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June 23, 2021

Good evening! My Evening Edition for today contains the following:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Republicans Block Attempt To Nationalize Election Laws
  • Remember The Name: Brad Taylor
  • Iowa School: MAGA Means This...
  • More On School Board Meetings
  • A Necessary Lesson For Congressman Huffman


Mike Huckabee

P.S. Texas poll results tomorrow!

Republicans Block Attempt To Nationalize Election Laws

By Mike Huckabee

Congratulations to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans for sticking together Tuesday and blocking the Democrats’ attempt to nationalize election laws under the guide of “vote reform.”

The “For the People Act” (aka the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act”) tied 50-50, and it needed 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster. I hope this is the last we’ll hear of this attempt to violate the rights of states and cement Democrats in power forever, but judging from Chuck Schumer’s overheated hyperbole about the tragedy of this garbage bill failing, he’ll pull out all the stops to try to resurrect it in some form, including trying to end the Senate filibuster.

Schumer knows this has to get passed before the 2022 elections, when the Democrats fear their reign of error will come to a screeching halt. Does anyone else find it ironic that while Schumer, Pelosi, et al, claim to be championing democracy, “the people” and the right to vote, they’re trying to cram through as much of their unpopular legislation as possible by hook or by crook before the next election because they fear that the people will use their democratic right to vote to throw the lot of them out of office?

Related: Don Surber points out that while the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) keep telling us that the Democrats being in power proves America wants leftist policies, the fact is that Republicans did better in Congressional races in 2020 than Democrats and are likely to do much better in 2022. The Democrats have no mandate, they’re on the opposite side of most Americans on their major issues, and party leaders privately know it. That's why they’re so desperate to seize control of the election system. Surber has some numbers that might give you encouragement to keep up the good fight.

And here's more proof that the Democrats are “on the wrong side of history,” as well as civics and biology.

Remember The Name: Brad Taylor

By Mike Huckabee

Remember the name Brad Taylor. He’s only 15, but I predict that you’ll see some big things from him someday. In fact, he may have already helped strike a blow that could help spell the beginning of the end of pernicious Critical Race Theory in schools.

Brad was a student at Rosemont High School in Rosemont, Minnesota, but he’s now taking classes from an online Christian school. Before he left, he decided to attend a school board meeting to let the officials know why. His eloquent evisceration of their racist “anti-racist” policies was caught on video and at last check, had been viewed over half a million times on YouTube.

There have thankfully been a rising number of parents, and even teachers, daring to speak out against CRT, but leftists who are trying to force this “divide and conquer” strategy onto our children are attempting to dismiss the backlash by claiming those parents are just “misinformed” by “right-wing media” and don’t understand what CRT is. Well, Brad understands, because he and his classmates were the targets of this attempted brainwashing. This is one of the first retaliatory strikes by a student who has firsthand knowledge of what they’re trying to do to kids, and it’s a bombshell.

This is a must-read/view. Brad describes how the school preached “inclusion,” then deliberately excluded white students, and how they tried to make kids feel like victims or oppressors, based on nothing but their skin color. He also describes how uncomfortable it made the kids feel to be pitted against each other (they’re obviously wiser than the school administrators) and for white kids to be made to feel “guilty for just existing.” He says some teachers privately told him they agreed with his views but were afraid to speak up (so much for “tolerating diversity.”) And I love how he challenged the board members to “look at yourselves in the mirror tonight and ask, are you really standing up for the equality of all people, or are you just pushing a damaging political ideology on our students?”

It's not surprising to me that Brad chose to attend an online Christian school instead. People of faith understand that racism is a vile sin against God, who made us all in His image. We believe, like the Rev. Martin Luther King, that people should be judged by the content of their characters, not the color of their skin. Proponents of CRT claim to be fighting racism, but they’re actually trying to divide the races, sow distrust and hatred, and teach children to judge each other solely by their skin color. They may not wear white robes, but they’re doing a better job of accomplishing the KKK’s goals than the KKK ever did.

Iowa School: MAGA Means This...

By Mike Huckabee

And speaking of schools being turned into racist leftist indoctrination centers, were you aware that if you want to Make America Great Again, it means you’re a white supremacist? That’s what a school district in Iowa is telling its teachers to impart to students.

This will come as quite a surprise to all the black people I saw wearing MAGA caps and T-shirts at Trump rallies.

More On School Board Meetings

By Mike Huckabee

While we’re on the subject of school board meetings, remember when those were considered boring, and you could get through one without anyone being arrested? But then, that was back when schools concerned themselves with things like reading, writing and arithmetic instead of far-left politics and social issues.

At another school board meeting, parents made so much noise, it sent a wake-up call to the woke board members, and they woke up, smelled the egg nog, and returned “Christmas” and other holidays to the calendar.

A Necessary Lesson For Congressman Huffman

By Mike Huckabee

California Democratic Rep. Jared Huffman tweeted that if Catholic bishops “politically weaponize religion” by denying Communion to politicians who violate the church’s beliefs, such as by promoting abortion, then “a ‘rebuke’ of their tax-exempt status may be in order.”

I realize that Rep. Huffman is no religious scholar (he makes that abundantly clear), so let me attempt to explain some things to him in simple terms. First, the church doesn’t take orders on who deserves to receive Communion from Washington. Second, Rep. Huffman seems to think this stance is something new that they just dreamed up to target the President. The Catholic Church has condemned abortion as immoral since the first century A.D. Believe it or not, that was even before Joe Biden was born. Individual Catholics may disagree, but the Church’s position has always been that life begins at conception and is to be respected and protected as sacred. Throughout the church’s history, you could be excommunicated over abortion.

