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June 14, 2022



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Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

John 11:25-26

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Curious: Does Jan. 6 committee WANT to stop Trump from running?

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley, at the conclusion of Monday’s hearing, said the committee appeared to be trying to “lay the foundation” for what they’ve claimed was an attempted coup. But what this really seems to be is a sort of “persona non grata” trial, he said, intended to show that Trump is “a horrible person.”

Turley laughed at something that happened at the end on Monday that he said “sort of put a pin on it” regarding the outrageously one-sided nature of these hearings. “The most telling moment,” he said, was when the chairman said he was going to “introduce this video, unless there is an objection.” Of course, everyone knew there would not be an objection! Who could imagine Liz Cheney suddenly rising to her feet and saying, “Wait, this seems unfair! Maybe we need to look at other evidence to be introduced as well!” That will not be happening.

“..This sort of emphasized,” he said, “there ISN’T anyone to object.”

He’s right --- we won’t be seeing any Perry Mason-like moment when someone in the room lets conscience prevail and tearfully sputters, “I confess! We’re all guilty! This hearing is a sham! We just couldn’t help ourselves!” These people don’t have consciences.

Turley observed that this one-sidedness is a “signature move,” a “fairly common practice” by Speaker Pelosi. She “muscles through, to get the conclusion she wants.” In the first Trump impeachment, for example, she “decided to forego investigation in the Judiciary Committee and the calling of essential witnesses.” In the second impeachment, “she did one better: she had a ‘snap impeachment,’ with no hearings at all.” I would add that she had to move lightning-fast because at that point, Trump was practically out the door. She had to get in just one more impeachment before he left!

But Turley isn’t so sure she’ll get the conclusion she wants. Other than hard-core anti-Trumpers, people will see that there’s no other side presented, the ‘other side’ being not that violent protest was a good thing but that key issues such as the deliberately lax security at the Capitol are not being examined at all.

He also made the point that through all the chaos, the system actually “did actually work to some extent.” Well, it worked in that power was indeed transferred; that’s about all that can be said for it.

We would add that to support their desired conclusion, Liz Cheney had to lie, saying, for example, “Donald Trump did not condemn the attack,” when he did –- unequivocally –- in a heartfelt Oval Office address. Read what he said at the link, here. He also condemned the violence on Twitter; Twitter blocked him. Cheney is a bald-faced liar, but, by design, there was no one at the hearing to point out her lies.

(By the way, as of this writing, President Biden has yet to condemn the unlawful protests at Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home or even the aborted attempt to kill him, which most of the media have ignored as well. Kayleigh McEnany and I spoke about this, and the double standard of justice in general, on last night’’s HANNITY.)

Legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy said Monday’s hearing was a “much tighter production” than Thursday because it had one theme: Trump must have KNOWN the election was not stolen because those around him were “telling him it was nonsense.” That’s a compelling story to tell, but they’ve set it up in a way that's "not a fair process that’s aimed at getting to the truth and giving whatever contra-arguments there are their day in court.”

So, it’s “more like messaging than it is like a real investigation," he said. No kidding. “I could have been very impressive in court if there were no defense lawyers, you know?” he laughed. “You let the government put on its own case, own witnesses, own exhibits, and then no cross-examination and no defense arguments; I’d have been 1,000-and-0.”

He later said he did not think they’re doing this to stop Trump from running again –- he thinks they might even prefer that he run –- but to set up the case against Trump in case he does. They also want to deliver what they hope would be “the predicates” for criminal prosecution against him. McCarthy is concerned that Biden’s DOJ has been giving in to “the loudest voices on the progressive left” and that a Trump prosecution is what they want, no matter how it divides the country.

Monday evening, Brit Hume echoed what McCarthy had observed, saying that the Democrats might find out “they’ve done the Republican Party a great service” if they stain Trump too much for him to run again. “Because I think many Republicans think they can’t win with Trump at the head of the ticket again. They’re afraid of his supporters --- don’t want to come out against him directly, but they’d like him to go away. If the effect of this committee is to make his possible candidacy go away, I think a great many Republicans would privately be very glad.”

