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April 10, 2021

As expected, on Thursday, President Biden announced his executive orders on gun control, and as usual, the people pushing these laws proved that they have no idea what they’re talking about. Biden himself made a number of false statements about guns, including denouncing the “gun show loophole” (which doesn’t really exist; you already have to undergo a background check to buy a gun at a gun show)…claiming that the ban on “assault weapons” (there’s really no such thing) reduced crime (it didn’t, which is why it was allowed to expire)…claiming that only gun manufacturers are exempt from being sued (they can be sued under certain conditions such as negligence; they just can’t be sued for the criminal misuse of their product by a third party, which makes sense: it would be like suing GM because someone ran over a person with his Chevy)…

And his Attorney General Merrick Garland proved that he can’t tell an AR-15 from C3PO.

It’s as if the AR-15 were the only gun whose name these Democrats have memorized, so they blame it for everything, even though 0.1% or less of murders involve AR variants. By comparison, 5.7% of murders are committed with hands, fists or feet and 3.9% with blunt objects such as hammers or baseball bats.

By the way, I don’t have the numbers, but I’d be willing to guess that more crimes are committed by criminals who are in the US illegally because of Joe Biden than are committed with AR-15s. So if he’s going to blame gun manufacturers for providing guns that criminals use, why doesn’t he deserve blame for providing America with the criminals?

Biden also announced his pick as head of the BATF (which he twice called the “AFT”) was David Chipman. He’s a radical anti-gun rights activist with a history of crazy, devisive comments about gun owners that will make for entertaining fodder at a confirmation hearing.

His record includes pushing a fake story that the Branch Davidians in Waco shot down multiple police helicopters as an excuse to push gun control. He seems to think that Americans owning guns are fueling violence in Mexico (tell it to Obama and Biden, whose botched “Fast and Furious” operation supplied Mexican gangs with guns.) And he recently mocked first-time gun buyers as dangerous “Tiger King”-like loons who are stockpiling food for a zombie apocalypse.

By the way, many recent first-time gun buyers have been black Americans, concerned with protecting themselves from violence by gangs and rioters that Democrats refused to do anything about.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats could do something to reduce gun violence, but it would require admitting reality and ending their obsession with disarming law-abiding citizens. The solution is to stop defunding police and start enforcing laws in Democrat-run cities like Chicago, where the vast majority of gun killings take place, usually involving gangs. News flash: for all the hand-wringing over law-abiding Americans buying guns for self-defense, there is no epidemic of gun violence in Ottumwa, Iowa.

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  • Gary Morris

    04/10/2021 07:42 PM

    Excellent deconstruction of the "common sense", read "confiscate them all eventually" leftist argument for more gun laws.

  • Connie Jarrett

    04/10/2021 03:21 PM

    Exactly right, Governor! Biden is giving Maduro a run for his money and that should scare everyone in America!!

  • Bruce Boldenow

    04/10/2021 02:56 PM

    AFT stands for (among other things I'm sure), American Federation of Teachers.