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June 24, 2021

Tuesday’s school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, a wealthy suburb of Washington, DC, became chaotic and must have caused great discomfort among board members who support the teaching of Critical Race Theory. We know because they cut the meeting short, filed out of the room, and had it declared an “unlawful assembly” (!) by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department. As we reported Wednesday morning, two attendees were arrested after the meeting hall was cleared simply for choosing to stick around, as they hadn’t had their opportunity to speak.

One of those arrested, retired Air Force veteran and small business owner Jon Tigges –- not the one who was tackled to the floor –- appeared on Wednesday’s TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.

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In his lead-in, Tucker pointed out that kids in Loudoun County public schools aren’t allowed to read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD any more. (Note: this is one of the greatest books ever written about race, but leftists misinterpret and reject it as a sort of “white savior” story. Also, it was written by a white lady, Harper Lee.) “Instead,” he continued, “they’re assigned pornographic novels and told that America is an evil, racist place.”

What Loudoun County’s divisive curriculum is doing, paradoxically, is bringing together parents of differing political stripes. It seems most parents don’t WANT their kids to grow up racist –- who knew? So when the board agreed to solicit public comments, they got more than they bargained for. Speakers reminded the board that it works for them –- that Loudoun County residents are their bosses and will return them to the private sector at the earliest possible moment.

As Mr. Tigges explained to Tucker, he didn’t know why he was arrested, because he was in a place “where free speech has to happen.” Where else are you going to air your grievances about school than at a school board meeting? He noted that it was on public land, in a public auditorium, and they had specifically been invited to a public forum to give public comment.

“And at the end of all that,” he said, “every single person there, all 500 parents, had their First Amendment rights trampled on by the Loudoun County school board and its superintendent.”

The building was reserved until 7 p.m., and Tigges was arrested at around 5:45, he said. But “the school board heard something they didn’t like,” which he said was applause for former state Sen. Dick Black. That, apparently, is when they shut the meeting down.

According to Tigges (and there is video to back him up), there was no violence happening, nothing crazy. “People stayed there [after the adjournment], they actually started singing [“The Star-Spangled Banner], and then “if the school board didn’t want to hear it,” they thought they would continue sharing their thoughts with one another, in an orderly and peaceful way, just as if the board were there. So they lined up at the microphone as they would’ve done in front of the board. Tigges said that both sides were allowed to speak, and no one in line to speak was involved in any misbehavior.

But then, abruptly, their meeting was declared an unlawful assembly. He believes the threats of arrest and the rough take-down of that other man were, as far as he could tell, a “complete leftist diversionary tactic that was pre-planned.”

Tigges was released later after receiving a trespassing summons.

He called the First Amendment “the most sacred of all of our rights.” To shut down free speech requires an enormous amount of justification, he said. I get the impression he’s willing to get himself quietly arrested as many times as it takes for him to exercise that right.

The Loudoun County School Board is expected to vote on their new proposals on August 10. There has been no word on whether they will entertain public comments again before they vote, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Here’s another account of the meeting, from LEGAL INSURRECTION.

So that’s where we are with the Loudoun County schools. Let’s look at Iowa, where some news on Twitter (the censors missed it) tells us that, according to leaked documents, Iowa teachers are forced to classify “Make America Great Again” as “racism” and “white supremacy.” The teachers have to participate in CRT training, at taxpayers’ expense.

Since Trump won Iowa in 2016 by 9 points, I guess the idea is to tell Iowans how racist they are.

Scroll down at this link to see the “Racism Pyramid.” You’ll find attributes such as “colorblindness,” “celebrating Columbus Day” and “bootstrap theory” listed as signs of racism, right along with MAGA.

And here’s a good resource if you have kids or grandkids in college or soon to be. CRITICAL RACE THEORY IN HIGHER EDUCATION has stories from campuses around the country.

Finally, in an EPOCH TV interview, Dr. Carol Swain, who was co-chair of President Trump’s 1776 Commission, explains how teaching Critical Race Theory may violate the Constitution (1st and 14th Amendments) as well as federal civil rights legislation.

Much of what she says is summarized in print in this EPOCH TIME “premium” article.

If you don’t have “premium” access, I’ll summarize: Dr. Swain, a former professor of political science and law at Princeton and Vanderbilt Universities, says the demonization of one group of people because of their skin color is discriminatory. She says white people being forced to apologize for their race and confess to racism because of their race are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

She said something that will shock leftists; namely that “white people are protected in the same way that black people are by civil rights laws.” Bullying and shaming people because of their color creates a hostile environment and might do psychological harm to school kids. White children are being bullied and told to accept guilt over their ancestors’ oppression of black people.

