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August 10, 2023

Over the weekend, several separate stories came in that when you put them together, reveal a stark portrait of the immense damage that the Biden Administration has done to America via nonexistent border security. Now that the damage is hitting staunch Democrats in northern blue states, maybe they’ll finally take their blinders off and think a little harder before voting for more of it, but I wouldn't count on it.

The saga begins with this story, about Biden traveling to Arizona over the weekend, where he dispensed enough bull manure to fill the Grand Canyon. There’s plenty to criticize here, like the fact that he’s abusing federal power to usurp land rights from the state and local ranchers, and empower Russia and China by limiting our ability to mine for needed minerals there. Even more galling, he claimed to be doing this to fight the “climate crisis,” yet he announced it by flying there on Air Force One and taking a huge CO2-spewing motorcade to several events, including a number of vitally important campaign fundraisers.

But we’re talking about his border policy disaster, so let it be noted that he came to Arizona, a state that’s been devastated by the massive influx of illegal immigrants, drugs and cartel members under his “watch,” and didn’t even say a word about it.

Meanwhile, it’s not just border states anymore that are suffering due to Biden’s open border. The “Sanctuary City” (Liberals never imagined anyone would take them up on that!) of New York City is strained to the breaking point by streets filled with illegal migrants. Now, parents are furious at Mayor Eric Adams over plans to build a tent city for 57,000 of them, with migrant housing taking over space now used as parks and sports fields for kids.

And while Democrats have long painted Trump as a horrible racist for saying that other countries weren’t always sending their best people to the US, Americans got a frightening look at what he really meant this weekend. Fox News obtained surveillance video from the Texas border, showing three men moving through the brush wearing body armor and carrying rifles. They’re believed to be Mexican drug cartel members. Or as Democrats would call them, “Dreamers.”

You might recall that one of the very first things Biden did upon taking office was to order a halt to all border wall construction, even in areas where it was nearly completed. In their very first instance of being concerned about such a thing, Democrats claimed the wall was a waste of taxpayers’ money – even though stopping construction cost more than finishing it. But the wall started under Trump and “Trump BAD!” so the wall had to be bad, too, right? After all, walls only provide security when they’re around the homes and neighborhoods of rich liberals.

Well, the Washington Post estimates that just so far, Biden has given $66 billion of the taxpayers’ money to Ukraine for the endless war with Russia. estimates that that’s nearly enough money to build a security wall along the entire US border with Mexico -- and then add a second one.

Finally, speaking of how border security barriers are baaaaad, but barriers around places where Democrats live are good, this might be the ultimate A-B comparison to illustrate the hypocrisy.

Also worth pointing out: the two migrants that Democrats are trying to claim were killed by the floating barrier Texas Gov. Greg Abbott put in the Rio Grande actually drowned while trying to cross upriver and their bodies were carried by the currents until they were caught in the barrier. Never let the truth get in the way of a good propaganda narrative.

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  • Lynn King

    08/10/2023 09:12 PM

    So, instead of giving all that money to the Ukraine, he should have negotiated for peace with Russia, and spent the money rebuilding the wall. That would make sense! Go, Brandon!

  • Bernadette Dillon Santos

    08/10/2023 05:51 PM

    Hi, I live in San Diego county and the illegal immigrants that have taken over California under King New son's reign of terror will be felt for many many years to come. Crime is off the charts. Homelessness and the smell of urine and feces all over the downtown of every city in this state is ridiculous. King Newsom has succeeded in giving this state back to Mexico. The funny thing is the local county SANDAG, wants to charge every driver for every mile they drive. These people traffic guns, drugs, and people. Have zero respect for our laws and expect all of us to give them a home, free medical, free education through college, free cash, free food, and a free cell phone. We do not take care of our Veterans and current military this good!