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January 22, 2024

The best lead-in for today’s commentary on imploding Big-Brother narratives has got to be Victoria Taft’s column for PJ MEDIA, which asks the question, “When was your red-pill moment?”

If you’ve seen THE MATRIX --- and probably even if you haven’t --- you know that being “red-pilled” means having your eyes opened to the reality that everything you’ve been told is a lie.  For many, this moment was when you learned that the FBI knew Hunter’s laptop was real in November 2019, when they confiscated it from John Paul Mac Isaac but constructed an elaborate hoax to hide the truth of it from the public, gaslighting them into thinking it was “Russian disinformation.”  Some extremely gullible people actually still believe this.

We don’t yet know for certain, but this lie might have been the most productive way in which the 2020 election was (yes) rigged.  Setting aside for the moment the possibility of hacked voting machines (we’ll get to that), a poll of six swing states by the Media Research Center following the 2020 election showed that 17 percent of Biden voters would have not have voted for him if they’d known about one or more of eight news stories about Joe Biden that the news media had failed to cover properly, including the one about him being involved in business dealings in Ukraine.

Of course, the same news media that had failed to cover the real laptop story dismissed the MRC poll as too partisan.  Phil Bump at the WASHINGTON POST couldn’t even use the word “censoring” to describe what they’d done with the laptop story; he merely called it “limiting.”  As Holt reports, the mainstream media were brought into the intel community’s “pre-bunking” of the story at the Aspen Institute in anticipation of Miranda Devine’s story in the NEW YORK POST.  The FBI prepped them to think it was Russian disinformation.  The “classic earmarks” letter signed by 51 former U.S. intel officials was another lie.

The claim that the laptop was fake was just one of many lies that might have “red-pilled” you.  How about the lie that Trump was working on behalf of Vladimir Putin, an allegation California Rep. Adam Schiff said he could back up with hard evidence that he never produced?  Or the total nonsense, pushed by Hillary Clinton, that Trump’s campaign was coordinating with Putin through electronic “pings” at Alfa Bank?  Or, on another subject, the lies from the CDC, force-fed to you on social media, about the need for “police state”-style COVID lockdowns, masks on 2-year-olds and endless vaccines and boosters to “stop transmission,” and the six-feet-apart social distancing that we later found out was pulled right out of the air?  Or that suspicions of a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology were a “conspiracy theory.”  Or that Joe Biden had nothing to do with his family’s uncanny ability to vacuum up money.  The lies just go on and on.

Holt writes that such lies, as they’re gradually exposed, turn “political atheists” into “citizen activists.”  They’re sick to death of having their intelligence insulted with the constant deception and want to do something about it.

On the issue of hack-able voting machines, we’re getting closer to the truth about that, too.  Though Jim Hoft has promised an update today, he did offer a preview on Sunday in GATEWAY PUNDIT about what was revealed in a Georgia courtroom Friday.

A bit of background:  perhaps you recall that J. Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, came out with a 96-page report that was unsealed by a federal district court in June of last year, attesting to the “many exploitable vulnerabilities” of the Dominion Voting Systems’ ImageCast X system.  As reported by Hoft, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had kept this report from the public for two years.

Here’s some background from June 2023 on the efforts that had been made to cover up the Haldeman Report.  Hoft had reported in June of the previous year that Obama-appointed Judge Amy Totenberg (sister of far-left NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg) was keeping it under seal.  Highly recommended reading...

But back to the present.  Prof. Haldeman wrote about his findings in a blog post on Wednesday, saying that his team’s examination of the touchscreen ballot marking devices (BMDs) showed “vulnerabilities in nearly every part of the system.”  The BMDs can be even be attacked on a large scale, over a wide area, “without needing physical access to any of them.”

Obviously, my team and I are not cybersecurity experts and can make no determination on the hack-ability of electronic voting systems.  Certainly, we can’t claim to have proof that the machines were indeed hacked in 2020 --- how could we? --- only allegations by experts that they can be.  We’re simply relating to you what these experts have testified.

But as of now, this conclusion comes not just from a 2-1/2-year-old report, but from an in-person demonstration in the courtroom on Friday.  We’ll be getting more information on this today, but Prof. Haldeman reportedly hacked a voting machine and changed the tabulation --- right in front of Judge Totenberg.  And all he used was a pen.

The demonstration came as part of a lawsuit brought by the election integrity activists at VoterGA, whose goal is to replace voting machines in Georgia with good, old-fashioned, (relatively) secure paper ballots.

We’ve been promoting old-school, non-electronic voting for a long time, nationwide, and it seems they’re making a very good case for it.  And if President Trump wants more evidence in his own cases that he had reason to doubt the outcome of the 2020 election, it looks as though he may have found some.

Speaking of the cascade of cases being brought against Trump in this election year, REVOLVER NEWS investigative journalist Darren Beattie recently echoed Tucker Carlson in calling attention to one of the biggest players all along in that game:  CNN legal analyst (surprise) Norm Eisen.  “In every high-profile effort to undermine and, really, overthrow Trump’s presidency and the Trump movement more broadly, this goes back a long way,” he said.

Eisen runs CREW, whom you’ll recall brought the lawsuit in Colorado trying to get “insurrectionist” Trump off the GOP primary ballot.  CREW was formerly run by anti-Trump activist and Clinton “fixer” David Brock, founder of MEDIA MATTERS.

As Beattie told it, Brock released a memo after Trump’s shattering 2016 win outlining what they’d do to prevent Trump from ever having a win again, at anything.  The plan was to hit the ground running to stop him at every turn.  CREW was responsible for over 100 legal actions against President Trump and his administration, starting with that ridiculous “Emoluments Clause” litigation, which was drafted before Trump was even sworn into office!

That targeting of Trump is something his attorneys apparently plan to bring up in his Mar-A-Lago “classified documents” trial, scheduled to start in May.  Judging from their brief filed last Tuesday, they seem to be gearing up to say that the case was manufactured from the beginning, a “crusade” started by the National Archives, undertaken with the aim of kneecapping Trump ahead of the 2024 election.  And, yes, they do raise the possibility of White House involvement, requesting to see communications between Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team and the Biden White House.  Details here…



RELATED READING:  Julie Kelly has written a detailed follow-up to Darren Beattie’s report on that strange video of the “discovery” of the DNC pipe bomb on January 6.  For when you have time, this is not to be missed.  Kelly also links to Dan Bongino’s podcast about it, but of course you Huckabee newsletter subscribers have already seen that.

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  • JanC

    01/23/2024 11:08 AM

    The truth is slowly coming out. Thank you for this excellent article and all the attached links.

    Sometimes we wait years for answered prayers, even decades, perhaps this will be the beginning of answered prayer and we will find an answer sooner than we think... Maybe even in time to save the nation.