June 25, 2019

Just yesterday, we featured commentary on a story detailing the ways in which outgoing Alabama sheriffs sabotaged incoming sheriffs who had beaten them fair and square at the polls. It seems they did everything possible to lay traps for the new sheriffs in town, by destroying financial records, phones and hard drives (a la Hillary Clinton); wasting revenue to keep it out of their hands when budgets were tight for necessities; and even playing childish pranks.

You’d think that by the time people with experience in government got to the White House or the upper-echelon of the Executive Branch, they would be professionals and would act accordingly. Think again. In politics, when it comes to sabotaging the incoming administration, there may be no limits to what some people will do.

Thanks to reporting by Charlie Savage in The New York Times, we’ve been aware for some time that in the last days of the Obama administration, the National Security Agency headed by James Clapper adopted new rules regarding what may be done with sensitive raw intelligence gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations. Before this change, only three agencies could share the information. Clapper made sure this list was expanded so that 17 separate agencies could have access to it.

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The question has nagged ever since this was first reported in 2017: Why was it so important to the Obama team to do this as they were headed out the door?


SIDE NOTE: Savage has been reporting on NSA surveillance and FISA abuse for years. The controversy did not start with Trump. For perspective, you might want to take a look at this piece from 2013.


Anyway, the American Center for Law and Justice has just obtained emails that show how urgently Clapper and his people were working to get this particular policy changed. One such communication from the Office of the Department of National Intelligence referred to “ personal interest in having the procedures signed by the attorney general before the conclusion of this administration.” The DNI general counsel, Robert Litt, wrote that they “really want to get this done...and so does the boss.” (“The boss”? Who dat? Clapper? Obama?)

“We could have a signature from the AG as early as this week, certainly prior to the 20th Jan.,” said an email sent by a National Security Agency employee (name redacted). And what, pray tell, was the 20th of January, 2017? Why, President Trump’s Inauguration Day!

To go into effect, this change had to be steered through the process by James Clapper and signed by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Imagine that the most sensitive raw –- as in, unverified –- intelligence is spread out through 17 different government agencies. How is it possible to trace it, to know who has it and what they are doing with it, such as what media or congressional committees they might be leaking it to? What an ingenious way to cover up what any one individual or department is doing.

The emails that have just come to light were exchanged a couple of weeks before the end of Obama’s second term. These people were obviously concerned about getting something done that normally would have been highly unusual to rush through like that.

Trump attorney and ACLJ chief counsel Jay Sekulow was on Sean Hannity’s Monday radio show and later on his TV show to explain the importance of this. What we’ve learned is that a couple of weeks before Trump’s inauguration, Clapper was moving aggressively to get this new policy in place. Until then, throughout the entire Obama administration –- eight years –- they had been fine with the policy the way it was. Sekulow also suggested that it would have been unusual for President Obama not to have known about such a drastic proposal.

Obama was on his way out. So was Loretta Lynch. So why was the NSA so all fired-up to put this change in place? What other reason could it be but to undermine the incoming President?

And if they needed it in place before they left, why did they wait so long to make it happen? Investigative reporter Jeff Carlson has a theory that it was that deliberate delay that enabled the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign. You see, by the time the new order (an update of executive order #12333 that also placed some restrictions to the collection of information) was signed on January 3, 2017, all information relating to the Trump campaign had already been collected and was in the possession of the Obama White House. Carlson’s piece gets pretty far “into the weeds,” but here are the details if you have some time, as he wrote them in December of 2017…


Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio was on with Hannity Monday night and reminded us of what Chuck Schumer once said: that if you mess with the intelligence community, they have “six ways from Sunday” of getting back at you. This appears to me to be one of those six ways, along with the dossier, the perjury trap for Flynn, the spying on Papadopoulos, etc.

Remember, Attorney General Bill Barr’s investigation will cover “unauthorized surveillance” and “political surveillance,” both very serious, and it will extend far beyond the FBI. Just as 17 agencies have been privy to raw intelligence, investigator John Durham will be able to look at what officials at all those agencies have been doing with it. This move by Clapper in the first weeks of 2017 may be an important reason why Barr structured the investigation so widely.

Speaking of Papadopoulos, Trey Gowdy says now that there’s a certain piece of evidence he has seen that made him change his initial positive opinion of Robert Mueller and his investigation. At this writing, Gowdy has to be rather cryptic about what it is, as it hasn’t been made public yet and apparently is still classified, but from what we know, he seems to be referring to exculpatory evidence in the form of transcripts of recorded conversations with Papadopoulos and/or Carter Page. Any exculpatory evidence is REQUIRED BY LAW to be included in a FISA warrant application, and it was hidden from the court. If this was deliberate, it’s not only unethical but criminal. And if it was done to take down a duly-elected President of the United States, it’s unethical and criminal to the tenth power.

