April 10, 2018

Whenever I see a quote in the news from London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, it’s usually one of two things: he’s either promoting leftist policies that require major denials of reality, or else he’s blasting the efforts of other leaders to try to find solutions for the horrible consequences wrought by the type of policies he espouses.

Most recently, he had to stop bragging for a minute about how London is incredibly safe thanks to strict gun control laws disarming law-abiding citizens to deal with news of a “scourge of violent crime” involving knife attacks. Naturally, he sees no connection to the UK’s immigration policies or laws that protect criminals and penalize their victims. No, once again, Kahn and like-minded liberal British Brainacs attacked the tools, imposing new knife-control laws that will bar anyone from carrying a knife or having knives delivered to their homes (bad news for Britons who wanted to order steak knives from Amazon, particularly since the traditional British recipe for cooking meat is to boil it until it’s tougher than John Wayne’s boots.) They’re also dealing with acid attacks by imposing acid-control laws. I’m sure London traffic will be much lighter once they respond to the rash of European vehicle attacks by banning cars. What’s next? Banning rocks? Sharp sticks? Fists? Fresh fruit? (See the classic Monty Python sketch about how to protect yourself from a banana.)


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I suppose I should thank Mayor Khan for giving the world such a perfect demonstration of the failures of “enlightened” liberal solutions to deal with the eternal problem of evil human behavior. As I’ve noted before, when I went to school, the parking lot was filled with pick-up trucks that all had rifle racks, but it never occurred to us to shoot our classmates. Likewise, every boy carried a pocketknife, one of the most useful tools on Earth, but we didn’t stab our teachers. We handled acid in chemistry class without throwing it in people’s faces. The problem isn’t the existence of tools, it’s the degradation of the culture.

I can’t end this post without quoting one of Khan’s pompous statements justifying his knife ban that sets a new standard for stupidity even for him: “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife.”

The maker of the Swiss Army Knife has a model called the Handyman on sale right now for $69.99. It has large and small knife blades, a can opener, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, wire stripper, reamer, corkscrew, hook, scissors, toothpick, pliers with wire cutter and crimper, wood chisel, metal and wood saw blades, metal file, nail cleaner and nail file, and tweezers. How lacking in useful skills would you have to be if you couldn’t think of a single reason to carry a tool like that?

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Oh, wait. I forgot who we’re talking about.



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  • Rick Dalton

    04/10/2018 11:22 PM

    One time in the late 60's there was a crime spike in Salt Lake City, Utah. An individual was with the Mormon prophet pre Spencer W Kimball and made the comment that we needed more policemen to keep us safe. In response the prophet said more policemen will not keep us safe. The thing that keeps us safe is the spirit of the Lord within individuals. This spirit is being withdrawn from countries, communities, individuals increasingly in these last days. The Holy spirit does not dwell in unholy tabernacles. We are either putting off the carnal man and becoming more Christ like or because of evil choices losing that divine companionship and becoming subject to the Devil.

  • Jesse L Dunaway

    04/10/2018 10:28 PM

    You articulate so well, it is often difficult to comment. Obviously, this individual is in some detached reality. Banning the knife will prove as useless as the gun ban. Only bad people do bad things with knives. Why would a ban mean any more than the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill..." Expecting a bad person (criminal) to comply with a NEW LAW is the epitome of STUPID...
    Keep up the good fight... Shalom