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June 27, 2023



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I was on Fox Business News, talking about the so-called “Russian coup” and whether that was an actual case of “Russian disinformation.”

Trump indictment news

In the latest news on the federal indictment of former President Trump, CNN claims it has obtained the audio recording of the 2021 meeting that the Biden DOJ is using as evidence that Trump showed classified documents to people without security clearances.

In the tape, Trump reportedly says, “Well, with [General Mark] Milley, let me see that. I’ll show you an example. He said that I wanted to attack Iran. Isn’t it amazing—I have a big pile of papers, [and] this thing just came up, look. This was him. They presented this to me. This is off the record, but they presented me this. This was him. This was the Defense Department and him. We looked at him. This was him. This wasn’t done by me. This was him. All sorts of stuff. Pages long. Isn’t that amazing? This totally wins my case, you know. Except it is like a highly confidential secret. This is secret information. Look, look at this.”

And at the end, he allegedly says, “See, as President, I could have declassified it. And now I can’t, you know.”

On the surface, it looks bad for Trump’s case. He told Bret Baier on Fox News that there were no documents at the meeting, just maybe some newspaper or magazine clippings.

Of course, this is just an audio tape, so there’s no way of knowing what he might actually have been holding, but I’m sure the Biden DOJ will bring in witnesses to claim it was a classified document, and if nobody wants to testify to that, they probably have ways of making them do it.

I’m sure Trump’s attorneys are not pleased. On the other hand, this does raise a lot of other issues, like: how did CNN obtain this tape? Did the DOJ leak it to them, the way CNN just coincidentally happened to be on the scene with cameras rolling minutes before the DOJ raided the home of Trump associate Roger Stone? If this cockamamie plan to invade Iran is so secret and so vital to American defense security that we must jail a former President for showing it to someone, why do we all know what's in it from media reports? And if it’s such a federal crime to leak confidential information, are they going to arrest whoever leaked this tape to CNN?

None of these questions will do much good for Trump in a court of law, and it would be a sad day if his propensity for blurting out whatever he's thinking what got him convicted by a coterie of professional liars. But it does shine even more light on what a mountain of double standards he’s facing.

Related: Judge Aileen Cannon issued a ruling on motions by the DOJ in the case against Trump, slapping most of them down. I won’t attempt to recap it all, since you can read it at this link.

The major points were that we learned the DOJ has a list of 84 witnesses, and they wanted it sealed. One of the conditions on Trump is that he can’t talk to the witnesses, but they don’t want him to know who the witnesses are, which sounds like they’re trying to set him up to accuse him of violating the conditions, not that they would ever try to set up Trump! The judge wrote:

“The Government’s Motion does not explain why filing the list with the Court is necessary; it does not offer a particularized basis to justify sealing the list from public view; it does not explain why partial sealing, redaction, or means other than sealing are unavailable or unsatisfactory; and it does not specify the duration of any proposed seal.”

Why, it sounds as if the Biden DOJ is just making up laws as it goes along and applying them only to Trump and the people around him. Imagine that.

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

New SCOTUS Decision

The Supreme Court continues to hand down decisions as it approaches its summer break.

This morning, the SCOTUS ruled 6-3 that North Carolina’s supreme court did not overstep its bounds in striking down a congressional redistricting plan as overly partisan. The ruling is being interpreted as a loss for those who want elected officials to have power over redistricting without interference from judges.

Monday, the Court rejected a bid by the Republicans in Louisiana to reverse a lower court order to redraw its Congressional map to add another black majority district. This is the second such ruling from this court, and another in Alabama is still in the wings. I don’t know why, in the year 2023, people are still demanding that voting lines be drawn by skin color, or why the Court is still upholding that idea, but it is. I just hope that the GOP is recruiting some really good black conservatives to run in those districts and make the case to black voters that things never improve when you just keep reelecting the same people who’ve only made your life miserable for decades.

What happened in Russia?

Just about everyone seems bumfuzzled over what the heck happened in Russia over the weekend, with the head of the military mercenary army, the Wagner Group, at first leading an attempted coup and advancing on Moscow, then suddenly calling it off with leader Yevgeny Prigozhin going to Belarus and Putin promising no retaliation (which is SO unlike him!) Here’s a recap of the latest developments.

