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May 24, 2021

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  • Biden gacks up a new hairball
  • Sanity Gradually Returns
  • Epstein's Guards Cut A Deal
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  • News Flash: It's Ok To Question The Election
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Mike Huckabee


All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

2 Timothy 3:16

Biden gacks up a new hairball

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden and his staff come up with $2 trillion spending plans about as often as cats gack up hairballs, so it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here’s one you might not have heard about yet: his $1.7 trillion “American Families Plan.”

The idea is that if American families are ever going to recover from the recession caused by Democrats shutting down the economy for two weeks that turned into more than a year, Democrats will have to spend trillions of borrowed dollars “helping” them. For instance, Biden is blaming the dismal April jobs report not on another of his spending bills paying people more to be unemployed than to take jobs. No, it’s because parents can’t go back to work because schools and daycare are still closed. So we need to spend $225 billion subsidizing daycare ($225 billion that the kids in daycare will someday be expected to pay back, but I digress.)

This plan is being sold by top Democrats like Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Patty Murray with the usual flurry of liberal buzzwords: it’s a “child care crisis,” “we must invest in human infrastructure” (everything is “infrastructure” now), and Congress must deliver “transformational investments For The People.” Plain English version: “Let’s spend another mountain of money we don’t have, create more inflation and make everything more expensive...For The People!”

Aside from rationality, Biden’s plan also hit another obstacle: a supportive liberal Harvard economist who is generally in favor of spending obscene amounts of federal money conducted a study and found that closed schools and daycares are not holding back the recovery and had very little effect on the bad jobs numbers.

You can read the details at the link. Suffice to say, Democrats are not happy at being told, even by one of their own, that the facts do not support their desires to throw giant piles of borrowed money at imaginary problems. The co-chair of the Democratic Women’s Conference protested, “This report is contrary to common sense and real-life experience.”

Actually, it’s a study of real life experience that contradicts the belief systems of Washington Democrats. If you want a common sense solution, try this:

Have Democrat states take their boots off of businesses’ necks and let them reopen, order the schools to reopen, stop paying people more to stay on Unemployment than they’d make if they took jobs, knock off policies that are causing rising inflation and higher fuel prices, and in general, get out of the way.

That’s what a person with common sense would say. But there appear to be none of them left in our current ruling Party.

Sanity Gradually Returns

By Mike Huckabee

Florida is not kidding about kicking Critical Race Theory and political indoctrination out of its schools.

Epstein's Guards Cut A Deal 

By Mike Huckabee

Two guards who were supposed to be monitoring the late wealthy and well-connected pedophile Jeffrey Epstein cut a deal with prosecutors and will avoid jail time for falsifying records that said they made their rounds to check on him the night he “committed suicide.” They were actually sleeping and playing video games.

The US Attorney wrote to the judge, “After a thorough investigation, and based on the facts of this case and the personal circumstances of the defendants, the Government has determined that the interests of justice will best be served by deferring prosecution in this District.”

I’m sure the interests of something will be served, but I’m not so sure that it’s “justice.”


By Mike Huckabee

Science! A study by a researcher at Queensland University in Australia found that, at least during their younger years, men are most attracted to women with pretty faces and sexy bodies while women are attracted to men who are charming and successful.

This is only a surprise because I have been assured recently by top government experts that there’s no difference between men and women.


By Mike Huckabee

With so little being reported on the 2020 election follow-up, one might think there wasn’t much going on. On the contrary –- it just depends on where you look.

At TOWNHALL, Wayne Allen Root has a remarkable opinion piece about the election called “Why the American People Have Turned Against Biden,” citing evidence that Americans are finally questioning the election results and are no longer afraid to say out loud that they think something was wrong. That doesn’t mean we have definitive proof that the election would have turned out differently --- just that there is reason to question. This is NOT “the big lie.”

Here are a few examples of the anti-Biden backlash:

The National Republican Congressional Committee has just announced its greatest April fundraising period ever, he says.

According to a WASHINGTON EXAMINER poll, the enthusiasm for Republican candidates for 2022 exceeds that for Democrat candidates by double digits.

The latest Democracy Corps poll of battleground states finds Biden’s approval among independents as only 34 percent.

Voters in “Biden” state Pennsylvania voted overwhelmingly to dramatically limit the emergency powers of the Democrat governor.

The latest CBS/YouGov poll found Republican support for Trump still at historic levels, with 67 percent saying they believe Biden was not the real winner of the 2020 election.

According to McLaughlin & Associates, voters nationwide would prefer Trump over Kamala Harris 49 to 45 percent in 2024.

All this is after Biden has been office just over 100 days.

So why was there such resistance to looking at the election? As Mr. Root points out, “You’ve heard of jury nullification. This was simply a case of Trump nullification.” Some judges just hated Trump. Others feared for their lives and careers if they waded into the election issue, and even what it might mean to their families in this time of “cancel culture.” I would add that many judges adamantly did not want the judiciary to be involved (even though it was their job).

