January 31, 2019

The House may no longer be interested in why the Robert Mueller investigation is emitting a powerful smell of fermenting fish, but at least the Senate is demanding to know why our alleged sober public servants are producing reckless and unnecessary political theater that tramples all over the Constitution, proper legal procedure, common sense and basic human decency.



It’s absolutely astounding to me to see the people who are voting for the current rash of “aborting babies up to the moment of birth” laws cheering, celebrating and congratulating themselves on their great “progressive” victory.  I don’t want to believe that these people, who seem to think they’re doing a compassionate service for women, are just cold-blooded, stone-hearted monsters. Why are they unable to grasp the repulsiveness of what they’re doing? 

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I know this is an outgrowth of a lifetime of brainwashing themselves into believing that a baby in the womb isn’t really a human being, and that a woman’s decision to abort is something that’s solely about HER body and only affects HER, when it’s really the killing of a separate and distinct human life.  But how can they continue to cling to that slender reed of rationalization even as they promote the right to withhold medical care from a baby that was already born during an abortion and is now living and breathing completely separate from its mother’s body?  How clear does murder have to be before they recognize it for what it is? 

At this link is a story about a doctor who performed 22 abortions until something happened during the 23rd that changed his mind and heart, and he just couldn’t do it anymore.  I warn you, this story is graphic and disturbing, but maybe some people have to see the ugly unvarnished truth to shock them out of their cozy cocoon of denial.

This story is also in line with something very interesting that was told to me by pro-life activist Shawn Carney during an interview for my TBN show (see it at the link.)  He said when it comes to abortion, conversion is a one-way street.  In all his years of dealing with this issue, he’s met countless people who've had abortions or worked in abortion clinics or fought for abortion rights who all became pro-life.  But he said he’s never seen a single person who was once pro-life but became convinced that view was wrong and turned pro-abortion. 

I think it's because once you see the light, it's very hard to go back to living in darkness.




Latest update on the story of the alleged assault on gay black actor Jussie Smollett in Chicago by two men yelling that he was in “MAGA country”  (again…Chicago?)

The fact that the details of the story keep changing and the evidence seems awfully elusive didn’t stop many liberals from immediately blaming President Trump and his supporters.  Personally, I’m going to do something nearly unheard of in the 21st century: I’m going to wait until we know for sure what – if anything – really happened before I comment on it any further. 


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Tweet of the Day!  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who went straight from tending bar to Congress, compared the criticism of herself to Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, tweeting, “Why don’t people ever tell billionaires who want to run for President that they need to ‘work their way up’ or that ‘maybe they should start with city council first’?”

That’s not the tweet of the day, this response from Dana Loesch is: “Schultz grew up in the projects, was the first of his family to go to college, and turned a tiny coffeeshop into a multi-billion dollar company. How much more should he ‘work his way up?’”

It was kind of her not to mention that Schultz, like Trump, has had many years of successful executive experience and has created countless jobs, traveled to and dealt with officials in foreign countries and bureaucrats at all levels of government, and successfully navigated economic times both good and bad.  All of those should count as qualifications for the Presidency.  AOC, on the other hand (OTOH), went straight to Congress with a background consisting entirely of college and bartending, and judging from her public statements, none of those provided any qualifications for her current job.  For her, a run for city council actually would have made a lot more sense. 

I’ve always found the Democrats’ ever-shifting definitions of “qualifications” for office to be an interesting point of study.  We used to think that being a successful Governor was the best qualification for the Presidency, until various Senators with no executive or solo decision-making experience at all started running. Now, "qualifications" seem to be completely subjective and change on a case-by-case basis. 

In 2016, we were told that Trump, with decades of international executive experience behind him, was totally unqualified.  But in 2008, we were told that Barack Obama was the most qualified person ever to run for President, more qualified even than Thomas Jefferson, despite having not five minutes of executive, management, military, foreign policy or private sector experience, and being only a third of the way through his first Senate term.  When pressed to name his experience at running anything, his spokespeople pointed to how well he ran his presidential campaign.  Little did we know that once elected, that’s just what we’d get: an eight-year campaign. 

The Founders obviously didn’t intend for us to elect only lifelong professional politicians (for their first President, they picked a military general.)  The only requirements they put in the Constitution for President were being at least 35 years old and a native-born citizen.  They also didn’t want lifelong politicians in Congress, but people who would come from the private sector, put in a couple of years of public service, then go home to live under the laws they created.  So the good news for AOC is that they would have been fine with electing a bartender from the Bronx.  Let’s hope she is equally down with their idea of going home after two years.