This baffling narrative is giving rise to a lot of conjecture and conspiracy theories, like that the whole thing was a false flag operation designed to put the Wagner troops into Belarus to attack Ukraine from another direction (but why couldn’t they do that without the dramatics?), or this one, which is really out there, but not all that much more than the official news stories.

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What happened in Oregon?

Speaking of baffling, potentially false-flag operations, the Proud Boys protested a children’s theater drag show in a small town near Portland, Oregon, and a group called the Patriot Front showed up. This is ostensibly a far-right, white supremacist, neo-Nazi group, one of those that President Biden claims are so prevalent, they represent the #1 threat to America.

The first inconvenient narrative buster came when the Patriot Front morons tried to infiltrate the Proud Boys protest and the latter cursed them out, yanked the masks off their faces and ran them off. The next twist came when photos hit social media and people pointed out that the Patriot Front radicals were wearing dark blue shirts and khaki pants, the same outfit routinely sported by FBI agents at potentially violent protests. That led to charges that they were really feds made up as far-right radicals in an attempt to mix in with the Proud Boys and make them look bad.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who’s never let the truth stand in the way of a convenient narrative, took to social media to attack those who were applauding the Proud Boys for running them off, writing, “These people (all blue checks) are celebrating a seemingly MAGA attack on federal officers. Now I don’t know what this really is, but take a gander at the comments of the ‘patriots’ who ‘love’ America.”

Well, I’m not sure how it shows that you don’t love America if you condemn the idea of federal agents putting on disguises to frame Americans as Nazis, but that’s Adam Kinzinger for you. But it was the first sentence that got the most attention, where he seemed to grant (albeit hypothetically) that maybe they were federal officers.

Others suggested that the interlopers were Antifa jerks, who are said to disguise themselves as members of conservative groups to cause trouble and put the blame on the right.

In the latest update, the FBI issued a statement denying that they were involved, on their word as the FBI.

Whoever it was, there are two points that need to be made that are getting overlooked in all the shouting and arguing:

1. Yanking off their masks on camera and running them off is a splendid idea, and we need more of that.

2. This town has a children’s theater that’s putting on drag shows for children. Everybody should have turned out to protest that.

Biden jokes around

There’s a lot of buzz about President Biden saying on video, “I sold a lot of state secrets.” Some people are suggesting it was a senility-induced confession, but the full clip shows that he was joking, although whether that’s something he should be joking about is another matter. And I think we all know that if he were named Trump instead of Biden, he’d probably be under arrest for that joke by now.


I swear this is real…

We live in such an insane age that I feel sorry for the writers of the Babylon Bee for having to think up headlines that are any more ridiculous than this one, which I swear is real and not satire: “Trans Cyclist Austin Killips Says Men Are Underrepresented in Women’s Sports.”

I have a feeling that women athletes might disagree with that conclusion.

Is Hollywood learning the hard lesson of “Get woke, go broke?”

Could Hollywood finally be learning the hard lesson of “Get woke, go broke?” Disney is not only struggling with its money-hemorrhaging streaming service and depressed theme park attendance, but its movies haven’t been setting the box office on fire, either. They’ve just been setting giant piles of money on fire.

An analysis by the Hollywood business YouTube channel Valiant Renegade estimates that Disney’s last eight movie releases have lost a combined $890 million. It would have been even worse if it weren’t for the non-woke Chris Pratt movie “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” actually making money. The others ranged from disappointments like the “girls rule/guys drool” “Thor: Love and Thunder” to 50-megaton bombs like “Lightyear” and “Strange World” (animated movies for kids that pushed gay relationships) and the race-swapped “Little Mermaid.”

Disney’s woke “Elemental” (with the “first gender-neutral” animated character) is such a bunker-buster of a bomb that it contributed to last weekend being among the worst, if not actually the worst, box office weekends on record. “The Flash” movie starring Ezra Miller, a self-proclaimed gender-neutral creep who was recently facing disturbing legal issues, opened low and dropped by a stunning 73% in weekend two. Audiences so thoroughly rejected Hollywood’s latest offerings that the animated “Spiderman” movie that had been out for four weeks returned to the #1 spot.

So you can now add theater owners to the growing list of people who are angry and fed up with wokeness, along with parents, theme park goers, and even “Wonder Woman” herself, Gal Gadot, who spoke out against the mindless gender-swapping of women into male roles.

Turns out it’s harder to shove this leftist garbage down an unwilling public’s throat than the elitists thought, especially now that the public has realized that they control the power of the purse. Maybe even the Grand Poobah of woke corporate extortion, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink, is finally getting the message.