That thought is consistent with our new poll, which, in breaking news, has just concluded and shows a very strong preference for DeSantis over Trump, 56.6 percent to 42.2 percent. (For “someone else,” 2.1 percent.)

Even so, I’d like to think that if Hume had had time to elaborate, he would also have said that, to any conservative, the Democrats’ flagrant abuse of the system to achieve that goal is far too great a price to pay.

But maybe the Democrat’s main goal is something else entirely. According to top Democrat strategist Murshed Zaheed, the primary purpose is “fundraising for a lot of the Democratic Party institutions and establishments.” What the heck, they spent $8 million of YOUR MONEY on this extravaganza, and they’re expecting a big payoff on that investment! Zaheed’s tweets will give you a good “inside” view.

Oh, and here's a bit of good news:  Last week, my writers said they would much rather have been watching the re-run of “Young Sheldon” that normally would have run on CBS Thursday night. The ratings are in, and, according to the WASHINGTON FREE BEACON, the January 6 hearing actually did worse in the ratings than the “Young Sheldon” re-run that had aired the previous week. Of course, my writers still wish they could have watched “Young Sheldon," along with just about anything else that would have been on afterwards. That was 2-1/2 hours of their lives they’ll never get back.

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul elaborates:


One last thing, about Bill Barr. You already know that Democrats have been exploiting clips of him expressing doubt early on about 2020 election fraud. (NOTE:  We could cherry-pick other quotes that give the opposite impression of his view on fraud.)  Barr laughed heartily at the mention of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2,000 MULES, saying he was not impressed. D’Souza shot back at him in a series of insulting tweets, calling Barr ignorant about geotracking –- which, ironically, was used to find the precise location of January 6 protesters –- and saying, “I’d be happy to appear before the committee and debunk all the debunkers. Let’s settle the issue of who’s perpetrating the ‘big lie’ through open debate...With Bill Barr and Liz Cheney ranting today about the documentary, it’s the perfect occasion to watch 2,000 MULES and see for yourself what the brouhaha is about.”

That we’d love to see. But we never will.


Poll results: DeSantis defeats Trump in Newsletter Reader 2024 Poll

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has defeated President Donald Trump in our Huckabee Newsletter Poll.  With over 21,000 votes cast from across the country, Gov DeSantis has won:

8,807 Trump 41.2%

12,073 DeSantis 56.6%

448 someone else 2.1%

21,328 votes

This reader poll was conducted from 6/11-6/14. 

AINSWORTH: For Flag Day, here's my antidote to the Jan. 6 hearings

By Laura Ainsworth

Today, June 14, is Flag Day, the day set aside to honor the United States flag. It commemorates the day in 1777 that the Second Continental Congress adopted the official design for our first national flag. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed Flag Day into law, so we can’t say there wasn’t something good he did. (Sorry; had to get in my little jab at Woodrow Wilson.)

I had the pleasure on Sunday of singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a celebration of Flag Day held by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks in Fort Worth, Texas. I’ve done this once before and not only got to express my patriotism by singing the national anthem –- it seems I love it more every year –- but also learned a lot of history about the flag (and the Elks) from the presentation…

Such as: The significance of the American flag is that it is emblematic of the crowning virtue, charity; of justice for all; of brotherly love; and of fidelity. These are the “cardinal principles” of the Elks. “By them,” the Elks say, “we teach love of country and of our countrymen and loyalty to our American way of life. To be an Elk is to be an American citizen who lives for his country and is ready to die for it.”

In his Flag Day prayer, the Chaplain asked God to bless our flag and entreats, “Through the years to come, may this flag wave as the banner of liberty, freedom and enlightenment. May this service bring to each of us a sense of loyalty to our country and enable us to be better patriots, truer citizens, and more loyal Americans, to Thy glory and to the honor of this great nation.”

