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November 3, 2022

The Democrats have no arguments whatsoever for reelecting them.

Last night, President Biden made that clear with a hurriedly-scheduled prime time speech that was widely seen as a Hail Mary pass to avoid total electoral annihilation. The issues of most importance to voters are the economy, inflation, high fuel prices, crime and the open border (5 million illegal crossers since Biden took office, and $5.8 million worth of meth seized from a truck entering Laredo just last Sunday.)

Biden should have used this address to list all the ways that Democrat policies have improved Americans' lives. But he couldn’t because all their policies have been disasters that have made our lives exponentially worse. And so he droned on for over 20 minutes, repeatedly banging away on the same broken drum: “MAGA extremists” and “election deniers” are a threat to “our democracy” (he said “democracy” – which we’re actually not – 37 times. I hope nobody was playing any drinking games based on it or they’ll be dead from alcohol poisoning.)

Yes, the only way to save democracy is to have a one-party system and prevent voters from choosing the representatives they want.

This tattered deuce was the only card he had left to play, and he played it over and over and over, despite polls showing that when he pulled the same “demonizing Republicans” shtick a few weeks ago, 60% of voters found it to be divisive and unhelpful. On the plus side, at least this time he did it without the Nuremberg rally background, and he did magnanimously admit that not all Republicans are a deadly threat to democracy. I'm sure he makes an exception for Liz Cheney. 

One difference between this speech and the last one was that Biden repeatedly cited the attack on Paul Pelosi as an example of the violence of “MAGA” rightwing extremists. There has been no evidence so far to tie the homeless drug addict who attacked Pelosi to any Republicans. Indeed, all indications are that he’s a leftist, including the fact that he was on hallucinogens.

But what most irritated many Republicans is the ridiculous canard that all “election deniers” and all exponents of political violence are on the right. Here’s a round-up from Instapundit of prominent Democrats (including Biden) denying the results of elections they lost.

Karl Rove also noted that Biden owes his presidency to Rep. James Clyburn rallying the black vote, and Clyburn was an election denier who falsely claimed computers switched 100,000 votes from Kerry to Bush in 2004.

As far as violence goes, Democrats only seem concerned about it when it happens to a Democrat. I said from the moment the Pelosi attack was reported that I pray for him to make a full and swift recovery. But Biden not only never voiced contrition for demonizing Republicans as a threat to democracy, he just doubled down on it, even knowing that it’s inspiring leftist nutjobs to violence.

He mentioned Pelosi repeatedly, but never said the name Cayler Ellingson, a North Dakota teenager run down with a car and killed because the driver thought he was a “Republican extremist.” He didn’t mention Sen. Rand Paul or Rep. Steve Scalise or New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin or Justice Brett Kavanaugh or any other conservatives who’ve experienced attacks or death threats from the left.

He talked at length about the one riot that threatened Democrat politicians, but not a word about the 700+ Democrat-sanctioned riots that destroyed homes and businesses and injured over 1,000 cops, and whose perpetrators were either immediately released or bailed out by a fund supported by his VP. His FBI hounds selfie-taking grannies from January 6th and arrests pro-life activists for praying outside abortion clinics, but there have been no arrests in over 60 incidents of fire-bombings, vandalism and death threats against pro-life pregnancy centers. Biden also didn’t mention the countless other people who have been assaulted, robbed and killed by homeless people, criminal illegal aliens and released repeat offenders thanks to Democrat policies, and not just in San Francisco.

And as far as threats to “our democracy” goes, I’m more worried about a two-tiered justice system, government censorship of private speech, arrests and raids of journalists and political opponents, and calls to do away with the Senate filibuster and the Electoral College and stack the Supreme Court than I am about people demanding that elections be trustworthy.



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