July 25, 2018

If you ask today’s liberals why they are so filled with bloodlust and constantly threatening violence against President Trump (which should be met with federal charges, incidentally) and the people around him (ditto), as illustrated at the link, they will tell you it’s because Trump is uniquely horrible.  Why, he’s another Hitler!  And if you could go back in time and kill Hitler, wouldn’t that be justifiable?

Here are just three of the many problems with that line of “thinking”: (1.) It’s deeply insulting to the memories of the millions of victims of the Holocaust perpetrated by the man who really was “literally Hitler.” (2.) For years now, they’ve accused every conservative they oppose of being like Hitler.  It's the surest way to pinpoint the exact spot at which they're losing the argument.  (3.) This isn’t even the first Republican President they’ve fantasized about murdering.  Remember a 2007 novel called “The Assassination of George W. Bush: A Love Story,” or the 2006 movie, “Death of a President” (about Bush being killed by a sniper), which won six different film awards?

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There’s nothing really unique about the left’s descent into violence and threats to promote ideas that they can’t intellectually persuade Americans to accept.  It’s gotten worse not because Trump is uniquely deserving of it, but because locking themselves up into Internet bubbles and echo chambers and talking only to people who agree with them has made leftists even less capable of defending their ideas rationally. Resorting to rage and threats is now all they have. 

By the way, they’re not just fantasizing about violence.  Here’s a story about an Antifa activist arrested in South Dakota with a “concerning” number of illegal firearms and bomb-making materials.  I guess you can’t fight fascism without blowing up people who disagree with you.


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