Then a trustee took us through a history of all the versions of the American flag. A small regiment of high school students in ROTC came to the front one by one, accompanied by historic pieces of music, solemnly carrying the succession of designs. These included the yellow, snake-embellished “DON’T TREAD ON ME” flag that I personally would like to see revived as a companion to our official Stars & Stripes. The design is riveting, and I especially like that sentiment now.  Where can I get one of those?

I can’t tell you how refreshing this ceremony was after sitting through the sickening and thoroughly UN-American January 6 hearing last Thursday. There was not a hint of politics in this Flag Day ceremony, even though its emphasis on God and patriotism leaves little doubt as to which way its members lean politically. These are people who care deeply about devotion and duty, in service not to themselves but to higher principles. Yes, this mindset still exists.

And these were the nicest people. It’s easy to see that this isn’t just talk --- they really live it.

Still, there was one thing that left me a little sad. In that big room full of round banquet tables, all looking lovely with white tablecloths and flag centerpieces, most of the tables were empty. In fact, before they were about to start, I even asked the officials on the dais if they’d thought about “holding the curtain” for a few minutes in case more showed up. They said no, they’d go ahead as planned.

After it was over, one of them explained to me that, as he put it, “The average age in this group is 72.” Covid, of course, had caused some to avoid crowds in the past couple of years, and I'm not sure they even had it in 2020.  But also, their ranks have naturally thinned over time. It seemed to me that this tradition must have skipped a couple of generations, with seniors represented, along with seniors of the high school variety –- the ones in ROTC –- but very few folks in between.

So I have a suggestion. If you have a calendar for next year, find the Sunday just before June 14 and go ahead and mark it “Flag Day Celebration.” Then go to the website for the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, where you can read more about them and also enter your zip code to find the Elks lodge closest to you.

I can’t think of a better, more inspiring way to celebrate Flag Day than to take your whole family –- all the generations –- to this event, meet some nice people, eat a big stuffed baked potato and learn a lot about the history of the American flag and its meaning, or at least what it’s supposed to mean.

As for that, I’ll leave you with something President Wilson said about that: “This flag, which we honor and under which we serve, is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought and shape of this nation. It has no other character than that which we give it from generation to generation. The choices are ours.”

In other words, we define it. That’s why it’s up to us to make sure the flag continues to stand for the best in ourselves and in our country.

Here’s more about Flag Day and some suggestions for how to celebrate it today.

What a surprise

The Sunday “news” shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN all completely ignored the assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I guess that was a lone nut with a gun planning a violent insurrection that they approve of.

Tennessee warning

A Tennessee sheriff is warning people not to grab any folded dollar bills they see laying around. Drug dealers are using folded dollar bills to conceal doses of fentanyl and methamphetamines, which can be dangerous and even deadly just to touch.

Be sure to warn your kids that if they see a folded dollar bill in a playground, park, etc., don’t assume it’s their lucky day and pick it up. Notify a parent, guardian or police officer.

Perfect symbol for the Biden Administration’s immigration law enforcement

When hordes of illegal migrants pour into the US near Yuma, Arizona, the very first thing they step on is a downed sign reading “No trespassing.”

Defund the Police update

One of the most audacious gaslighting operations ever attempted is going on now, as Democrats try to convince us that they never wanted to defund the police, and that all those deadly, fiery riots of 2020 were mostly just peaceful protests. For anyone who has the long-term memory of a brain-damaged housecat, here’s a reminder:

Fox News examined White House visitors’ logs and found several meetings over the past year between President Biden and his top aides and some of the biggest activists in the “Defund The Police” movement. Maybe we need to remind Joe Biden of those meetings, too. Possibly, he just forgot them.


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  • Carmine Fea

    06/15/2022 04:08 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: Attorney Sidney Powell was included in the group Trump assembled to discuss Jan. 6. Powell said several times on TV she had evidence the voting machines could be and were manipulated to falsely provide votes for Biden. THIS IS WHAT TRUMP HEARD! Attorney Powell said confidently and convincingly she had the evidence of this corruption to elect Biden. .

