May 7, 2019

We always hear from the media about how low President Trump’s approval rating is, so surely, he can’t be reelected, can he? (Remember, these are the same people who told us he couldn’t be elected in the first place.)  Why then does Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll have Trump at 50%, tied with Obama at this same point in his presidency, while Gallup has Trump at 46%, one point higher than Obama at the same point?


Trump’s approval rating is a combination of a 91% approval among Republicans and 12% approval among Democrats, but even that pathetically low Dem number has climbed up to match his previous high.  With the economy on fire and the Russian Collusion horse dead (despite desperate efforts to keep beating it), Trump’s numbers are likely to improve.

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What’s truly amazing, though, if you’re able to look at anything Trump-related with the slightest objectivity, is that Trump’s approval numbers are as high as they are – equal to or higher than Obama’s – when you consider the relative treatment each has received from the media. 


Obama was hailed as the “Lightbringer,” the greatest, smartest, coolest, most qualified person EVER to be elected President.  Trump has endured a 24/7/365 onslaught of negative press, in which every joke or exaggeration is branding as a “LIE!!!!”  He’s been declared an illegitimate President for no real reason, called a Russian stooge, misquoted repeatedly to make him sound like a bigot and a Nazi sympathizer, and tarred with one negative fake news story after another. Heck, if Tom Hanks got press like that, he’d have an approval rating south of Hitler’s. 


One can’t help wondering: If Democrats could just get over their resentment over losing an election and admit that Trump hasn’t started any wars or destroyed the economy – if only half of them could admit that they are really better off now than they were four years ago – what would his approval numbers look like?  We might not know until 2020, when Americans go into the privacy of the voting booth and choose between Trump and one of the far-left clowns opposing him without having to tell a pollster which one they really think should be in charge.   



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  • Linda Orf

    05/08/2019 07:43 AM

    Speaking of polls, which, as we know, are really unreliable... exactly HOW are the questions asked? Do they say, “do you approve of President Trumps brash communication?”. Or do they ask if they approve of his job performance, policy wise? Are there still people out there who are as afraid to admit they approve of him as much as there are people (like me) who own a MAGA hat, but would not dare wear it in public for fear of triggering a deranged anti trumpster? If “it’s the economy, stupid” then how does the economic approval get ratings in the 70’s but overall approval be in the 40’s? It can only come down to how the question is asked. And where are they doing their polling? California, New York, Illinois? Or are they traveling to middle America? Why don’t they include this information in their polling results? Not to mention his still growing crowd sizes at his rallies!
    Polls used to reflect the pulse of the sliver in time of which they are polling but I suspect now that polls are conducted to shape public opinion rather than reflect it. Well, as you say, that’s my view.

  • melanie zupan

    05/07/2019 08:01 PM

    The reason the dems are so sore over losing an election, is because they had it all figured to turn our nation, america.... into a muslim country, under sharia law. And then, a monkey wrench (trump) was thrown into their strategic effort.

  • Elizabeth Harrison

    05/07/2019 05:35 PM

    We are SO thankful for President Trump and for ALL that he stands for!!! I truly believe that God has answered our prayers and given us a leader in order to save America!!! Praise The Lord!!!!

  • Susan Rogers

    05/07/2019 04:54 PM

    Polls are not accurate in today's climate of robo calls and phone scams. Most people don't answer the phone if they don't know the caller and if they do answer, they hang up as soon as they figure out the call is a robo call or a stranger.

  • Bernice C Buch

    05/07/2019 12:58 PM

    I keep quoting your statistics to the deaf ears here at downtown Minneapolis Augustana Apartments (mostly for Senior Citizens). These people are brain washed by liberal news and have no desire to look into or even consider the good our president is doing for the USA. I talked a Jewish friend into buying Dennis Prager's book, Exodus because he is a knowledgeable teacher of the Torah of which my friend knows very little about. She read a little and gave the book to me telling me Prager is a conservative as I suspect most devout Jews are because of their allegiance to the God who created them. No one here would even believe Donald Trumps ratings are as good as Barack Obama's ratings and that he earned them against all odds when it comes to news coverage. It certainly would help to see Donald Trumps ratings surpass Barack Obama's so even the liberal press would have to react positively to him.

    Thanks for your email and your trustworthiness in reporting the truth.