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May 16, 2022

In other Russia Hoax-related litigation, former Trump National Security Advisor (for two whole weeks!) Michael Flynn has filed a $50 million claim against the FBI and the “Justice” Department under the Federal Tort Claims Act, for malicious prosecution in their so-called investigation of the Russia Hoax.

Investigative reporter John Solomon has obtained a copy of the filing, known as a Form 95 Civil Claim. Filed quietly on February 22, it claims that Flynn can prove political interference inside the FBI.

The career of this three-star Army general was arguably ruined. Thus, the $50 million represents “compensatory damages including but not limited to lost past and future earnings/revenue, emotional distress, lost opportunity to be President’s National Security Advisor, significant restraints of personal liberty, attorney’s fees/expenses and court costs in defending against malicious prosecution, abuse of process, false arrest.”

One strong piece of evidence of his political prosecution is that now-infamous meeting in the Oval Office attended by then-President Obama, Vice President Biden, and FBI officials. Flynn’s filing mentions that this meeting was held just weeks after Obama pointedly urged Trump not to choose Flynn as national security adviser. Flynn also alleges that former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe had a personal vendetta against him.

“Flynn was the target of a politically motivated investigation and prosecution that had no merit when it began, no merit during its course, and no merit in the end when the charges were withdrawn by the DOJ and ultimately dismissed by the Court after Flynn received a full pardon,” the filing reads. They called him a traitor, it says, acting in concert with a foreign power.

They even threatened to prosecute his son unless he pleaded guilty. (Recall that he did, then withdrew the plea after getting new legal representation.) The filing says, “The federal government’s targeting of a citizen for baseless criminal prosecution and eliciting a plea bargain through threatening of family members is outrageous conduct of the highest order.”

We wish Michael Flynn all the best in his pursuit of this suit. No punishment that could be levied is too great. The government cannot be allowed to get away with this banana-republic-style political intimidation and ruination.

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  • Debra Shepherd

    05/24/2022 04:10 PM

    Such great news. General Flynn was trashed so badly by the FBI and Justice Dept. We were a military family and understood the terrible things that were done to him. He simply did not deserve any of it. Thank you for posting this!

  • Davidson Linda

    05/23/2022 10:59 AM

    Seeing what was happening during the whole Russian Hoax event from the outside as a civilian citizen it was so clear of the fraudulent practices of the democratic leftist party. I wish Mr. Flynn could sue the government and individuals involved for enough money it would rip them of their powers and would have to resign and close down their offices! An absolute shame and disgrace how they ruined his career and shamed him in the way they did. Go for it Mr. Flynn!

  • Pat Kennedy

    05/23/2022 09:31 AM

    Also those that maliciously pursued him should be sued as individuals, my government of the people, would not do such a thing, also sue the democratic party and jail some of those bass turds.

  • Martin Gutzmer

    05/23/2022 07:51 AM

    How can we ever trust our government again?
    So Sad!!!

  • Patricia Howland

    05/23/2022 05:18 AM

    I pray to the good Lord that justice which , unfortunately presently not a blind justice, is served and all involved are punished severely for what they did to Flynn and his family!
    This highest level of corruption has to be exposed and stopped !!

  • Gary Andrew Chapman

    05/22/2022 10:52 PM

    I always thought that many illegal, down right criminal actions, were being perpetrated against Lieutenant General Flynn. What I seen and heard on TV and what little I read in the papers lead me to the conclusion that he was being railroaded because somebody(s) did not like his politics, him, Trump, or all three.

    He deserves much more than $50 Million USA Dollars. You can get that by being lucky playing the lottery.
    Threatening him by using his son’s freedom should be paid by at least one lying witness, if not MANY MORE, going to jail for a long, long time. Not a prison with golf courses and swimming pools either. With steel bars, big, ugly cell mates, bad food, that type of prison.

    To use the United States Government’s power and institutions to exact actions against anyone you do not like or trust, just to find out they are innocent after all (and knowing it from the beginning), cheapens and stains the TRUST of OUR WHOLE SYSTEM of self-governing democracy.

    Thank you for the opportunity to speak out against the thing we allow to happen in our country.

    Please GOD, continue to Bless America, and punish those that take innocent life. Because we as a country can not punish those that do kill innocent life without ourselves being killers. Not like days of old when heads rolled if you dared to question the king. Sin was met with death many times. By rocks being thrown, just out and out killing by swords, wars. and many other ways.

    With Respect for you and your work,

    Gary A. Chapman

  • Stevenia Welch

    05/22/2022 10:49 PM

    I am so glad Gen. Flynn is suing the government & especially the FBI who acts as if they are above the law! Any agency that threatens a family member of a “suspect” should be made to pay severely!

  • Kevin Fleming

    05/22/2022 10:10 PM

    All the best to Mike Flinn, hope he gets more compensation than he is asking for because of all of this evil done against him!!

  • Martha Miller

    05/22/2022 09:46 PM

    I say, "GO GET 'EM," and tighten the nooses around those crooks' necks. These crooks have been allowed to get away with too much for too long. I have been praying for Gen. Flynn and family everyday for a long time and hope he will win out and that this is an answer to prayer. God Bless him and his family.

  • Lorraine Warner

    05/22/2022 08:16 PM

    I pray for Gen Flynn and his family. Vindication is not enough. People need to go down for what they have done!