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November 8, 2022



Today is the day that many of us have been anxiously awaiting for nearly two years, and praying for it to hurry up and arrive. It’s Election Day.

This is a link to all the candidates endorsed by Huck PAC. Just click on your state to see their names.

And of course, there’s one candidate you should definitely support if you live in Arkansas:



11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

My Election Day Message: 

If you are a Republican; an Independent; a non-radical Democrat with common sense; a Christian, Jew or Muslim who doesn’t want the state assaulting your religious beliefs; a parent who cares about what is put into your kids’ brains or locker rooms or what’s done to their bodies, and who doesn’t want to be called a domestic terrorist for your concern; an Hispanic or African-American who’s been called a “white supremacist” for not wanting criminal predators rekeased back into your neighborhood over and over; an Asian-American who’s being discriminated against because you studied too hard; a veteran or anyone who cares about our military and doesn’t like seeing it hollowed out by wokeness, or our heroes and allies slaughtered in Afghanistan due to sheer incompetence; the next of kin of a victim of the epidemic of fentanyl deaths caused by the open border; someone who’s worried about how to pay for a year’s worth of expenses with 11 months’ worth of salary due to inflation; someone whose livelihood was threatened for resisting an oversold vaccine that you didn’t trust or that violated your religious beliefs; someone who thinks the content of someone’s character is more important than the color of their skin; someone who doesn’t want to pay $7 a gallon for gas or else buy an expensive electric car that goes 70 miles on a 12-hour charge but only if the wind is blowing that day so there’s electricity; anyone who believes in secure borders or enforcing laws or respecting Constitutional rights; a free individual who doesn’t like arrogant billionaires telling you to own nothing, eat bugs, shut up and pretend to be happy about it; or if you simply reject lies, failure, government censorship and Third World–style political prosecutions and don’t want America to keep hurtling down the wrong path…

In short, if you really care about saving “our democracy”…

Then go vote these Democrats out of office RIGHT NOW!!! Don’t believe the polls and get complacent. Go send a message and swamp the margin of fraud in a red tsunami.

Remember, even though we always hear about “moderate, centrist Democrats” who don’t like the crazy far-left lurch of their party, when crunch time comes, they fall into lockstep. For instance, only one Democrat in the House and one in the Senate opposed a bill legalizing taxpayer-paid elective abortions right up to the moment of birth, which goes so far beyond Roe v. Wade that even the Justices who wrote Roe v. Wade would be horrified by it.

As I’ve said before, you can’t expect instant change. We’ll still have to get through what will surely be the most far-left, lunatic lame duck Congress in history. And we can’t replace Grandpa at the steering wheel until 2024. But at least we can put some patriotic adults into the front seat to slam on the brakes before he drives the car over a cliff or into a 7-11...again.

If you need even more reminders of what this election is about, then read Victoria Taft’s list of all the things that Democrats have done to…sorry, “for”…Americans over the past 22 months.

I hate to accuse anyone of deliberately trying to destroy America, but if that were their goal, what would they have done differently?


My predictions for tonight:

I’m not going to predict any specific races because I want every Republican to vote as if their ballot is the one that determines the outcome. Maybe it will be!

I do believe we will know tonight that the Republicans have won back the House and Senate and done very well in state and local races. But we also know the Democrats believe that any race they don’t win is an assault on democracy, so they won't take their losses lying down. Hilariously, many who’ve spent the past two years denying that election fraud exists are already trying to blame their expected losses on Republicans rigging the election. We also already have John Fetterman’s campaign in Pennsylvania running to the courts to try to force the counting of undated mail-in ballots that are clearly barred by state law (apparently, this suppresses the votes of people who are too poor to look at a calendar.)

And the Democrats just started gaslighting us to expect to wait days to know the outcomes of certain elections. They’re even using the same “red mirage” terminology they used in 2020 (the Republican appears to be far ahead, but that lead somehow evaporates the longer the count goes on.) Why, it’s almost as if the DNC sent out the Bat Signal to the media to push this narrative…

Fortunately, this time around, Republicans are better prepared. We have thousands of poll watchers who know better than to let Democrats lock them out, cover the windows and “count” ballots. The RNC has many lawyers in place in nearly half the states, ready to fight attempts to get partisan judges to nullify election integrity laws.

Showing once again why he’s so popular, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned that the Biden DOJ’s plan to put federal “election monitors” in polling places in several Florida counties is illegal under state law, they have offered no statutory authority or any reasons for such intrusions, and if they show up at Florida polls, they’ll be removed.

By the way, why, exactly, should it take days or weeks to count the votes? Back when voters punched paper ballots, we usually knew who won by the next morning. Election results in other nations are known within a few hours. Now we have electronic voting machines and ballot counters that we are assured are infallible and unhackable, but it takes weeks? As Greta Van Sustern tweeted, if we buy gas with a debit card, the money is removed from our bank accounts instantly, “but we can’t figure out how to vote and count ballots?”