And those who don’t want the election results examined are digging in, hard. (That in itself is suspicious.) Last week we reported on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, who run the elections there and are infuriated that anyone wants to look at what happened. Now, according to THE EPOCH TIMES in a premium story, an attorney representing Maricopa County has sent a letter to Arizona state Sen. Karen Fann, formally demanding the preservation of all documents relating to the county’s audit of the 2020 election, with the implication that they might sue for defamation.

I’d imagine it’s already incumbent upon the Senate to preserve all those documents, but this letter makes it all seem sooooo much more dramatic.

It calls for them to preserve all communications between Fann and other officials “and any other member of the Senate or their staffs...and between you and your agents, including, but not limited to, Ken Bennett, Cyber Ninjas, CyFir, WakeTSI, and those firms’ various owners, officers, employees, agents, subcontractors or volunteers.”

The letter comes in response to Fann’s May 13 letter to the Board saying that a subcontractor for the audit had discovered that the entire database directory for one of the machines had been deleted. Although CNN and AP reported that the auditor, Ben Cotton, had backtracked from this allegation, Cotton later wrote to THE EPOCH TIMES saying that the directory had indeed been deleted, but that he had been able to recover it. In other words, he stands by his assertion, and so does Sen. Fann.

In other news, you might recall that last December, the Dominion Voting Systems CEO, John Poulos, swore up and down that Dominion voting machines are not connected to the Internet. But he did say that in some places they use “cellular modems” to transmit their results after hours. According to the DETROIT FREE PRESS, Poulos testified that “in some jurisdictions...cellular modems are used for very brief periods, after the polls are closed, to transmit unofficial results from the precincts to the county headquarters.” He also admitted under questioning that if there were Internet conductivity, it could pose a potential risk of hacking.

And now, sure enough, according to a letter sent by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, they believe Dominion voting machines in Michigan use “modem transmission features” and “do not match the EAC-certified system configuration.”

According to a report in NATIONAL FILE, the EAC is an independent governmental agency created by the Help America Vote Act of 2002, created in part to provide information and resources regarding election administration throughout the country. As they wrote to Rep. Posey: “Dominion has not applied through EAC for certification of a voting system configuration that includes modem transmission, so if Michigan’s Dominion systems use modem 4 transmission, their systems do not match the EAC-certified system configuration.” But apparently Michigan certified them, anyway, in accordance with their state law.

The Michigan House blocked three amendments put forward by Rep. Posey, so they never got to the floor:

1) prohibiting voting machines from being connected to the Internet

2) requiring election hardware and software to be American made, and

3) ensuring that election machines are fully auditable and that election officials could no longer deny audits due to propriety software or hardware issues.

Why wouldn’t everyone see the problem with voting machines being connected to the Internet? In hindsight, it’s easy to see that all of these provisions –- especially #1 –- should have gotten a vote, and the fact that they didn’t raises some big questions.

A month before the election, on October 2, in a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission; along with 30 academics, security experts and election integrity experts –- including a computer science professor at the University of Michigan --- expressed “grave concerns” about this technology. They said election results would be vulnerable to hacking and also that election machines might be infected by malware.

“In short, they can wreak havoc on an election,’ the letter actually said.

Apparently, connecting to public networks EVEN BRIEFLY can open the system to attacks “that could impact current or future election results,” it said.

“The convenience of transmitting vote totals online does not outweigh the need of the American people to be assured their votes will be accurately transmitted and counted.”

Moving on, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs went on MSNBC and spoke about working with “a bipartisan group of secretaries of state who are very closely watching what’s happening in Arizona to make sure it doesn’t happen in their states.” Why, I’d use the word “conspiracy” if I didn’t think it might get me canceled…

Finally, as reported in another EPOCH TIMES premium story, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero ruled to unseal the actual absentee ballots stored in Fulton County. Yes, petitioners will get to look at them, and the judge will issue protocols for a fresh scanning of the ballots. “That seems to be something [the petitioners] have the authority and right to do,” he said. Thank you, Judge Amero.

* * *


For those who say “experts” assure us that there is absolutely no reason to audit the vote in the last election, check out the latest news from an audit of a House race in New Hampshire. The Democrat lost by only 24 votes on Election night, but in the recount she demanded, she lost by 420 votes.

Auditors suspect that the voting machines were misreading the votes when the ballot was folded and the fold fell over that race. The machines were reading fold lines as votes. This resulted in only 28% of the Republican votes being counted accurately.

Kind of makes you wonder what races fell along the fold lines being read by the same machines in other races across the state.

A Reader Writes Back... 

Thank you Governor for blessing us with truth and honesty in the stories you put on your site. BTW,I am praying for Sarah and all the other conservatives, and republicans to win with a landslide in 2022 and 2024.

Be blessed as you continue your walk with the Lord.

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