    It has always been my opinion when Bill Barr was Attorney General he was afraid of being impeached, intimidated by the democrats' threat to impeach him. I am not now impressed by his tough talk laced with bad language promoting his book. Attorney General Barr should not have been such a coward when he was Attorney General.

  • Mike Spears

    06/14/2022 06:53 PM

    Gov Huckabee: Am pretty certain that Dinesh Desouza has offered to present his 2000 Mules production to the January 6 Committee and am certain they have refused. How about getting Mr. DeSouza on either Jessie Waters, Tucker Carlson, or Sean Hannity show, give a talk and publicly offer to present his movie to the January 6 Committee and provide a reasonable time window for an answer. When time is up, then Jessie, Tucker, or Sean could provide a status update. The point is to make their most probable refusal or failure to respond public knowledge.

  • Peggy Wilkins

    06/14/2022 05:00 PM

    Thank you for Laura's article about Flag Day. I asked many people today about the flag & no one knew it was Flag Day! The Post Office will be closed for Juneteenth, but not Flag Day. The banks, as well. What happened?
    (If you address this publically, please do not use an identifying name. Veterans can be a little paranoid!)

  • Joseph Healy

    06/14/2022 04:12 PM

    I think the perfect presidential election sequence would be:
    Trump '24 - '28 followed by
    DeSantis '28 - '36!
    12 years like that would be great for our country.
    Maybe even permanently end socialist / marxist / progressive / democrat ideology.


    06/14/2022 03:20 PM

    Those Republicans that would be just as glad to see Trump not run are just like the democrats that are scared to death that he or someone like him will come in and clean up the corrupted DC swamp. Unfortunately in the last two years it has just gotten WORSE.

  • David E. Miller

    06/14/2022 03:13 PM

    Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., is flying flags with 51 stars. This is a political move due to the fact that D.C. is a Democratic stronghold. Adding D.C. as a state would increase the D's in the U.S. Senate by two, and add to Democratic representation in the House as well. There is a reason why Washington, D.C. was exempted from statehood (Article I, section 8, clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution). But since when do Democrats care about, or follow, the Constitution?

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    06/14/2022 02:09 PM

    Here's the Bible's response to the Select Committee:
    Luke 12:2-3 There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

  • Paul Kern

    06/14/2022 01:53 PM

    At this point with so much the RINOs and left are doing. I may sit out the upcoming elections. Unless we deal with the last stolen election I don't see any honest ones. Right now the left owns many states and now many courts. The Right is getting rich carrying water for the left. I don't see many calling for a return to the living. Where I live few churches Honor God and His word. A yltough call. Now I will sit out the elections for reasons I stated and more.

  • Shelley Hoelz

    06/14/2022 12:46 PM

    The democrats are afraid of Trump. He isn't one of the political elite, career politicians, and he is willing to stand up against them. My concern are the republicans who would abandon Trump because they didn't like his "mean tweets." Well I would far prefer someone who speaks like us and tells the truth than the lying politicians who will promise one thing with no intent of delivering what is promised!
    As far as DeSantis, I really like that he is standing up for Florida. However, we need to look at the big picture. If we take out good governors, then the states may not have the people needed to help fight the corruption in DC. A president is supposed to have limited powers, and good governors can do a lot to help rein in an out of control federal government. So DeSantis being governor during another Trump term could be far beneficial - but republicans need to stop with the Trump bashing too. Then I would like DeSantis to run in 2028!
    DeSantis would also become part of the democrat personal hit squad, and I don't know if he has the financial resources to also fight the personal attacks he may face from the democrat party. They will go after him as much as Trump.
    We must get this communist party out of the White House and as many as possible out of DC! So republicans need to stick together. We do not need more of the Liz Chaney, Mitt Romney, or other traitors in office!

  • A. D. Lynch

    06/14/2022 12:10 PM