Bull Conner who turned fire hoses on blacks during the civil rights movement in Birmingham. Sad to say, I voted for the donkey party out of ignorance , but learned better after Jimmy Carter.

  • Harford Overton

    10/19/2019 04:25 PM

    Great column.

  • james randolph

    10/19/2019 07:24 AM

    Other DEM-SOC caused catastrophes .........
    Weaponizing the federal government agencies ?
    Deficit spending and federal waste ?
    Federal bureaucrat careers based on tenure, not performance?
    Slavery? (Dinesh D'Souza can elaborate)
    Globalism instead of patriotic nationalism (AMERICA FIRST)?
    Not sure the DEM-SOC are the cause, but they are definitely NOT the solution ...

  • Ken Truell

    10/18/2019 06:45 PM


    Well said sir...well said. There is a part of me that would love to see you up there as Press Secretary, but then we wouldn’t get the pleasure of watching your show every week. You fill everyone’s ‘corny’ needs as well as educating us all on what a slime pit Washington really is. Keep it up sir. We may not have to read the news, but we need you to properly present it.

    Ken and Jan Truell