Of course, this scourge won’t go away overnight. We still have the liberal media whistling past the graveyard and blaming the collapsed box office on anything other than backlash to Disney's not-so-secret-gay-adenda and other woke messaging. There are still woke movies in the pipeline, waiting to be released and die a horrible death at the box office. And despite the thousands of layoffs at Disney, there are still lefist fanatics embedded there like termites. So to help them finish the job of finishing off Disney financially, the conservative showbiz site Hollywood In Toto offers them some suggestions for more classic Disney movies that they can ruin with wokeness.

Wray to testify in two weeks if he doesn’t feel the urge to go fishing

Last week, we told you about someone else who has come forward about the Bidens, Delaware beer baron and ex-Biden donor Chris Tigani, who went to prison for two years for illegal campaign donations to Joe Biden.  The campaign had come to him asking for a high-dollar donation and allegedly suggested he could skirt the legal limit by getting his employees to “donate” and then pay them back.

On Monday, he appeared with FOX NEWS’ Jesse Watters to give more details.

He said the Bidens had invited him to the third Democrat primary debate in 2007, and at the after-party, Beau and Hunter suggested that he might come up with $100,000 for billboards in Iowa.  “I agreed to raise them the money,” he said, settling on $75,000.  Then he spoke with campaign finance director Dennis Toner, asking how he could get around the legal limit of $2,600.  Toner asked, “How many people do you have that you can trust?”  Tigani said, “All of them.”  And Toner allegedly said, “Well, have ‘em write a check and reimburse ‘em.”

Tigani said, “I knew it was how you got around the limit; I didn’t know it was illegal.”  He said he was a law-abiding citizen:  “I mean, the last interaction with law enforcement I’ve had outside of this...was a traffic ticket, a speeding ticket, in 1997.”

Tigani’s later encounter with the FBI was “at a gas station, on a Wednesday morning, at 8:30 in the morning; they followed me from my house.”  When they came up to him, he says, he willingly talked with them, sitting down for four hours and telling them everything, including that this was a request from Dennis Toner, the campaign manager.  “They wouldn’t have it,” he says of the FBI.  They did have him wear a wire around some people, but “once it got to Dennis and to Joe, the entire investigation was called off, and [Tigani’s] indictment was unsealed.”

He says he believes in law enforcement and told them everything he knew.  “And now,” he says, “seeing what has happened with Hunter, and having the inside look into the evidence, thanks to and Miranda Devine…I know that I got a raw deal, unfortunately, and so did...[he names numerous people]...other people who have been charged in the district with tax crimes.  All were charged with felonies, all had no say, and [in contrast]...Hunter is the only person ever in the district to be charged as a misdemeanor under 26 U.S. Code, Sec. 7203 --- no one else in 30 years has ever been charged with that as a stand-alone charge as a misdemeanor.  He’s the first.”

“That’s not right,” he says, “and I think U.S. Attorney David Weiss has some explaining to do…”  He points out that Hunter is a LAWYER (who should know better) whose passport was revoked by the State Department because of his tax liens in 2015 and 2016, and yet “he gets misdemeanors for not filing.”  According to Tigani, Hunter had had tax issues going back to 2009, even tax liens against his and his wife’s homes.

“It’s not that I want anything bad to happen to Hunter,” he says.  “My issue is with the U.S. attorney and not playing fair with citizens.”  Mr. Tigani, I think that’s what’s known as “the Delaware way.”

More details on Tigani’s story from Miranda Devine…

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, in a follow-up commentary, said his committee certainly does want to talk to David Weiss --- also to other U.S. attorneys and, in particular, assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, the one who told IRS Supervisory Agent (and now whistleblower) Gary Shapley they couldn’t follow what would normally be protocol --- or even dare to bring up “the big guy.”  He said the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, led by Kentucky Rep. James Comer, would be focused on the details of the Bidens’ business (phone records, business records, etc.), while Jordan’s committee would look at the ‘Justice’ Department and its failure to investigate.

Accordingly, FBI Director Christopher Wray is scheduled to testify before the Judiciary Committee on July 12.  But don’t expect much from his testimony; he has a legendary history of non-answers and even abruptly leaving during an interview last August to catch a flight (via private jet) to go on a fishing trip in the Adirondacks.  We would note that this was just a couple of days before the Mar-A-Lago raid, which he never even hinted that the FBI was getting ready to do.  He just seemed to be in a hurry to get out of town.

