July 21, 2017

Jon Gabriel at has been digging into some polls and creating some charts that prove the news media are so out-of-touch with Americans’ real concerns, they might as well be speaking Urdu to us.

What Americans think is most important: health care, unemployment, jobs, terrorism, immigration. Only 6 percent think the US-Russia relationship is the #1 issue. Now, between May 17 and June 20, how much time did the big three network newscasts devote to Russia? 353 minutes. To the health care debate? 17 minutes. To the economy and jobs? 5 minutes. All together, they devoted 75% of their airtime to Russia and 4% to health care, which was actually the issue Americans ranked #1.

If only Hillary Clinton had blamed her loss on her health instead of Russia, maybe the media would be talking about a subject that someone actually cares about.


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