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April 12, 2023

“The Democrats have even said I’m innocent...I think it was Andrew McCabe, the FBI guy who I fired --- he came out and said, ‘They’ve got no case.’  They’ve all come out and said it.”

That was President Trump talking with Tucker Carlson, in an interview aired Tuesday night, about his recent indictment and arraignment by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who has made it clear since he first ran for that office that he was on a seek-and-destroy operation.  Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has subpoenaed Mark Pomerantz, the former senior prosecutor on the case who not only angrily resigned when Bragg initially hesitated to bring charges but even wrote a book about it.  He made it clear in the book that their mission was to stop Trump.

The next hearing by the Judiciary Committee will be next week in New York City, so they can also hear testimony from some of the many victims of crime in Bragg’s criminal-infested city.

But Bragg has sued to block the subpoenas relating to Trump’s indictment.

Jordan tweeted, “First, they indict a President for no crime.  Then, they sue to block congressional oversight when we ask questions about the federal funds they say they used to do it.”  And Jordan didn’t just pull this out of his hat; he pulled it out of Article I of the Constitution.

Congress has broad authority to do this --- try oversight and the power of the purse.  They get to sit in judgment over state prosecutors in a situation such as this, as it can even affect our relations with other nations when they see us attacking our own internal political adversaries.  This is called “checks and balances,” which Bragg might want to study up on in a remedial course on the Constitution, even if he did go to Harvard.

Also, recall that Bragg said when he was running for DA that he would prosecute Trump, when no federal crime had been found.  Targeting someone for investigation because you don’t like him or his politics is not permissible, at least the way the laws are written.  This is a violation of their code of conduct and is, as noted civil rights attorney Alan Dershowitz has said, grounds for disbarment.  (He also could be disbarred, Dershowitz said, for knowingly using false testimony from convicted liar Michael Cohen.)

Also, the dogged pursuit of Trump has clearly shown Bragg’s intent to interfere with an election.  Why would he have bothered with all this if he didn’t think Trump was running again?  It’s not as if the City of New York didn’t have enough crime to deal with.

In other get-Trump news, Sean Hannity reported what you might have read here yesterday:  that a group called America First Legal has obtained internal government documents that show the Biden White House apparently had a role in getting boxes of archival documents from Mar-A-Lago to the FBI.  The White House has denied this, even saying they were “stunned” to learn about the raid on social media. (The White House isn’t supposed to be involved in the archival document retrieval process unless the requested documents are required for the President’s execution of business.)

Thanks to Sean for airing the clip of Karine Jean-Pierre reading a prepared statement from her binder: “The President and the White House learned about this FBI search from public reports.  We learned just like the American public did, uh, yesterday, and we did not have advance notice, uh, of this activity.  President Biden has been very clear from before he was elected President and throughout his time in office that the Justice Department conducts its investigations independently.”

Well, not so independently, it turns out.  The contemporaneous documents show the involvement of the White House.  Further, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) misled Congress about the White House’s role, which essentially provided pretext for the shocking raid.  This was an abuse of power on Biden’s part that was covered up with lies.

By the way, J. Christian Adams at PJ MEDIA reports that Bragg has hired a new prosecutor to work the Manhattan Trump case, Matthew Coangelo, who “was involved in some of the most ideologically driven election law decisions of the Eric Holder era --- ranging from attacks on voter ID laws to failing to enforce federal laws requiring states to maintain voter rolls.”  In 2012, he was in a position to block South Carolina from instituting voter ID, and that’s what he did.  Coangelo is from Harvard, just as Bragg (unbelievably) is.

After reading about the South Carolina voter ID case, we figure that if Coangelo for some reason had to leave the DOJ --- say, as part of a badly needed housecleaning there --- he’d probably go to work for Marc Elias.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a job waiting for him there.

Fortunately, a three-judge panel --- which included then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh --- ruled unanimously that Coangelo was wrong about South Carolina’s voter ID law and said the ‘Justice’ Department had to reimburse the state over $54,000 for legal costs stemming from his attempt to block their election integrity law.  (Sadly, by law that was the only recoverable part of their total legal bill of $3.5 million.)  So this is the attorney chosen by Bragg to work the Trump case.

Speaking of the Biden White House’s involvement in activities they deny, do you recall our recent report that one of Hunter’s business associates has been to the White House 12 times?  Well, it turns out that records show Hunter’s associates visited the White House over 80 times while Joe was VP.  Isn’t it funny how, as bad as an initial story might look, it almost always turns out to be even worse?

Details here.  You know, I hardly think any comment is even necessary at this point.

And now that Twitter has been taken over by Elon Musk, dozens of former federal agents working there have headed for the hills.  As the DAILY CALLER reports, at the time Musk started moving to acquire the company and in the months after, 28 former FBI, DOJ, CIA and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) executives saw the writing on the wall and skipped out, according to a search on LinkedIn.  This group includes our friend James Baker, known for his role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.  Other federal spooks who left the social media company had been working as Twitter’s “embedded security manager,” “director of strategy and initiatives,” “senior analyst of global risk intelligence” (our favorite), “senior corporate security analyst,” “senior director for trust and safety organization,” “deputy general counsel and vice president” (that was Baker), “senior staff technical program manager,” “head of corporate security,” and more.

Maybe they went to Google and Facebook.  But Twitter hasn’t quite rid itself of all those government connections, at least according to the LinkedIn search that also shows nine former FBI agents still working there.  Each had been with the Bureau for over 15 years before getting hired at Twitter.  So Musk might have more housecleaning left to do.  When the DAILY CALLER contacted Twitter for comment, they got the company’s automatic reply:  a poop emoji.

Finally, this leads us to Margot Cleveland’s new column, “Government is Marketing Censorship Tools to Big Tech to Gag Conservatives.”  This is about more of the dirty work uncovered at the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, using our tax dollars to silence conservative voices---er, I mean, “counter disinformation.” 

The GEC paid for government employees to go to Big Tech with “companies, technology and tools” available on the “Disinfo Cloud” to help them censor online speech.

This information was found in a couple of paragraphs buried in the 164-page report from the lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri and several other plaintiffs against the Biden administration.  That lawsuit has done just about as much as the “Twitter Files” to show how government has functioned in the censorship business.

Right on the State Department website, Disinfo Cloud was touted as a “one-stop shop” to “identify and then test tools that counter propaganda and disinformation.”  And the GEC even hosted infomercials to help private vendors market their censorship software.

It’s hard to know just what all the tools were that were being marketed.  The State Department says that Disinfo Cloud has “been retired as [a] GEC-sponsored effort, and the website has been shuttered.  But she does have examples of the tools and how they were used in practice.   We’ve previously brought you what was known about the Global Engagement Center and the private Global Engagement Index --- which created that “blacklist” for advertisers and put us on it --- but, as Cleveland reports, this scandal “far surpasses” that.  Not only was the government funding censorship research, but it was actively marketing the technology to private companies.

As she says, “The State Department isn’t skirting the First Amendment.  It’s driving a stake through its heart.”  Read this and be very angry.  Sometimes it’s good to go away mad.

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