May 31, 2018

The case of Jorge Garcia became a media sensation last January when video surfaced of ICE agents arresting Garcia, who was brought to the US illegally from Mexico when he was 10, for deportation as his American wife of 15 years and their children looked on in tears. It seemed the perfect ready-made Trump-bashing story. But Garcia’s wife, Cindy, threw a surprise wrench into the narrative.

Cindy Garcia was interviewed on CNN where she stunned the host by refusing to blame her husband’s problems on ICE or President Trump. She said they were just doing their jobs of enforcing the laws that protect US citizens from criminals. She instead blamed the law because it doesn’t differentiate between someone brought here as a child and raised in America and illegal alien criminals who “need to go back.” While she’s praying for a solution so her husband can rejoin his family, she said the real problem needs to be addressed by fixing the broken law.

Kudos to Mrs. Garcia for refusing to let herself be used as a political pawn and insisting on keeping the focus where it belongs. As a refresher course for those unfamiliar with the Constitution, especially after the Obama years: laws are written by Congress, not the President. Trump gave Congress six months to pass a legitimate DACA bill, and they failed to do so. He tried to cut a deal for one, but Democrats refused to compromise. Now, they are trying to make political hay by blaming him both for their failure to pass a new law and for the consequences of him enforcing the old laws that they did pass.

I have small grandchildren who are better at taking responsibility for their own messes than that.


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  • Lillian E. Caballero

    05/31/2018 09:35 PM

    I'm convinced that's the case! I volunteered for the police department & found out that even the judges have their hands tied up when sentencing, because the lawmakers have neglected to update the laws, revise the crimes according to new technologies; thus not giving deserve sentences to habitual criminals & even let them get away to commit more serious crimes. Meanwhile the innocent are the victims, sometimes punished unjustifiably! Glory to God that prophecies are being fulfilled though: Isaiah 5:20-23 THANKS TO THE FATHER IN HEAVEN FOR JESUS!!! HE WILL BRING TRUE JUSTICE TO EARTH.....