February 15, 2018

The White House press secretary (full disclosure: I know her pretty well) explained the discrepancy between claims that the FBI informed the White House of allegations of domestic abuse against former aide Rob Porter earlier than reported and the White House’s claim that they accepted his resignation just 24 hours after learning about them. She said the information about Porter went to the White House personnel security office which continued its investigation into Porter’s background but didn’t complete it and inform the White House staff until this month.

Wait, so she’s saying that Washington is a giant maze of bureaucracies that don’t communicate efficiently with each other? Whoever would have imagined that?!

On a side note, I find it odd that so many liberals are attacking Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly for not firing Porter sooner, considering that even though the allegations against him were serious and disturbing, there were no convictions, and not even a formal charge. After all, it is liberals and their staunch defense of government worker unions who have made it nearly impossible to fire anyone in Washington, no matter what they do or are alleged to have done.

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Despite the IRS "losing" records they're ordered to keep by federal law and trampling taxpayers' Constitutional rights, Lois Lerner was allowed to keep her IRS pension. John Koskinen remained IRS Commissioner even after openly displaying contempt for his Congressional overseers. VA officials responsible for allowing veterans to die on waiting lists for care were simply reassigned to other jobs. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still on the FBI payroll, and as far as we know, still have security clearances. It’s easier to get rid of cancer than to get rid of a bad federal employee. Whether Porter was gone in 24 hours or after a year, all things considered, it’s practically a miracle that he’s gone at all.


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  • cynthia Stewart

    02/18/2018 03:27 AM

    Maybe if all schools said the Pledge of Allegiance in pre-K to 12th grade there would be more respect for the Flag and the country we live in. Maybe if US history was taught right along side English and literature from early grades on there would be more appreciation of the sacrifices our forefathers made so we might all live a better world free from the dangers of oppression and control. Maybe those immigrants that had to give up most all their posessions from their life in another country so they could come here to live and learn English so they could take the tests to become US citizens should be teaching our youth how precious our country really is. SO many people have gotten away from the national pride that makes this country great. So many people want to use their personal feelings about policies to divide our common goal. We won't need another terror attack to break up this country. We are dividing ourselves instead of comeing together for each other much as you would for for a loved one with cancer. No I don't think the dragging of the flag was intentional nor was the lack of ability to place the flag high a sign of disregard. I think it was simply a secondary thought and for a moment not a thought at all. Whereas, this should have been a huge priority for any athlete. Sadly from the culture most of them have been brought up in now the US doesn't make the flag a symbol to pledge the allegiance to if they don't want to.

  • James Daniel Marshall

    02/17/2018 02:11 PM

    You are right on target. I worked 30 1/2 years for the federal government and I learned firsthand how difficult it is to fire an employee. Only when they committed a felony could you have some assurance that they would be terminated. (It was hard for them to do their jobs from behind bars.) The main tactic was to transfer them elsewhere, rather than fire them.

  • wailes j blalock jr

    02/17/2018 11:11 AM

    Sadly true there are many "potholes" in Washington, hard to get around them. A fix would be nice.

  • Kathleen Myers

    02/17/2018 10:10 AM

    Think your on target about how the government functions. I do take issue about what seems to be justifying retaining him without due process. The problem is abusive people have a unique power over the abused, as I am sure you know. So, the question becomes how far does the abuser need to go before being held accountable for his abuse? Seems In this case with pictures and multiple women saying the same thing about him that is enough. As I understand it the FBI knew months ago about the aligations and then passed it to the White House office in charge. Are the two women married to him enough? Are pictures enough? Is a restraining order enough? Does he then need to be charged to make it enough? My personal opinion is the rules or guidelines need to be examined across the board and new procedures written with clarity about when there is enough evidence. False accusations are always possible, but clear evidence guidelines can certainly help eliminate this from the workplace and perhaps, in certain cases, the women gain some power they do not currently possess at home. Praying for God to give all those in charge of this problem clarity in how to help end this terrible problem in our society and for those working on this the humility to listen.

  • Mike Smith

    02/15/2018 06:06 PM

    As much as I despise abusers, there should have been more evidence. There are just too many angles that make this look like vengeance. I've been around guys who were alleged wife abusers, but I was also witness to the alleged abuse once - and it wasn't all one direction. I was close friends with both husband and wife so I put myself in the middle to stop the mutual combat. When it was over, neither had any visible marks on the outside, but they were both emotionally hurt. I wound up with scratches and a black eye - from the wife. I was luckier than some cops that get a lot worse. The wife was MUCH more violent than her husband and destroyed "his" car and burned down "their" house.

    The details matter. Due process matters.