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February 8, 2021

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell released a two-hour video Friday, compiling what he says is evidence that the 2020 election was rigged to elect Joe Biden. YouTube wouldn’t host it, so he put it on Rumble, or you can see it at his website, He also bought airtime to run it on the OAN channel, but they put a disclaimer on it that it was an opinion program created by Lindell, not OAN.

Lindell’s program was dismissed by liberal media outlets, who claimed it contained only old debunked claims. Here’s a typically snarky one from

And a more sober one from the New York Times.

Meanwhile, even as Lindell is being attacked for questioning the election, Time magazine actually reported on how a shadowy cabal of powerful interest groups colluded to help Joe Biden win and to pressure Trump to concede.

Of course, in Time’s bubble world, this wasn’t rigging the election or unfair, possibly illegal election interference. Perish the thought! As Time puts it, they were “working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” but “they were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.” They were saving democracy by undermining it. I suppose I should send them a thank-you card.

I assume they also think they are saving democracy by trying to intimidate, bully, cancel and silence anyone who dares suggest that the election was rigged. They always respond by repeating that there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud or machines flipping millions of votes.

But that’s irrelevant. Put aside the issue that those things wouldn’t even be necessary to rig a close election determined by a handful of swing states. Adults who don’t think in simplistic terms understand that it is possible to believe both that Joe Biden legitimately got a winning margin of votes, and that the election was still rigged.

Even setting aside concerns about the loosening of voter integrity laws (which Time admits), if you consider it the duty of the news media in elections to provide complete, accurate, objective information to the voters – and you believe that the media and social media both discarded their responsibilities, became openly partisan, and hid bad news about Biden while trumpeting and even creating bad news about Trump (again, admitted and even praised by Time) – then you can honestly believe that Biden legitimately got the most votes, but did so though a tainted process, so the election was, in effect, rigged.

To make a sports analogy, you could accept that one baseball team got more runs than the other to win the championship game. But if the winning team’s coach was also the umpire, and every call went in favor of his team, then please don’t tell me I’m crazy if I suspect the game was rigged.

In a related story, here’s a study of the election turnout that shows the states and demographics where Trump gained or lost voters from 2016, and where Biden improved or not on Hillary Clinton’s support.

The key to the election results was white voters who abandoned Trump for Biden, possibly because of personalities, or thinking Biden would handle the coronavirus better (ha!) or believing that Biden was a moderate who would return America to “normalcy.” He is, if you consider stagnation, unemployment, weakness and putting America last to be “normal,” which, under the Obama/Biden Administration, they were. Of course, they weren’t told this by the media or social media, but don’t you dare call that “rigging” the election!


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