April 24, 2020

The biggest real news of the day involving the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus is that it might not be as deadly as we were led to believe when we shut down the economy based on computer models that predicted millions of deaths, and have since been adjusted steadily downward. There’s always a temptation when dealing with a disease scare to look back with 20/20 hindsight and say, “It wasn’t that bad! We didn’t need to take all those precautions!” when it’s possible that if we hadn’t taken the precautions, it might’ve been much worse. It was certainly necessary to take drastic action upfront to “flatten the curve” and keep the disease from spreading and overwhelming the medical system.

But we’ve done that. While we don’t want a second wave to bring it roaring back, we can’t keep the economy shut down forever. Due to the shutdown, another 4.4 million Americans just applied for unemployment benefits, bringing the total to 26 million. Indeed, there are estimates that keeping it shut much longer will lead to so much despair, depression, drug abuse and suicide that more people will die than would have died of the virus.

We were also told that we needed to take drastic measures until we knew more about the threat. Well, now we know more, and some of it is good news, but the people lobbying to keep the economy shut down don’t want to hear it.

For instance, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who not that long ago was worried about millions of deaths and a shortage of ventilators and hospital beds (none of which came to pass) announced that a test of 3,000 people across 19 New York counties found that 13.9% of them had coronavirus antibodies. Extrapolated to the entire state population, that would be 2.7 million people who contracted the virus but had no symptoms or sickness too mild to go to the hospital. That would mean the death rate per infection isn’t 6%, as previously stated, but 0.5%. We still don’t know if antibodies provide long-lasting immunity, but it is proof that many people can catch the virus and not even get sick enough to need a doctor.

We also now know that 94% of coronavirus patients who were hospitalized in New York City had another underlying condition, and 88% had two or more. The most common was hypertension, followed by obesity, diabetes, morbid obesity, and coronary artery disease.

But the most important MUST-READ article of the day is by Dr. Scott W. Atlas, former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center. It’s titled, “The Data is In; Stop the Panic and End the Total Isolation.”

Dr. Atlas lists five facts that all point to the need to end the economic lockdown while continuing to proceed with reasonable caution. These facts, which he explains in much more detail, are:

The overwhelming majority of people have little risk of dying from COVID-19 (those over 75 are at greatest risk; the current death rate for those 18 and under is zero)…Protecting older, high-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding…Our total isolation policy is prolonging the problem by preventing the development of “herd immunity”…People are dying because hypothetical projections of the need for care for COVID-19 patients caused states to cancel other medical procedures, from cancer screenings and biopsies to chemotherapy and brain surgeries…We now have a clearly-defined at-risk population who can be protected with targeted measures, so we don’t have to shut down the entire country.

This isn’t to say that we can immediately go back to life as it was two months ago. We’ll still need to follow reasonable precautions. Even if you’re not at greatest risk, why take unnecessary chances? But we now know a lot more about how dangerous the disease is, and about how damaging the response has been. We now have to consider whether the cure is on the verge of becoming worse than the disease.

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  • Renee Kendrick

    04/25/2020 02:33 AM

    The media's "creative" thinking that leads to repulsive questions and opininionated commentaries is enough to make anyone with common sense extremely ill! The president is a very strong-hearted man to put up with the critical, crude media. The Dems with their senseless ideas and conclusions just make the manure pile even larger and more pungent! Pew-wee!

    Having Bill Gates surfacing with recent comments and suggestions, it makes me wonder how many ties he has to Wuhan and possibly influenced the spreading of the virus. The first case was in Washington state...where Microsoft is hq'd. Hmmm! Clearly, Mr. Gates has new technology he wants to put on the market since he has talked frequently about tracers and trackers for virus "victors"!

    Michigan's governor needs to open her eyes and realize that springtime is in season. People have both spring and cabin fever...they want to be outside. They want to work and do outside activities. She has lightened up somewhat but being a rude, crude, paranoid lunatic is not how you lead people. Common sense works when all other methods fail!

    Kudos to you, Governor, on hosting Hannity Friday night. The Sean-man could take a lesson or two on letting people answer questions. Need to have him on Huckabee soon. He probably has a lot of stories to share about highlights and difficulties of his career as a journalist.

    I both enjoy and appreciate your newsletters. You exhibit double portions of tact and grace in your writings. You can put someone in their place without them realizing it immediately. They have to process what you say about them before the reality of your words hits them like a pie in the face.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Lisa Ford

    04/24/2020 06:18 PM

    Yes, put people back to work. They want to go back to work. How can we put it behind us, if it's in our face 24/7. The cure is worse than the virus.

  • Susan Fitz

    04/24/2020 02:00 PM

    Every word right on! I'm a single 72yr g-grandma, I've been planning this summer as my year to drive myself across country, visiting family, friends... if I don't do it now, I probably won't! But when I do, I will have masks, wipes, and practice social distancing all the way! Watch for my gold PT, with Trump signs, as I pass by! Mr. Huckabee, you are a US treasure!

  • Connie Freeman

    04/24/2020 01:49 PM

    Wouldn’t it be a downright shame. A kick yourself in the butt moment, if we knew for sure the shutdown of our country was unnecessary? The “we the people,” the tax payers, the Patriots, are already feeling used and abused by the swamp in Washington. We sit here, get bits and pieces of info on corruption and the corruptors and nothing happens to them, only the conservatives. The hypocrisy, the double standards, the attacks on our President, the fear we feel when we hear about the world being involved in corruption on our land. And, the sad, sad part....the American people feel like our hands are tied. We can’t even trust our voting system anymore. The people are tired of it. I’m glad the people protested in Michigan, it’s going to happen more. All I can do is pray for my President every single day and night.

  • Deborah Davis

    04/24/2020 01:26 PM

    I dont think we know all that much more. We dont even know for sure what the incubation period is. We dont know if there is an immunity. We really dont have treatments. It has all been hit or miss. Copper kills it. So why are we not being given copper gloves and masks. Total shut down for the incubation period should have stopped it. We still got it so it had to be spread by essential employees during the semi shutdown.