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November 11, 2021

I’m expecting to see more of this sort of thing as people get tired of being told to shut up and do what they’re told by the government: actor Matthew McConaughey says he’s going to need to hear more information before he lets his young children be given the COVID vaccine.

McConaughey made it clear that he and his wife are vaccinated. Because his 90-year-old mother lives with them, he did it because he “chose” to, not because he was told to. And he’s taken the pandemic very seriously and doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories. He said it’s time to “get off that narrative” of accusing anyone who expresses concerns about the vaccines of being a conspiracy theorist. His kids are 8, 11 and 13 (I’d note, ages at which COVID has had virtually zero effect), and he said rather than letting the government mandate that he give a new vaccine to them, "I still want to find out more information…There will come a time where you're going to have to roll the dice one way or the other and go: ‘Where are the numbers in my favor?’"

I generally don’t get into celebrity comments about political or public health issues, because they’re usually just so irrational and uninformed. But I thought you might be interested in this comment, because it’s so unusually rational, it’s brave for him to say it in an industry that runs on leftwing hysteria, and there’s talk of him possibly running for Texas Governor, so I thought you might want some insight into how he thinks.

If you’d like to see more about how unusual he is for someone from the world of Hollywood, here’s an interview I did with him last December. You might be surprised.

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  • Trump1

    04/05/2022 06:38 PM

    Matthew is just another left leaning looney, who believes in crushing our Constitutional Rights to appease the rest of the looney left, don't be fooled by his smooth talk, we elected a smooth talker in obama and look where that got us, now we have a brain dead geriatric, makes me miss "mean tweets"