December 24, 2020

Isaiah 11:6 tells us that "a little child shall lead them." That's what the Christmas story is all about. The miraculous connection between children and Christmas goes far beyond toys and Santa. Jennifer from Arizona wrote:

"When my son was about 2-1/2, I noticed he took a pair of his flip-flop shoes and placed them under the Christmas tree. I asked him why. (He said,) "They are for little Jesus. He doesn't have any shoes, and I am giving Him my shoes." I asked him who 'little Jesus' was, and he told me, 'God's son.'

Now, mind you, we hadn't, at that point, taken him to church yet. I had no idea where he got this story...It just goes to show that the little ones have more vision and hope than most adults when it comes to Christmas."

You're right, Jennifer. And I have another miraculous Christmas story to prove it. Gerald from Alabama wrote:

"My Dad was stationed at England Air Force Base, Louisiana, in 1962. In mid-November, he got orders to go to Spain for 90 days. I was 8 at the time. My mom and I went to the base to watch them take off in cargo planes. She said, ‘I wish he didn't have to be gone during Christmas.’

Some of the planes had already taken off, and there were about three or four waiting to leave. According to my mom, I said, ‘They are not going to go,’ and I pointed to one of the planes that hadn't taken off and said, ‘Daddy is in that plane,’ as it began to head to the end of the runway. I said, ‘It is going to stop at the end of the runway, turn around and come back and park right there,’ as I pointed to a place.

The plane stayed at the end of the runway about 10 minutes, turned and came back and parked at the place I pointed out. My mom got chill bumps all over her when this happened and she was really surprised when the Airmen started to get off, and there was my Daddy. The other planes started to land...The orders had been cancelled.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas that year...I remember some of what I said and especially the part about the plane turning around and coming back to park. But my mother was in awe that everything I said actually happened. This is the most memorable Christmas ever in my lifetime."

I'm not surprised, Gerald. That is definitely a story for us all to remember!

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