By the way, I’m not in any way endorsing the idea of Howard Schultz being President.  But I’m fine with him running if he’ll pull votes away from Kamala Harris or whatever government-bloating, power-mad leftist micromanager the Democrats end up nominating.  If one of them wins, Americans may need a lot more bartenders.  But I don’t drink, so that won’t help me.


Okay, liberal pundits, just keep repeating: “Voter fraud doesn’t exist, and voter ID laws are just a needless obstruction to suppress voting rights…”


California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier has nominated Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for a “Profiles In Courage” Award.  I will nominate Rep. Spiere for one of those if she dares to read all the reactions to this on her Twitter account.


Probably not the best way for a Republican to ingratiate himself with Republicans or the Trump White House.  And no Republicans is going to win over Colbert viewers because that’s impossible.

I will say in Chris Christie’s defense that it’s not controversial for a 2016 Presidential candidate to think he would have been a better choice than Trump.  None of us would have been standing on the debate stage if we didn’t think that we were the best choice of that field for President.  But after the candidate is chosen – and more than two years after Election Day – it’s past time to accept the will of the voters.  Stephen Colbert and his viewers obviously aren’t the only one who need to realize that. 


Video Link:  Excellent segment by Tucker Carlson on various walls around the world that are working exactly as intended and that Democrats apparently don’t think are immortal.  Bonuses: a list of liberal celebrities and politicians who have walls around their mansions, plus quotes from the Pope criticizing Trump’s wall proposal next to a photo of the giant wall around the Vatican.


Huck’s Criminal Masterminds of the Day:  If you’re trying to smuggle a dozen foreign nationals illegally into the US on a small fishing boat, it’s not a great idea to try to land at a US Naval Weapons Station.



From the “Huckabee” show’s resident pop culture guru, Pat Reeder ( 

The music world has lost one of its strongest and most distinctive voices: James Ingram died Thursday at 66, reportedly of brain cancer.  His voice was an integral part of the sophisticated, “smooth” pop/soul/jazz sound of the ‘80s, and his songs crossed over to top the R&B, pop and adult contemporary charts.  

In 1981, Ingram was a session keyboard player and singer when Quincy Jones heard one of his demos and asked him to sing a few tracks on his album, “The Dude,” which went on to score 12 Grammy nominations and three wins.  Three nominations were for Ingram’s tracks.  He won for Best R&B Male Vocal Performance for “One Hundred Ways” and scored a rare Best New Artist nomination before he’d even released a solo album. 

Some of his other hits that will immediately leap to mind when you hear the titles include “Just Once” from “The Dude; his hit duets with Patti Austin, “Baby, Come to Me” and “How Do You Keep The Music Playing;” and Grammy’s 1986 Song Of The Year, “Somewhere Out There,” the classic duet with Linda Ronstadt from the animated movie, “An American Tail.”  Just about every musician of the era wanted to work with Ingram: some of his other famous partners included Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes, Michael McDonald, Ray Charles, Anita Baker, Donna Summer, Natalie Cole and the chorus of superstars on “We Are The World.”  

Ingram was also an accomplished songwriter who worked a great deal in movie soundtracks.  He and Quincy Jones co-wrote Michael Jackson’s mega-hit, “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” and two of his movie theme songs were Oscar-nominated.

I’m sure there will have to be a tribute to Ingram at this year’s Grammy Awards.  Pardon my editorializing, but you'll know it's on when someone in your family hears the TV from the next room and says, "Hey, they're actually playing some real music!"




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Comments 1-25 of 26

  • Kathy Thornbrough

    02/02/2019 02:39 AM

    I am so sick of all the actions of the Democrats. I am sick to death of the double standards. Of the self-righteousness. Of the lack of true concern for the America People. It almost makes me want to throw up every time they throw around the words "the American people". I cannot believe that Booker has been given a free pass in regard to his breaking of the Senate rules and then bragging about it, and saying he would do it again if necessary. Yet, for 2 years or more so much time and effort and money has been put into trying to find something to bring down President Trump. Here, a Democrat is boldly professing to do what he did and nothing happens to him. Dianne Feinstein--nothing happens to her. Hillary Clinton--nothing. Clinton Foundation--nothing. Nancy Pelosi--nothing. I have never seen politicians and media work so hard to try to cause a president to fail. If they care about the American people, they would find a way to work with Pres. Trump so that American will thrive. They would be a part of the success of America, but no, they just want to be a part of the destruction of one man. I get the feeling he would be willing to work with them. But they want him to fail. Will it ever end? Will it ever end?