Here’s some reading material for you to kill time as you wait in line to vote:

Salina Zito at the Washington Examiner recalls her coverage of the news over the past two years and her interviews with regular Americans to cite four powerful moments that illustrate how and when the Democrats lost their way and squandered their historic moment in power.


Kurt Schlichter offers some advice on how to deal with emotionally devastated leftists if they discover Americans have rejected them. Warning: as usual, it’s hilarious, but not especially kind and gentle. Kurt recommends lots of mockery and to “Rub their smug, Botoxed faces in their failure,” because otherwise, they'll refuse to learn.


This Election Day, we're prepared; Dems already making excuses

Show of hands --- how many of you are sick of hearing that if you question any election results (that led to a Democrat winning, at least), you’re “an existential threat to democracy”?

I thought so. You know in your heart that any questions you bring up have arisen out of your love of country and your dismay at what is happening to destroy Americans’ trust in our elections. They also are sparked by evidence of cheating that has continued to emerge ever since 2020. In fact, we just heard about another one, out of Detroit, and decided to go ahead and pose an existential threat to democracy by telling you about it –- and the infuriating way it’s been dismissed.

But back to 2022...South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, the House Majority Whip (at least for now) told Shannon Bream, who must’ve been struggling to keep a straight face, “Democracy will be ended. The world will continue to exist. The world was here before Hitler; the world was here after Hitler. That’s what we’re saying...the kind of world that we have, the kind of country we have –- we’ve got to decide how we want to exist in this world.” I know I would like to exist in a world without James Clyburn in the U.S. Congress.

Where does the rhetoric even go from here? I can’t imagine.

During a discussion on MSNBC among Joy Reid, Michael Moore and Rob Reiner (does anyone really watch this?), Reiner actually said, “To the other side, reality doesn’t mean anything. They’re only interested in power...and they’ll do anything to get the power. They’re willing to kill --- literally kill --- to get the power. You can’t have a conversation with them...” He said “this might be the last election we have in a democracy.”

(Note to Rob Reiner: I’ll gladly have a conversation with you anytime, anywhere, about what you said here.)

Bill Maher spoke similarly, which surprised me given some of his recent reality checks. “You should vote,” he said, “and it should be for the one party that still stands for democracy preservation. This is how it happens: Hitler was elected. So was Mussolini, Putin, Erdogan, Viktor Orban. This is the ‘it can’t happen to us’ moment...”  As rational as he can be about some issues, Maher bought into the J6 committee's blather about GOP "election deniers."

Even President Obama got in on the act. Kudos to THE FIVE for putting together this montage from just one stump speech (huge gaslighting alert): “When true democracy goes away, people get hurt. It has real consequences. This is not an abstraction...Governments start tellin’ you what books you can read and which ones you can’t. Dissidents start gettin’ locked up. Reporters start getting locked up if they’re not towin' the party line...Corruption reigns because there’s no accountability.” He really needs to be talking to his own party when he says things like this.

CNN’s Van Jones is saying that the Democrat Party made a mistake this time by focusing on “alleged threats to democracy.” Of course, being a big Democrat himself, he included the caveat that the threat to democracy is real. Not from us it’s not.

Jones said the talk of “insurrection” threats being so severe was a kind of “fool’s gold” to the Democrats.

But he suggested they should have pushed another line harder: “Wait until Republicans shut down the government to knock out Social Security and Medicare...” For one thing, they ALWAYS push the usual hogwash about Republicans destroying Social Security and Medicare that I’ve heard before every election since I was a small child. Van Jones knows this is nonsense. If anything ends up hurting Social Security and Medicare, it’s the spend-like-there’s-no-tomorrow economic policy of the Democrats (and some “Democrat-lite” Republicans).

So let’s give him credit for being half right. Calling conservative Republicans a dire threat to “our democracy” --- which Democrats define as “their power” --- is a worn-out trope that is not working nearly as well as they assumed it would.

It’s really quite amusing that Democrats, knowing that they’ll likely lose big, are preemptively blaming things like hackable voting machines (!!!). I am not kidding. It’s perfectly fine to be an “election denier” if Republicans are winning. Even POLITICO said, “There are real risks that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday’s vote.” This is because “at least seven states and Washington DC use wireless modems to transmit unofficial election-night results to their central offices. These modems use telecommunications networks that are vulnerable to hackers, and malicious actors could exploit them to tamper with unofficial vote data, corrupt voting machines and compromise the computers used to tally official results.”

The story as presented in DAILY WIRE is hilarious, and it shows the left is not capable of embarrassment no matter how stupid they look.

Wait a minute –- are they saying elections can be...RIGGED? Yes, they are, but it’s okay for them to say it. If Republicans had said it, they would be considered an imminent threat to democracy and perhaps even jailed on some pretense.

