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October 27, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.


1.  ANOTHER JAW-DROPPING POLL: For years, I’ve warned Republicans not to put too much stock in polls. But it’s hard not to feel that polls might have something to them when (A.) they actually look bad for Democrats, and (B.) they’re all pointing in the same direction, like the hands of a clock at 6:30.

The latest jaw-dropping example is a new Gallup poll showing that in just one month, approval of the Democrat-controlled Congress has plummeted from 55% to 33%…among Democrats!

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s because the scales suddenly fell from their eyes and they realized the people they’ve been sending to Washington don’t have the brains to run a hot dog stand. No, it’s because of the Democrats' failure to pass the $5 trillion in inflation-fueling, government-bloating, freedom-crushing spending that Biden wants. If they do manage to force that on us, I’m sure approval among many Democrats will rebound. But I suspect it will only drop lower among Republicans and Independents.

And considering Congress’ approval rating among Republicans in this poll is 12% and with Independents, 27%, that rebound with Democrats might not be enough to reelect them in 2022. Some of them might want to start boning up on how to run a hot dog stand.

2. UPDATE: Yesterday, I mentioned that Triple A reported that there is now no state where gas prices are below $3 a gallon for regular. We had a few readers respond that they had seen it below that at their local Costco or Sam's Club. To clarify: Triple A doesn’t check with every local gas station in America, so there might be a few where it’s lower, especially warehouse clubs where paid members get a discount. Also, prices are constantly changing, and that story referred to that precise day.

Still, if you are interested in seeing just how much of a dent Bidenomics is making in your wallet when you fill up, here’s the Triple A site that tracks prices. At the moment I’m writing this, the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.39, compared to $2.15 one year ago today.

3. BRACE YOURSELF: "Thanks, Joe!" If you’re planning to hold a family Thanksgiving dinner this year to spite Dr. Fauci, you might want to start shopping for it now, and brace yourself for turkey sticker shock. Thanks to the supply chain crisis, grocers are warning that if you wait too long, you might not be able to find the usual staples on store shelves.

And if you do find them, be prepared to pay a lot more for them. Even the New York Times and the Washington Post are reporting that because of rising inflation and the supply chain backup, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner will be the most expensive in history. And Mika Brzezinski at MSNBC admitted being shocked by prices in the supermarket and warned that everything from turkey to pumpkin pie to the aluminum roasting pan will cost substantially more than last year.

But here’s one thing she can give thanks for: no mean tweets!


4. SOROS HATCHES NEW PLAN TO CORRUPT LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE: Oh goody, it looks as if George Soros and other far-left billionaires plan to do to local news the same thing they did for local crime rates by funding the elections of leftist DA’s who release criminals.

Their new leftist propaganda organ claims it will “invest in local news” to “fight disinformation.” But its first purchase is Courier Newsroom, described by Fox News as a “leftwing dark money operation” that puts out alleged news stories that are little more than DNC talking points (sounds like CNN to me.) Even the leftwing site Salon said Courier “has set up what appear to be local news sites but are actually propaganda efforts aimed at creating content to be shared on social media to boost moderate Democrats.” Well, "moderate" by Salon standards. As the linked article explains, this won’t be a legitimate news site with a leftist slant, but blatant propaganda disguised as news.

And of course, in the grand tradition of Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” from “1984” that was in charge of rewriting history and manufacturing lies, this new media company is called – brace yourselves – “Good Information Inc.” In “1984,” Big Brother dictated that war is peace and freedom is slavery, so we can add now to the list: “Good” is bad.

5. STATE SCHOOL BOARDS CUT TIES TO NATIONAL SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION: The school boards of both Missouri and Ohio have voted to terminate their affiliations with the National School Boards Association, after it wrote to President Biden seeking federal intervention against angry parents at school board meetings.

Meanwhile, in Loudoun County, Virginia, where the school board reportedly covered up sexual assaults of students and treated the angry dad of a rape victim as a domestic terrorist (he’s now suing, and more power to him), students staged a walkout Tuesday to protest the school officials’ refusal to protect girls (the “gender-fluid” male who raped the girl in the girls’ restroom was quietly transferred to another school, where he allegedly did it again.)

A member of the Loudoun County school board has joined with students and parents in demanding that the superintendent resign.

And how is the Biden Administration responding to this shocking expose of the Loudoun County school board, and the outrage over the letter from the NSBA that painted the rightly angry dad as a domestic terrorist? Why, by appointing the president of the NSBA who signed that scurrilous letter to the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB), which has oversight over the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

The NAEP is “the largest continuing and nationally representative assessment of what our nation’s students know and can do in subjects such as mathematics, reading, science, and writing." Considering who’s in charge of it, they’d better teach girls “self-defense.”

