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August 10, 2023

By now you’ve no doubt heard about the “secret” controversial memo leaked to THE NEW YORK TIMES concerning a possible plan involving alternate slates of electors for the vote count in DC.  The reporting on this from the left has been gleeful.  This memo was written by Kennth Cheseboro, assumed to be one of the unnamed “co-conspirators” in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump on charges relating to January 6.  In the TIMES story and subsequent coverage --- as well as the indictment --- the term “fake electors” is used to describe these alternate electors, which as the term is generally understood are not “fake,” or unconstitutional, or even anything new, as Hawaii chose a slate of alternate electors in one very close election in case the count flipped.          

And if we understand, Cheseboro wasn’t talking about using them to “overturn” an election, either, but to buy time until the Supreme Court might look at the case.  In light of the preceding story about alleged voter registration fraud involving hundreds of thousands of applications in a swing state, it seems reasonable to at least ask the Court to take a look at some of the worst allegations.

“I recognize that what I suggest is a bold, controversial strategy,” he wrote in the memo, “and that there are many reasons why it might not end up being executed on Jan. 6.”

Since this was presented simply as one possible strategy from an adviser and nothing came of it, it’s hard for this non-lawyer to understand what might have been criminal about it.  And I have to wonder what we’d see if we could read the internal memos of, say, the Gore team when they were actively challenging the vote count in Florida.  But, of course, we didn’t get to see THOSE…

We’ll be looking at what the most brilliant legal minds have to say about this and come back with more tomorrow.  In the meantime, of course, the left will be spinning it like crazy.

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  • Terri Tuckness

    08/15/2023 06:42 AM

    Since I don't view the fake news anymore.. thst what you said in here is the first I've heard about it.

    Thank you for sharing it. :-)

    Keep us informed

  • Dav Berry

    08/12/2023 04:15 PM

    I get tired of hearing that Trump tired to change the results of a “duly elected president”. The (too many) ballot countings were (finally) over but the votes of the electors hadn’t been certified.

    According to Article 2, Section ! (Paragraph 2) electors are appointed “in such a manner as the LEGISLATORS may direct. (emphasis mine) In 2020, key states had their Executive branch send electoral votes to the US Senate, but the state Legislators, having witnessed acts of fraud sent their own set of electoral votes. These are the ones that should’ve been counted by Pence, who, having both sets before him should have either chose the ones from the state Legislators, or sent both set back to the states to rectify – or even disqualify both. (I would rather have my vote voided than have it used to support the opposition.)

    Pence chose the easy way out – and blew it.

    Pence should have done his research. In the1876 election Hayes ® predicted that if he were defeated it would be “by crime – bribery, & repeating (voters)” in the North, and by “violence and intimation” in the South. Four states sent conflicting votes to Washington where the presiding officer had to decide which votes to count. After much frustrating delaying tactics, the votes were finally counted and certified - resulting in Hayes becoming president.

    Trump had every right to question the election BEFORE they were certified. There were weeks until the deadline and some Senators, like Cruz, suggested a pause on January 6th to see what in the world had happened. This is why our founding fathers built in a delay. Again, Pence blew it.


    08/11/2023 11:46 AM

    Since you destroyed your records after leaving the governors mansion, we will never see THOSE!

    Effin Hypocrite.

    Also saw your lying mouth going off about Democrats wanting to allow abortions up to birth. You know that is a lie, yet you still spout it. Thought you were a christian. Did Jesus Christ lie like you do.

  • Richard Shapiro

    08/11/2023 06:30 AM

    You have confirmed my substack subscription. But each day in your newsletter you write I'm not subscribed. What's up with this?