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June 19, 2019 |

While the media endlessly trumpet President Trump’s “low approval rating” (currently at 40%, according to the daily Gallup survey), they seldom mention that compared to his Democratic haters in Congress, he’s Mr. Popularity. 

The latest Gallup survey taken in May showed Americans’ approval rating of Congress stuck at a dismal 20% for the second month in a row.  Considering their mad dog behavior and utter lack of accomplishments since then, it’s hard to imagine it’s gone any higher.

And what of the de facto leader of the Democrats, media darling and women’s magazines' “favorite Congress member,” socialist know-it-all Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?  A new survey of registered voters in her own district in The Bronx found that they described her as “disliked, distrusted” and “unwanted.”  Her unfavorable rating is 51% and only 13% say they’d vote to reelect her.  Not surprisingly, since she spends so much of her time in front of cameras, bloviating about national issues, promoting socialism and attacking businesses that want to create jobs in New York, only 11% of her constituents think she has their best interests at heart.

The survey did contain one piece of good news for AOC, though.  Her favorability rating in her district is 21%.  That’s one whole percentage point higher than Congress’ overall approval rating.

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By the way, the polls might claim that Americans are chomping at the bit to make one of the far-left clowns in the Democratic demolition derby President, but one thing polls don’t measure, at least not accurately, is voter enthusiasm.  While even the leading names among the Democrats struggle to fill a high school classroom with people at campaign stops, President Trump’s rallies are a hotter ticket than a Rolling Stones tour. 

He has a rally scheduled tonight in Orlando to officially kick off his reelection campaign, and people started camping out to get into it a day-and-a-half ahead of time, even huddling in tents during a rain storm to save their places in line.

The arena holds 20,000, and Trump said there were over 100,000 requests for tickets.  Obviously, a lot of Americans appreciate what Trump has done, despite unprecedented opposition from his political opponents and the media. In fact, I daresay that without the 24/7/365 negative press coverage, with every story slanted for the utmost anti-Trump angle; and if the public were focused on what he’s actually done rather than what his rage-filled enemies keep telling them he’s done; his approval rating would be far higher.  Much of the hatred is focused on his personal style, which can be pugnacious and over-the-top…but that’s also part of his appeal to many conservatives, who are glad to have someone who’ll punch back instead of just standing there and taking all the unfair attacks. 

With Trump officially launching his campaign, this is a good time for a reboot for Trump 2.0.  What do you think should be the focus of his message?  The economic boom and job creation?  The crushing of ISIS and placing of American interests first again in foreign affairs?  Or should he go after the Democrats, pointing out how far to the left they’ve lurched, to the point of openly embracing socialism, open borders and infanticide?  Laura Ingraham had a good discussion on this topic last night, which you can watch at the link, then feel free to share your thoughts on what should be the theme of Trump’s reelection.  And if you like, offer your suggestions for a new campaign slogan, like “Keep America Great,” or even one for the Democrats, like “MAVA: Make America Venezuela Already.”

You might also be interested in this later segment from Laura Ingraham’s show in which Ralph Reed discusses his plans to promote unprecedented Evangelical turnout to boost Trump.  I’ve pointed this out before, but there are enough practicing Christians to determine the results of every election in America. If all Christians made our voices heard at the polls, there wouldn’t be laws okaying abortion up to and beyond birth.

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