Attorney Harmeet Dillion, speaking with Tucker Carlson on Monday evening, said Republicans are ready this time. The RNC, she says, has already deployed 38 paid election senior lawyers in 19 states, and there are another 50 ready to go, plus hundreds of GOP volunteers being organized. “Every battleground state is saturated with lawyers,” she reports. They filed 80 lawsuits in multiple states against the kind of thing DNC attorney Marc Elias was pulling before the 2020 election. In Arizona, “you can’t swing a cat without hitting a lawyer.” It’s sad that it’s come to this, but if Democrats are going to use lawyers to try to swing election outcomes, we have to fight fire with fire (but still using actual law, not going around it).

“I’m very confident,” she said “and voters should be very confident, that when they go to the polls...that there are lawyers watching the results very carefully and prepared to run into court all over the country, if necessary, and not let Democrats get away with their efforts to misinform the public and interfere with the results of the election.”

Not surprisingly, however, the hyper-politicized DOJ announced late Monday that its Civil Rights Division is sending lawyers –- coincidentally, to the very counties they anticipate losing big. So maybe we’ll find out who “won” these 2022 races by the time campaign season ‘24 heats up. The 64 jurisdictions (!) they’re monitoring include Los Angeles County, California; Miami-Dade County, Florida; Fulton County, Georgia; City of Flint, Michigan; and City of Minneapolis, Minnesota. More details here:

And now we have another mess in Georgia, with the ACLU marching in to try to postpone the deadline for counting votes to November 14. Is this incompetence, deliberate sabotage, or some combination of both?

Our prayers go out for as smooth an Election Day as possible, with the need for as few lawyers as possible, and the results as soon as possible!  If we turn out in a big enough landslide, we’ll have all that.

President Biden’s final message to Americans on Election Day:

You people don’t get to criticize me!

I didn’t say it was a winning message.


Thank you for reading this special edition of my newsletter. 

For more news, visit my website.

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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Jerry

    11/09/2022 09:57 AM

    A day after the mid term has left me in position of disbelief of our countries all around issues. I didn't take the abortion issue as an issue that most Americans took as a policy changing issue . The States would have a decision to make on abortion. i was concerned on our energy and economic and criminal problems as bigger threats to a prosperity American type lifestyle. I have been mislead as to what an American should be, it has become a negative thought of an American future. Fetterman a Senator? America thinks that is better than A moslem Doctor with a high IQ, and a life saver, than a Hobo like Fetterman well I might as well put my head in the sand or become a Hobo, to complete the change of America. Biden has turned out to be a Genius, the incumbent of NY is for law and order, and the Godfather of a burning a city down, in Minnesota remains a Governor, and the Easter bunny is real and Peter Pan will a running mate for a Communist dictator in 2 years, the stars are lining up for a change of the American experience, to that of a communist regieme. Florida is the last frontier for now. Space? forget about it. The US is disappearing bit by bit and its corroding from within. The Red Wave was nothing more than a ripple. America like me has become old and feeble. We had a decent run. Florida protect itself.

  • Kathy Younes

    11/08/2022 06:30 PM

    Thanks for saying this in one of your recent newsletters. “ This is a crawl-over-broken-glass-in-shorts-if-need-be election.”

    As a 30 year stay-at-home mom, I recently entered the workforce, and while I love my job, I hate that alarm in the morning and often hit the snooze button. I set it 45 minutes early this morning so I could go vote before work, knowing those before-work morning lines might be a little long. When I was tempted to hit snooze, your words came to my mind. I got there in plenty of time to wait in line to vote (was glad to see a great turnout), and make it to work on time. I wish everyone in the country would understand how important our votes are. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Carmine Fea

    11/08/2022 05:14 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee: Help if you can. The poles are not closed, the votes not counted and I have to wonder how many republican votes has Rick Scott lost for republicans. I know retired republican voters of a section of one state who are not voting for the republican candidate for senate because the candidate repeated what Rick Scott said about voting every 5 years to continue social security. Rick Scott is a fool, a Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan republican and it is disheartening to hear republicans considering him for a leadership position in the republican party. Even Trump supports Scott for a leadership position, Trump making the same mistake he made when he kept Paul Ryan speaker of the house.

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/08/2022 04:33 PM

    Now is the time for all good men to pray for this nation! A Nation under God! And God's will be done!

  • John Odekirk

    11/08/2022 03:35 PM

    Voting machines are broken in Maricopa County, Arizona on Election Day ! Now what are they trying to pull!?

  • Steve Sega

    11/08/2022 01:17 PM

    Governor Huckabee, multiple states are already reporting vote tabulating machines "malfunctioning," does this mean they rigged this election as well?

    Meanwhile ABC is reporting "it will look like Republicans are winning by large margins until LARGE DUMPS of mail in ballots are counted," seems like they intend to count forever until the Deep State gets the results they want. No integrity?