6. THE GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS: ABC News finally did a story about a family abandoned in Afghanistan who are trapped under the Taliban and describe it as “a living hell.”

The bad news: they chose to tell us about an Indian family while ignoring all the Americans who are still trapped there. Not to belittle the suffering of that Indian family, who are in my prayers, along with everyone trapped under that brutal regime that our own incompetent leadership allowed to take over the entire nation. But did ABC feel they couldn’t ignore this story completely, but couldn’t bring themselves to tell the real truth because of how it might damage the Biden Administration? That ship has sailed.

At the link, Ed Morrissey notes that the Administration can’t even agree on how many American citizens are still trapped there. The White House has been saying 100 for months, and last week, the State Department said 363. But the Pentagon just put the figure at 439. And that’s just American citizens; it doesn’t include Afghan allies who are understandably hard to count, since they’re in hiding because they’re reportedly being hunted down by the Taliban.

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

8. PAT REEDER: RIP, MORT SAHL: Comedian Mort Sahl died peacefully Tuesday of old age at 94.

While few young comedy fans (if there are any these days) remember him, he had a massive influence on comedy that’s still widespread today. He came on the scene in the 1950s, when most comics were loud and brash, wore tuxedos and told mother-in-law jokes. Sahl would come on stage in a sweater, carrying a newspaper, speaking in a soft-spoken, conversational manner, and make witty, intellectual jokes about the news and politics of the day. He was a liberal (for the times), but he was friends with both JFK and Ronald Reagan. His quiet, intellectual humor was actually so popular for a time that he became the first person to host both the Oscars and the Grammy Awards in the same year.

Lenny Bruce is remembered as the comic of that era who revolutionized the field, but even he was influenced by Mort Sahl, as was George Carlin, Woody Allen and countless others. Mort’s star dimmed in the ‘60s as more radical comics supplanted him, but all shows and comedians of today who use the news and politics as comic fodder, from “The Daily Show” to “Gutfeld,” owe a debt to Mort Sahl.

Normally, we don’t link to NPR as a source, but in this case, it seems appropriate. RIP, Mort.

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  • Floyd A Unger

    10/28/2021 02:17 PM

    Thank you

  • jack macdonald

    10/28/2021 12:20 PM

    Just listened to Biden's teleprompter speech. I knew he was stupid, but he just fessed up to how Democrats screw up everything they touch. He just claimed the USA is 35th in the world in educational achievement. Does he not know that the Lefties have been in charge of education in this country for decades? He and his handlers don't even know what they just admitted. I call that really stupid.

  • Shirley H Nelson

    10/28/2021 10:26 AM

    Yours is the news I depend on everyday. Thank you for standing on the truth and ability to get it out!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

    10/28/2021 07:31 AM

    Can democratic voters elect more dirty politicians that will harm the quality of life not only the present democrat but their children the current democratic politicians are going to ruin today’s children future teaching them to hate to have only one idea democratic ideology people that used to be friends have switched to a Eastern Europe (Germany) style of living real smart Dems that parallels the late 1930’s being a democrat means you embrace lawlessness sexual predators drug users enslaved people anti God and Anti America Dems look at life as people cannot have light only darkness


    10/28/2021 01:19 AM

    Thanks for being original yourself. If you can just get everyone to use common sense instead of "woke". For the time being some woke are being awakened. GOD bless!!

  • Linda DeVoll

    10/27/2021 10:36 PM

    Isn't Soros 91 or 92 years old? If so there's no telling how his mind is, but from what I've heard, it's not George you have to worry about, it's his son Alex, i think that's his name, he's supposedly way worse than his Dad. I'm going by hearsay though.

  • Geoff Jones

    10/27/2021 09:43 PM

    28/10/2021 - In Melbourne, Australia, the price of regular (91) petrol is on average $1.699 per Litre.
    This works out at $6.43 per gallon (Aus $) equal to $4.83 US

  • Helen Nees

    10/27/2021 09:27 PM

    Shouldn't the transgender boy who raped that girl be given the surgery so he can't rape any more girls? Just saying-castration. Wouldn't that solve the problem? At least it would solve part of the problem.

  • Rhonda Rozinek

    10/27/2021 08:57 PM

    Right is Right.
    Wrong is Wrong.
    2 Wrongs (or more) do NOT make a Right.
    Tyranny, Oppression & Treason, are what they are.
    Freedom is the American way - yesterday, today & for tomorrow.
    Thanks, Mike!

  • Paul Kern

    10/27/2021 08:39 PM

    Would be nice to see an article on the faith based veterans groups like All Things Possible and Free Burma Raiders who have had boots on the ground from the beginning