If you’ve read Papadopoulos’ book, DEEP STATE TARGET, you know that from all appearances, Stefan Halper was recording him during their meetings. Papadopoulos, when asked in conversation about Russia, made it very clear “for the record” in speaking with Halper that neither he nor the Trump campaign was working with Russia in any way, that this would be illegal. It’s likely the exculpatory evidence to which Gowdy refers is the transcript of that conversation.

While Barr and Durham do their work, the Republicans in Congress are still trying to get documents relating to the Steele “dossier” that they’ve been requesting literally for years. California Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, has just written a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray which asks when the FBI received information from the State Department about Steele’s problems as a credible source, including the fact that Steele was desperate to have his information made public before the 2016 election.

“...The FBI failed to provide these materials to the [Intel] committee pursuant to requests made as part of its investigation,” Nunes wrote. He copied investigator John Durham on the letter. Chris Wray may stall on providing this information to congressional Republicans, but he better think twice before slow-walking it to Durham.

Oh, and one last note. There’s going to be yet another book by a former FBI lawyer to avoid buying when it comes out: Mueller’s notoriously unethical “pit bull” prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, who by some miracle was not disbarred before becoming the top official on the special counsel team, is reportedly writing a book. Here’s an idea for the title: HOW TO HIDE EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE, DESTROY COMPANIES AND RUIN LIVES. Foreword by James Clapper.



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  • Mark Traina

    08/01/2019 03:02 PM

    The NAAWP is demanding that BARACK OBAMA be assigned a SPECIAL COUNSEL to investigate him for TREASON.

  • Rick Locke

    08/01/2019 11:58 AM

    I'm frustrated as well - but - that being said (written), by releasing information about the Russia "investigation" so near the election, I believe the hope was that the Trump camp would be thrown into disarray. Might turn-about be fair play?

  • L. Vaisa

    07/11/2019 03:25 AM

    Good grief are you serious ?geesh you must seriously think people are stupid

  • Jody Maas

    06/27/2019 07:16 AM

    When, when, when will the results of the ongoing investigation be available? With the obvious delays, the question is how much of the deep state is still in place obstructing justice?

  • Gary Lynn Pollard

    06/25/2019 09:37 PM

    If we know all of this, why isnt he in jail. We need to make an example of these crooked political pundits so people will be afraid to do this again.

  • Michael Galloway

    06/25/2019 08:30 PM

    Another good article about the deep state swamp. But I like many others who make comments are getting very frustrated with all that is presented, whether by you Governor, or FOX or other conservatives on Blaze TV, nothing happens. There appears to be so much evidence, yet no real pursuits of justice against all involved from the Obama administration and Hillary.
    I am greatly concerned that all this "reporting" of the evidence and what is being uncovered will just continue being reported until the 2020 election. If nothing is done and the Democrats are not exposed well before the 2020 election, it could just cost Trump and the Republicans and what a sad and disastrous state this nation will be in if the Democrats gain the WH, House or Senate. The truth if badly needed and the Republicans who are not traitors need to step up and start fighting against the evil agenda of the Democrats. Time is a ticking and nothing is happening, while many Americans are waiting for justice against many, many players who want to destroy or have been working to destroy our nation!!!

  • Waylon Bush

    06/25/2019 07:43 PM

    Ho-Hum. See if any consequences come of this, OR just more promises that they will. The whole dang bunch is guilty as sin and crooked as an Alabama road, but they still drive on and on and on and on.....

  • Bruce Deming

    06/25/2019 05:18 PM

    The Kathleen Kavalec, Dept of State, document from her interview with Steele, was sent to the FBI 10 days prior to the first FISA application. This document has remained at the FBI ever since, and never shared with the DOJ. Chris Wray classified it on April 25, 2019, for a period of 25 years. Steele has said he will only discuss his relationship with the FBI, and only with the crown's permission, in the UK. Horowitz first said he would delay for the Steele interview, but now is delaying the IG report indefinitely. If Steele won't discuss his meeting with Kavalec, there's no reason for Horowitz to delay at all. Kevin McAleenan leaked the locations of Sundays ICE raids, yet he is still in office. These 3 individuals are stalling and are obviously deep state controlled actors. If this drags out until the election, I'm not voting for Trump again. No arrests, no disclosure, NO VOTE!

  • William Schlumpf

    06/25/2019 05:02 PM

    Would I be surprised if it turns out these people who started the Russia hoax turn out to have been working in conjunction with Russians themselves? Nope.

  • Velma Ardis Marshall

    06/25/2019 04:40 PM

    As usual, yourinformation today was great! However, when I tried to post today's article to Facebook &
    Twitter I wasn't able to do so on my mobile phone. I will try later on the computer. Thanks for all of your reports! God bless & keep you.