Also, the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment is supposed to guarantee certain protections to EVERYONE.

Dr. Swain had some great ideas for dealing with this. One way is to go public, perhaps in publications such as THE COLLEGE FIX and CAMPUS REFORM. And at a time when so many are ripping down America and condemning her past, she offered some inspiring words about America’s history: “I think America has been so important to the world, that the true history of its founding, along with the mistakes that were made and just how we address those mistakes, are things that enrich people...The true story of America is a story of blacks and whites working together to overcome the tragic part of our history.”

By the way, Dr. Swain was born in the segregated South as 1 of 12 children, dropped out of high school to get married at 16, and had 3 small children before she was 21. She got back on the road to higher learning with a high school equivalency degree and community college, going on to earn five degrees.

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Comments 1-10 of 23

  • Peter Potamianos

    06/26/2021 05:55 PM

    Great writing!

  • Debbie Lattanzio

    06/26/2021 12:53 PM

    I live in Fairfax County VA., and I am seeing first hand what is not only happening in Loudoun County schools, but Fairfax County schools as well. Both of my children are Fairfax County school graduates, but at a time when they received a quality education; I would certainly have to reconsider sending them today. It is sad and disturbing what is taking place in our public schools. We also have a school board recall due to lack of leadership among our so called “public servants”. Shame on them! I am afraid to say it, but the system will have to break/fail before it gets better!

  • Margaret Johnson

    06/25/2021 03:48 PM

    God Bless women like Dr Swain! So many more need to be heard! This is just not right to be teaching ANY child, no matter their ethnicity, to not respect others.
    I’m not sure where Loudoun County is located in VA, probably the northern part,.....just saying...but these people need to seriously get involved in politics!
    I’m afraid that we’ve all been sitting back waiting for the next guy to stand up for us. This can no longer happen. Thank you.

  • Joanne Scully

    06/25/2021 11:11 AM

    Hi, my comment is not on above. We need to know what this bill is proposing. Thanks for looking into it. 5 Freedoms for American children. By Bob Casey

  • Michael Kamrath

    06/24/2021 10:15 PM

    Question: Why don't those 500 parents call a meeting and vote for a new school board? Better than the feeling of importance you get from being a martyr ...

  • Tommy Burns

    06/24/2021 09:43 PM

    I love Dr. Carol Swain and Alveda King. They are so wise and knowledgeable and takes the bigots within the black community to task. They make such sense, why wouldn't more people in the black community listen to these intelligent ladies. Instead they listen to the democrat taskmasters <Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jim Clyburn, Maxine Waters> who only care about themselves and what they can get for themselves and nothing about the black communities they are suppose to represent.
    These two ladies along with Dr. Ben Carson are great representatives of their community.

  • Maureen Cameron

    06/24/2021 09:05 PM

    This racism stuff is out-of-control. I am a white Polish lady. If it wasn’t for my grandfather coming over from Warsaw through Ellis Island I probably would not be here. I am not ashamed of being white. I did nothing wrong. This is all stupid.

  • Lisa Ciccone

    06/24/2021 08:59 PM

    I support a lawsuit in violation of civil rights on a national scale. ALL the people who oppose CRT should be a part of it.

    Is it me who sees how racist the Democrats are?? The mayor of Chicago is a prime example.

  • Ellen Gilchrist

    06/24/2021 08:42 PM

    I live in Iowa and the governor has signed a bill that prohibits the schools from teaching critical race theory. I do however enjoy reading your news letter. Had I known in 2016 that you were running for president I would have stood for you in the caucus. God Bless You.

  • Michael

    06/24/2021 08:11 PM

    Anyone that has even a thread of interest to not see our nation totally destroyed by the evil Democrats, the lying propagandist MSM, better start fighting against Critical Race Theory (CRT), the Democrats Socialist-Marxist agenda that is totally supported by the mainstream media. Shame on Iowa for this CRT agenda. If it is illegal then where is the enforcement against this training being pushed upon Iowa educators? Shame on any place that is allowing this destruction of America!!! FIGHT NOW!! This is not a time to be silent or lack courage!! It's not too late,but it is close. We the People should strive not to look back and regret that we lost our nation to the evil of the Dems, MSM, RINO'S, and leftist liberals- all evil mixed together!! FIGHT NOW !!