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July 10, 2024

I was so saddened and surprised to hear of the death of Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma.  He was a good friend who supported me from the earliest days of my political endeavors.  Because he was from a neighbor state and his daughter Molly lived in Fayetteville, AR at the time, he campaigned for me which was a huge boost to me in my first campaigns.  To have someone of his stature to identify with me was a true shot in the arm.  Over the years I more and more admired him for his solid conservative convictions that were reflected in his stellar voting record.  He was an excellent orator and in the Senate one of the forces who had little patience with people who came to the Senate unprepared.  Jim Inhofe was ALWAYS prepared.  I simply loved the man!  He was a statesman when most politicians were just politicians.  I always told him that he was Arkansas’ 3rd Senator because I knew his voting would reflect not only his state of Oklahoma, but any state whose Judeo-Christian values mattered.  He was a man of authentic faith.  I feel certain the first words he heard upon entering the Kingdom were these:  “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  He truly was just that!

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