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June 18, 2021

While it’s easier for parents to fight back against sexualized media messages to their kids (turn off the TV and block the devices), it’s harder when the government and the schools are trying to force it onto children and threatening parents with arrest if they try to protect their kids from it.

In case you missed this, the Administration of “moderate uniter” Joe Biden has reversed Trump’s policies and is redefining Title IX sex discrimination laws to force transgender activism into American schools.

And here is a cautionary tale of what kind of Orwellian nightmare these radical school officials can create for a family by crushing parental rights and brainwashing children.

Fortunately, that story had a happy ending: the father collected his “daughter,” promising to take “her” to a gender reassignment clinic…then instead, packed up his family and escaped to a saner state. His son is now happy, no longer suicidal, and no longer believes he’s a girl. But what happens if Biden’s Administration forces this lunacy onto all schools? Where will families escape to, then?

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  • Myron Smith

    08/03/2021 05:36 PM

    Not force Transgender into any SCHOOLS Policies and Rules! Parents and therapists should deal with these issues.

  • Robert Galloway

    06/19/2021 08:22 PM

    Speechless in the Show Me State.

    Don't know what to say anymore with our current and ongoing issues.

    I've been to the mountain top, to only find it as being corrupted as hell.

    We are doomed, in the polite terms.