  • Reginald LeQuieu

    02/01/2019 11:36 AM

    I'm surprised AOC graduated from college--she never seems to do her homework!

  • Michael Galloway

    02/01/2019 10:29 AM

    If my memory serves me right President Trump de funded Planned Parenthood internationally? Is there going to be any effort to de-fund Planned Parenthood here in the United States. I don't want my tax dollars paying for abortion and I don't think too many other do except for those who are brainwashed and haven't looked at the institution of Planned Parenthood. Governor, are you able to find out if the Trump administration has given up on de-funding Planned Parenthood of our taxpayer dollars? Thanks.

  • Jerry Korba

    02/01/2019 09:43 AM

    Mike, Real Music one of the great gifts we have the people you mentioned and all the others that create we give and owe a HUGE Thank You. By the way Huck keep picking that guitar. Todays job report another fantastic month the reason I bring this up I want to point out President Trumps discussion about the Federal Reserve Chairman wanting to raise the rates everybody said Trump should stay away from what the chairman is doing guess what the President is correct insisting on leaving the Interest rates alone it is what is good for our country. This makes me wonder if the chairman knows what he is doing and is fit for the job. How wonderful is the news that Booker is going to run for President. My question is I wonder why. Being able to con people is the corner stone of politicians, that's what they have to do to get elected. I have been here for 70 years with my experience and most people my age have seen this fraud many times over listen to him for 2 minutes, you better grab your wallet put your watch away this guy is no good. Booker is not going to try and get my vote he is smart enough to know I am wise to him however the young people are his target, they are clueless as to what he is going to sell them. Booker is not alone most of the candidates running for President fit into this group. This is pure Con Booker. shown himself as Spartagus when he had his moment he has more moments to come. People my age see it is the same con for the other socialist candidates there is no way the policies they sell will not work. Hey Con people the art of being a con artist is you have make them believe what your selling is true you have not mastered the art. People my age can't believe you! MAGA!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Corbino

    02/01/2019 08:12 AM

    In my 35 years as a nurse and Certified Midwife, I have never seen a mother have to have an abortion for life threatening problems. We call it a c/section. We care for the mother and baby.Tell me, are we going to go the way of Iceland and have 0 Down's Syndrome children. Are they saying that the children that are cared for at Shriners Hospitals deserve to die? Should we get rid of Neonatal ICU's? I think the Rapture is coming soon.

  • Amelia Little

    02/01/2019 06:13 AM

    I suppose ocasio got elected because of her youth and energy? Sure wasn't for her intelligence. Hopefully all the democrats, including the far left, put her outrageous (and anti-American) bills she submits on the back burner-close enough to the flame to burn them up.

    I guess there just haven't been enough incidents against special groups that made the news. This guy must have needed the camera time--is he a has-been actor like rosie? Needed the money and got paid by leftist/socialist financers? The sad thing is, like Ferguson, the first erroneous--not made up by the media, but reported without waiting for any information--were repeated over and over and everybody twittered and tweeted the garbage, but I'm betting the corrections don't make the news. Or, if it does, it would be the television and social media version of the back page among the ads.

  • Michele Miller

    02/01/2019 01:18 AM

    Excellent synopsis of real news. Abortion is not family planning. The choice should be to keep ones baby, or to give the baby up for adoption. To celebrate the legalization of infanticide...utter depravity. Christians need to pray in earnest and STOP being apathetic. If we don't speak up, contact our representatives, and put our resources behind stopping this: we are supporting it. On that note, all that appreciate the individual freedoms that we have enjoyed in America should understand that this is a game changer. Thank you for keeping us informed. I'm so thankful that you are doing to make a difference.