The people who are causing this controversy are not the bishops, who are only affirming the longtime view of the church. It’s the politicians who want to be able to proclaim themselves good Catholics while endorsing policies that are strongly condemned by the Church. Threatening a religious group if it doesn’t change its sacred beliefs to accommodate political leaders is the very reason the Founders gave us the First Amendment.

The bishops may yet decide to compromise their beliefs, but that’s, as they say, between them and God. Rep. Huffman seems to be laboring under the delusion that the government is God. He should bone up on both the Bible and the Constitution before tweeting again. The same goes for his Twitter followers who enthusiastically endorsed his asinine idea. But then, we know that over 90% of tweets are written by fewer than 10% of users, most of them heavily liberal, so I assume they have only a nodding acquaintance with both the Bible and the Constitution.

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Comments 1-10 of 16

  • Gladys J Edakattil

    06/28/2021 09:14 PM

    I wish more and more of Parents, students, teachers/ Educators, and Pastors would stand up and voice their objections and balanced judgements on detrimental policies and Bills like Critical Race Theory and let the whole of America, US Justice Department, Legislative Branch, and the whole world know about it and put the political leaders and the Shadow Government to shame!!

  • Wallace Rowan

    06/24/2021 07:44 PM

    Dear Mike,

    Your newsflash on this idiot representative Huffman of California stoked my ire--as many of your newsflashes do.

    Unfortunately coming from the left coast and himself a leftist why are we not surprised?

    There is the LEFT, which is clearly the embodiment of EVIL. Then there are liberals, who are “benevolently delusional” because they may mean well in their actions and intentions, but everything they touch is damaged or destroyed and filled with unintended negative consequences. And there is no reasoning with them because they are delusional.

    In both cases, they embrace a party ideology that has been working to destroy our Republic since the Civil War. And for the past 100 years, with the likes of Wilson, and progressing through Roosevelt, Johnson, and Obama at the presidency and a very long list of despicables in Congress over these many years.

    The democrat party is now openly the Party of Karl Marx; the Party of Infanticide and sanctioned murder; the Party of mob rule, lawlessness, mayhem and chaos; the party of open borders and no national sovereignty; the party that celebrates perversion, depravity and hypocrisy. It is the party where atheism thrives and the Constitution is despised.

    How any Catholic or any Christian or Jew for that matter, could possibly support such an ideology that is the antithesis of their beliefs is beyond my comprehension.

    Wallace Rowan

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/24/2021 02:26 PM

    Thank you

  • Dolores

    06/24/2021 01:11 PM

    Thank you for your brilliant stand on the Catholic Bishops and Communion. Each religion has its own system of beliefs. If you do not want to follow those beliefs, then you do not belong to that religion. End of story, Pelosi, Biden, Liu, Cuomo….the list of these infidels is endless. It is a Satanic deception to say the Bishops are politicizing the Eucharist. Only an ignorant, willful sinner would believe that. I do not except the current occupant of the Vatican.

  • Jerry

    06/24/2021 10:30 AM

    As a former military man I was trained to use firearms not to defend but to attack with an M16 weapon. Today I do not use weapons I had enough of them I have thought of bringing in defense weapons into my home and to be honest I am not sure if I can hit a target as I did when I was 21 the M16 could cut a tree down with one clip I know ,today I am in my early 70's I may need the same fire power to bring down an intruder entering my home to do harm or steal from it. I would agree 50 rounds may be excessive but I think I like safe more than sorry. So Biden and your misfit pals pound sand until you understand common sense.

  • Deacon Thomas L. Lawson, Jr., PhD

    06/24/2021 10:22 AM

    I applaud your comments on the ludicrous position of Congressman Jared Huffman who seeks to replace the Roman Catholic position on abortion with his own. Your historical lessons should dismiss any position other than that of the church's hierarchy. While there are some bishops who will seek to appease those who favor abortion, God will judge them just as He will those who support the taking of a life that God has created.

  • David E. Laman

    06/24/2021 08:47 AM

    I hope I am not alone in finding it disgusting that our Republican Representatives and Senators feel it is their right to ask the conservatives to pay them to do the job we already pay them to do?
    I get 3 or 4 letters, 2or 3 texts, and and number of phone calls from all over the country to give, give, give so that these paid officials can do the job we hired them to do. What is the purpose?
    Why can't we just use a very secure web site to vote on line and do away with these crooked party hungry morons? I'm fed up!!

  • Jerry

    06/24/2021 08:20 AM

    The Leftist party is an organization of grim reapers as sponsors of abortion allowing deadly drugs made in China from China and brought to the United States by killing Mexican cartels the leftist allows killing gangs to murder on our democratic run cities streets the leftist do not want to get justice for murder of only 600000 Americans and the murder of the constitution that’s the base of a Biden administration The Grim Reaper Administration

  • Jerry

    06/24/2021 07:49 AM

    Biden address of the country’s crime pandemic was as primitive as the savages that are committing the heinous crimes today. The chance of law and order in the country is so close to zero with Biden in charge and his tools in charge of our agencies the DOJ is a failure already the FBI a trump failure the Secretary of State a misfit of epic proportions this person Austin cannot put a coherent sentence together add pelosi and Schumer and the democratic congress the democratic mayors of failing cities the whole collection of misfits are sure to be a complete disaster the primitive thinking of this collection is so incredibly insulting and destructive to a civil society

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/24/2021 07:09 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!