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May 28, 2024

The recent arrest of two illegal alien Jordanian nationals near Quantico Marine Base is finally waking Americans up to the dangers of the flood of unvetted illegal immigrants over Biden’s open border. Now, illegal immigration is so bad, it’s even scaring illegal immigrants!

A Turkish man who paid the cartels $10,000 to help him illegally enter America (between those fees and drug smuggling, just imagine how much Biden’s policies have enriched the cartels) told Fox News that Americans are right to be concerned about who’s coming here.

He said he was shocked to see there was “no security, no security check, no background check” at the border. He claims he’s here for freedom and economic opportunity, but he was frightened by some of the other people coming in around him. He said, “Who comes into this country? They don’t know. Okay, I’m good, but how if they’re not good? How if they’re killers, psychopath, else? No guarantee of that.”

Of course, to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, it doesn’t matter if they’re killers or psychopaths. That just means they’re more likely to be Democrat voters, so let’s give them all amnesty now.

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