  • Sheri Keller

    02/01/2019 12:44 AM

    Been watching these comments regarding the Baby issue. Even watching Tucker Carlson tonight again try and get people on the opposing side try and answer very simple questions.
    The one thing NOT being asked from ANYONE is "What are the possible ramifications or medical diagnosis that would allow anyone the right to make any decisions regarding the infants life or death?"
    If the "infant", as has been termed is already outside of the womb then it is now a citizen of the USA. So therefore, has the rights of ALL citizens! It should therefore fall under the control of child protections. So it would therefore, NOT be the responsibility or decisions to be made by ANY person, especially if they are talking about possible death. If the infant is already outside of the womb then it is the infant's right to try and live, even with just minimal support.
    Another note would also be that if the women has been given ANY forms of medication, under the law she would be unable or non compos mentis, until at least 24 hours has passed. So she would be unable under the law to make any rational decisions. Therefore, making it that the infant has been alive for at least or up to 24 hours, whether assisted or on its own. So it would under the law be deemed a person/citizen and have all rights therefore, of LIFE, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE!

  • J. Harold Mohler

    01/31/2019 10:46 PM

    If we aborted puppies the same way babies are aborted what would PETA and the liberals say?


    01/31/2019 10:33 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    Loved your show over the weekend, John Schneider is so handsome more today then driving General Lee.
    Hey, your comments in your evening newsletter regarding abortion is so right on. The abortion items will be the new political football during the 2020 elections and it will gain steam until then. So sad, and Planned Parenthood should be prosecuted for killing babies! And drummed out of business.
    Thank you for listening
    Carmen Price

  • Carl Smith

    01/31/2019 10:14 PM

    AOC ( another ordinary Communist) MUST be kept in the lime light. Sooner or later even the most ignorant, Indoctrinated Progressive will be able to see she is not playing with a full Deck. Can alcohol fumes cause brain damage? Just a question. I worked for a raw alcohol manufacturer and I cannot remember 180 proof even having a odor? I'm not really looking for a personal excuse I already have the perfect one. A&A ( age & arthritis). And anyway 'at this point in time, what difference does it make?' according to AOC the world is going to end in 2031

  • william fuhrer

    01/31/2019 09:51 PM

    Liberals hate Nazis...why do they love Margret Sanger and her comments about minorities and her Nazi organization PLANNED PARENTHOOD?

  • Waylon Bush

    01/31/2019 09:49 PM

    Maybe the vet will run for governor of NY, or Virginia, or....................

  • Gary Stilwell

    01/31/2019 09:26 PM

    As always, very spot on with the news of the day---
    I would offer this, though--
    On the cortez thing--you devote almost 1/3 of your blog to this waste of human skin--she does not ascribe to the normal human logic(much like the Islamic terrorists, we(USA folks) do not understand)--we are not of that culture and cannot perceive the abnormal(at least on our regard), immoral position she has. The really scary thing is how this person was ever elected in the first place--what does that say for the the rest of the Country?? We are inundated by things such as "The American people have a right to know"--(This is bs), and OUR Democracy demands that.....etc.)--We DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY!!!---read the Constitution!!!---We have a REPUBLIC(incorporating Democratic principles) The Fathers knew a pure Democracy would fail--that's why they didn't institute it.

  • Don Dutcher

    01/31/2019 08:30 PM

    Might want to chance an obvious typo in your latest article because it changes the whole meaning:
    "Video Link: Excellent segment by Tucker Carlson on various walls around the world that are working exactly as intended and that Democrats apparently don’t think are immortal. " I'm sure you mean "immoral" 'cuz anyone knows a wall can't be immortal! don

  • Donna Brendle-Parrish

    01/31/2019 08:23 PM

    Maybe AOC needs to be asked if the 'moving-up the Kamala way' is the way to the Presidency! The Lord forgives...and blesses...with asking and repentive soul - as we see with our 45th...and his beautiful family...and his PromisesMadePromisesKept...with prayers the obstructionist will listen to the us - increase in son's pay and my SSDI, decrease in Insurances and no fees, meds down - with hopes for all to keep getting better - Walls; Immigration Stations at NUMEROUS Countries' points; DACA for ones already on our soil & must come forward (time limits set) with NO Santuaries; as originally - TermLimits, Profanity & Porn restricted, and UnlicensedMobWalks/Marches stopped&punishable; placing ALL graven-images/statues/monuments/plaques into (policed/security) Libraries&Museums WHERE ALL History belongs - thus no more reckless&senseless destruction (the late '60s through mid '70s) WAS terrifyingly unnerving...the democratic kkk had Anderson High School and Parkland Sr. High School (I went to 9th,10th/11th,12th) fighting&harming...seems Winston-Salem 'calmed down'...then Greensboro got wrapped in the racial muk...looking great in North Carolina tweenst mid 80s to now...til the W-S Confederate statue was targeted by something that's stood fine for a loooooong time....but still have hope...and faith...all gonna turn out HIS NAME we pray!