  • Maureen McWalters

    06/25/2019 04:37 PM

    If people in 17 agencies could look at this intelligence—could it be that Obama appointees that were left behind would have access with the goal of leaking and manipulating media? The deep state would have access. Conspiracy abounds and these people do not quit.

  • James Lowder

    06/25/2019 04:17 PM

    Justice truly is blind, till you turn on the lights. Justice is also very, very, very slow...

  • Polly Hershey

    06/25/2019 04:17 PM

    I don't understand WHY Christopher Wray is still in that position. He's obviously trying to cover up or destroy requested information. He's part of the swamp!


    06/25/2019 04:16 PM

    Governor, with all of the public evidence, verbal and written, of illegal acts commiteed by members of the prior administration and its agencies, just when are we going to see some indictments forthcoming. I can think of eight or more that richly deserve to have a felony conviction on their record, even if they manage to weasel out of prison time. What is the President and the AG waiting for?

  • Barry Ligus

    06/25/2019 04:11 PM

    Just as the Clinton administration minions that glued keyboards as they departed 1600, the Obama "children responded to an incoming Republican by acting as pea-brained spoiled brats.
    Today's leftist academia taught brats can only respond to not getting what they want all the time with hate, lies, and vandalism. Their minds cannot grasp the concept of being a responsible and civil adult.

  • Lisa Doig

    06/25/2019 03:51 PM

    These mal-intentioned players must be charged, & prosecuted - or we lose our freedoms, our country, our democracy.

  • Susan G. Wingfield

    06/25/2019 03:41 PM

    Wonderful Truths being exposed. This is only the Hand of our God and we praise Him and ask for His continual guidance and protection for our President and his
    whole Cabinet and his family and all who are working on his behalf.
    May God watch over you and your family, esp. your lovely daughter and her family as she continues with what the Lord has for her next.

  • Anne Turner

    06/25/2019 03:22 PM

    Has the DNC forgotten that what goes around comes around? Suppose the DNC prevails and we have one of theses progressives in the White House? Do you think Republicans are above returning the favor? I doubt it. They may be more polite about it and not refer to the individuals as Hitler, evil, etc. but they will do it. I see investigations of every aspect of the administration, the President, his appointees, the agencies, and on and on. No one is without skeletons in their closet. Do you not think, that Donald will retaliate forcefully? He has the budget to hire top lawyers, investigators, and experts. His reach is far. Be careful DNC, you may be in for a trouncing. All the things put in place to stymie this President will apply to the next one. It will be soooo obvious if changes are made to these policies. I personally do not recommend revenge, but it will happen, given the players.

    How can we so ruin the gift given by God to us, this country? The divisiveness did not start with Trump, but with Obama.


  • Ellen Klapperich

    06/25/2019 03:15 PM

    The Left is going to eat up copies of that book and tout it to the Nth!

  • Brenda O’Dell

    06/25/2019 03:12 PM

    As you said, we have known for some time...nothing has been done. If nothing is done, they will sabotage the 2020 election against Trump administration. The only way it failed in 2016 was because people like me that didn’t vote because we did not want either candidate showed up unexpectedly to vote for Trump . They will be expecting us deplorables this time, so they will bring our more dead people and illegals to vote

  • Jerry Korba

    06/25/2019 02:43 PM

    As history has shown us Obama is nothing more than a low life thug dressed in nice suits. he used the power of President to bring the country to its knees and then have Clinton destroy what was left. he had the plan in order and just was not smart enough to get a can't lose situation LOSE! All the programs he had was what losers of made of large % of citizens on food stamps he got them to the point people in our country could not feed themselves look at his Democratic leaders in some of our cities SF LA NY Chicago what do they have to show for their ideas Murder seems to be the theme for all of them whether it be infants or adults Drugs are a huge part of the agenda for all of them U can find needles on the streets and parks in these Liberal cities People stop and think where we would be with Clinton and Obama in her ear for the last 2 and a half year it took Obama 8 years to get us to a terrible out look and life style thank God Trump is turning it around 7and a half more years and we should be on the right path we need in this country are conservatives with common sense leading us not Losers like we have on the Left look at what has been done in the House of Rep. NOTHING again nothing but Losers..............

  • Lenetta Haynes

    06/25/2019 02:39 PM

    Did anyone in the Trump administration change it back yet, so there can only be sharing among the 3 agencies (assuming that is FBI, CIA and NSA) rather then the seventeen?

  • James Evart

    06/25/2019 02:26 PM

    What amazes me is the wisdom and shrewdness that our President has shown in giving the chickens time to come home to roost and be exposed JUST before the 2020 elections, in spite of the many pleas to expose the truth about these feckless, partisan, Democratic, criminal traitors earlier. The truth can never be changed, maybe be covered up for a time, but it is holy, Thank God.