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October 13, 2023

I mentioned yesterday that the Chicago chapter of BLM tried to cover their tracks after sparking outrage by deleting a graphic celebrating the Hamas terrorists paragliding into Israel to slaughter innocent men, women and children. Well, as I said then, the Internet is forever. That graphic was captured, and here’s their disgusting initial reaction that they’re trying to hide.

I caught Brit Hume on Fox News yesterday, making the observation that watching the revolting cheering of the anti-Semitic carnage in Israel has been clarifying, like turning over a rock and discovering all kinds of disgusting moral equivalencies. He said we’re learning that some people we thought just had slightly unusual or “exotic” views actually have quite astonishing views.

That’s a good point, except the insane and violent extremism of the modern left wasn’t a shock to some of us, who’ve been warning about it for years.

For people who haven’t been raised right, who have been failed by the education system and don’t know what morality is, here’s a clue: There is no “moral equivalency” between terrorists who murder, torture and rape innocent people and their victims.

Related: Some of our current generation of mutton-headed liberal college students seem convinced that Israel “had it coming,” a notion that can only be born from the combination of leftist political indoctrination and refusal to teach critical thinking that’s characteristic of today’s “higher education.” Not that they’ll pay any attention to people who actually know what they’re talking about, but former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice weighed in on the ridiculous assertion that the attack was due to Israel oppressing Palestinians in Gaza and refusing to give up anything.

Here’s what she said to’s Guy Benson:

“[Former Israeli Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon, by the way, who was no powderpuff when it came to the defense of Israel, believed that (giving up Israeli settlements in Gaza) was the right thing to do. I don't think they wanted to govern Gaza any longer. It was in Israel's interest to get out. And they not only gave up Gaza, they gave up four settlements around Gaza at the time...That shows what the Israelis went through to actually evacuate Gaza. And you're right, what they got in return was Hamas, which continued its terrorist activities...And so, the idea that the Israelis didn't want to achieve peace -- and you're going to hear a lot of that this next week, that this is Israel's fault, that the Israelis never really tried for peace. The Israelis tried for peace...the Israelis tried everything."

I would hope that’s clear enough even for a Harvard student to understand, but then, I also mistakenly thought they could understand that mass murder was bad.

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