  • Cynthia Newsom

    01/31/2019 07:53 PM

    It’s very difficult to describe my feelings on the abortion law in Virginia. It’s so abhorrent that it’s hard to believe anyone could think it’s not murder. I shudder to think what will next be decided as “acceptable” treatment of a human being.

  • Nancy A. North-Gates

    01/31/2019 07:44 PM

    This latest abortion policy is as you said, infanticide. My babies were born at 33 weeks, 32 weeks, and 36 weeks (bedrest for 6 weeks) None of them were premies I.e. less than 5 pounds. They were beautiful and feisty. I ask myself what in the world is our country becoming? and I anticipated what your were going to say this morning on Outnumbered. "To Hell in a handbasket." I know actual people in their 70s who only weighed 2 pounds at birth and had to stay in the incubator for a while. We care about babies and 6 months is a viable baby. And as for the doctor/mother deciding a baby is too deformed to save, this is a horrible slippery slope.

  • Michael Callahan

    01/31/2019 07:35 PM

    Hello Mike, I am astounded with you!! You were a minister, I trust you believe the Bible so where is your head?? You skip all around the real problem and have for weeks. I am close to unsubscribing. You of all people should know and you won't say it or you are also brainwashed. It is Satan, remember he reigns on the earth until Jesus returns. He has the demons in all the positions and these people are speaking devil talk, that is where it comes from. I am disappointed that as a prior pastor you won't speak out, it is the devil that is the cause. Prophesy is being fulfilled. Wake up, man.

    Michael Callahan

  • Pam Duffy

    01/31/2019 07:18 PM

    Governor - I moved from CA to Colorado having lived in the Colorado area a decade ago. WOW-- CO is now becoming CA. My concern is this push with the National Popular Vote. Many Blue states, and within weeks to include CO have passed this legislation to bypass the Electoral College. This is exactly why our founding fathers set up the Electoral College! I thought it would take a Constitutional Amendment to change this, but now I am not certain. Please share your thoughts and expertise on the subject.

    Pam Duffy (wife of the late radio show host Duffy & Co=a Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other)

  • G.K. Epperson

    01/31/2019 07:17 PM

    Your December 31st commentary on abortion was so very right on. Your comments on Shultz were too. Your whole December 31st edition was spot on! I wish everyone in America could read your comments on well said!

  • Lisa Ford

    01/31/2019 07:17 PM

    Anyone else besides me feel like, the dems are very well educated in stupidity? The one representative today apologized for sponsoring the abortion bill without reading the text of the bill. Wait a minute, rewind. Dear old Nancy admitted she didn't read Obama Care too. What do we pay them for? And once again Dems are blocking any bill for the wall after they promised they would come to the table and work at agreeing on border security. Thank God we have our dear President Trump, who can tell the truth. The wall is coming on Feb 15th, with or without them. Now they got 1 more reason to cry again, like the judges for the 9th district court. But of course, they will paint Trump as a dictator. Maybe we should make a bigger painting. The Gestapo Democrats!

  • James Kelly

    01/31/2019 07:08 PM

    Spent a couple of weeks in rural Japan, back in the 1990's

    They do have legal abortions. Unlike here, they regard that child as a human being. I saw rows of tiny grave markers for these unborn. Don't recall if the adults were asking forgiveness, or just not to have retribution.

    Perhaps a Japanese born individual might say it better.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    01/31/2019 07:06 PM

    Dear Governor Mike,

    With tongue firmly emplaced in cheek, I offer my view of the Andy Cuomo abortion (the bill he signed).

    Andrew Cuomo loves abortion so much he signed a law allowing abortions up to, and through the act of birth.

    Good for you Andy, but why stop there? if abortion is good, why not make it legal post partum, up to say the age of (how old is Cuomo -? 62? Pelosi is almost 80), let's say up to age 80? Since abortion is not a crime under New York law, then anyone performing an abortion cannot be charged with a crime. And in an abortion, the innocent victim has no say in whether he or she is aborted, so no need to ask the potential abortee if he objects - he has no say!

    We could call it the Women's Health Action for Children Known to be Unnecessary (WHACK U). Nominations could be sent to the arch-bishop of the archdiocese of New York.

  • Dave Waege

    01/31/2019 07:02 PM

    I join you in praying the pro abortionists will repent and come to their senses thereby saving many lives.