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March 8, 2023

Even after losing its self-governing status, its sterling reputation, and billions of dollars in market value, Disney continues to double-down on trashing its legacy by releasing “woke” propaganda. The next up is a live-action remake of Walt’s animated classic “Peter Pan.” The trailer is getting savaged online for its PC updates, including race-swapped Peter and Tinkerbell, a “grrrl power” Wendy who can out-swordfight two larger male pirates at once, and multi-racial female “Lost Boys” (ironically, the Lost Boys originally had never seen a girl because they were boys who fell out of their baby buggies and ended up in Neverland, which girls were too smart to do. That was kind of a feminist statement in itself, but not a stupid and obvious one.) morse/2023/03/02/disney-gets- desperate-punishes-people-for- talking-negatively-about-its- live-action-peter-pan- monstrosity-n710673

That story from Brandon Morse at includes a commentary on the trailer by the excellent YouTube film commentator, The Critical Drinker. He’s also warned elsewhere that because of the three-year or so lead time in making movies, no matter how much audiences rebel, we’ll keep getting more of this garbage before it all clears out of the Hollywood digestive system.

But it also reports that Disney is so desperate to stop critics on the Internet from putting the “Pan” into “Peter Pan” that they’re launching content copyright claims for clips from the trailer and getting critical videos blocked and removed from YouTube.

FYI: trailers are put out by studios in hopes that media and social media outlets will share them, to help get the word out about the movie. Now, they’re so worried about how negative that word is, they’re trying to censor people for using the very materials they put out for them to share.  Outrageously, YouTube is going along with it.

This is not a surprise for anyone familiar with YouTube, which has been showing more and more contempt of late for independent content creators whose work makes their business model possible. For instance, they recently changed rules for videos, demonetizing anything that violated them, and made them apply retroactively to back catalog videos, effectively shutting off the creators’ revenue streams. They’ve also sided with unreasonable demands by deep pocket record labels and music stars to demonetize anyone who uses more than a few seconds of a copyrighted recording, even in record reviews, music lessons or turntable tests.

There’s a legal concept in the US known as “fair use” which allows us the right to use excerpts of copyrighted works as part of separate critical, analytical or educational works. YouTube has capitulated to the big money copyright holders and sided against their own small content creators, effectively stripping them of their fair use rights. Along with the tendency of the Google-owned platform to silence “certain” political views, YouTube may be sowing the seeds of its own destruction by giving both viewers and creators plenty of reasons to migrate to the free speech video platform Rumble. And as Brandon Morse also reports, a lot of them are doing just that. morse/2023/03/03/rumble-will- become-a-concern-for-youtube- if-it-isnt-already-n711049

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  • Paul Kern

    03/08/2023 04:24 PM

    Since Walt died I lost interest in most. I simply grew up and became more selective. Disneylike many, now caters to CCP trash movies. Hollywood died long ago.