Another U.S. attorney Jordan will surely want to talk to is Matthew Graves, in DC, whom Shapley has testified would not allow him to charge Hunter in his district.

The NEW YORK POST mentions this as well, along with new details about the other five witnesses who, along with Shapley, heard Weiss say he didn’t have authority to charge Hunter in other districts.  That contradicts what Attorney General Garland said under oath before Congress.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is quite interested in these discrepancies and is talking about an “impeachment inquiry” for Garland, as part of a larger inquiry about the weaponization of the DOJ.  Weiss could be in trouble, too.

For even more examples --- yes, they keep coming --- of the DOJ’s two-tier ‘justice’ system applied to Trump and Biden,  John Solomon has an excellent new report.  The difference could not be more stark.

Solomon also appeared on HANNITY Monday night to offer his conclusions, and to break some news:  that Rob Walker, a close Biden friend, admitted to the FBI (it’s in their “302” notes) that Joe Biden “absolutely met with the Chinese business partners of Hunter Biden in 2017, right around the time of that [WhatsApp] message.”  But even with all this, the FBI can’t bring itself to bring more serious charges.

In more breaking news from Solomon, according to a just-released House Judiciary report (the Weaponization committee), the Homeland Security Department “extended its authority” to start surveilling Americans’ opinions on social media and then outsourced the job of getting them censored to third party groups,” just as we saw happening through the “Twitter Files.”  They tried to cover it up, too.  Shocker!

Legal analyst Margot Cleveland has another great column, this one about David Weiss telling the House Judiciary Committee in a June 7 letter obtained by THE FEDERALIST that he had “ultimate authority” over prosecutorial decisions related to the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden.  Both this letter and AG Garland’s statements before Congress are at odds with what Weiss allegedly told senior members of the team investigating Hunter.

“Sources familiar with the letter,” Cleveland writes, “have suggested it reads as if drafted by someone connected to the Department of Justice’s Office of Legislative Affairs, telling THE FEDERALIST a U.S. attorney would be unlikely to know about the so-called Linder letter referenced in a footnote.  That possibility raises the further question of whether the DOJ and Garland induced or pressured Weiss to sign the letter.”  Ruh-roh.

NOTE:  We looked up the “Linder letter” and found in a POLITICO article that it was written by the DOJ in 2000 in response to Congressional inquiries, outlining their “staunch opposition against sharing information related to ongoing criminal matters,” saying congressional investigations about pending matters “pose an inherent threat to the integrity of the Department’s law enforcement and litigation functions.”  Integrity; haha, that’s rich.  But expect to hear a lot of that same argument now.

Now that you know the details --- and serious implications --- of IRS Supervisory Agent Gary Shapley’s whistleblower testimony to Congress about the Hunter Biden case, it’s even better to read the chronological account put together by THE POST MILLENNIAL Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons.  The piece also includes her six-minute video interview with Charlie Kirk, in which she ties what the FBI knew about the laptop with what the “Twitter Files” show they were doing at the time to influence social media.

This is pure corruption, no way around it.  Also, election interference in 2020, just as the Russia Hoax was election interference in 2016.

Daniel Greenfield at FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE has a comment on the story we reported yesterday, about Joe Biden being supplied with a $300/mo. “global access” phone, separate from his White House and personal phones and paid for by Hunter’s company.  It’s evidence like this, he says, that points us away from the less corrupt explanation and towards the most corrupt one, what he calls the “Big Guy” theory.  Not that they aren’t both corrupt.  (Note to headline writers:  please stop writing that “the walls are closing in,” although we hope they are.)

“Either interpretation,” he writes, “...ends in the same place with Joe Biden being involved, directly or indirectly, in ties with foreign governments, illegal transactions, tax violations, violation of the foreign agent registration act [FARA], and likely worse things once you dig into the details of the deals which the FBI made certain not to do.”



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  • ken moore

    06/27/2023 03:31 PM

    new exposed trump tapes is this a case of AI being used with so much unreaL reporting news anxors only read what is given them to read nothing is confirmed before airing reports but i can plainly see bideh has many more times of boxes he is not dsupose to have stored near hunter that became rich anlong with joe selling information and or information access
    just remember apples do not fall far from the tree