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December 6, 2022

Some would argue that the parental revolution against leftist indoctrination of children in schools began during the pandemic, when online classes allowed parents to see what their kids were actually being taught. But the flash point that really galvanized the movement came in Loudoun County, Virginia, where it was discovered that school officials not only covered up for a male student accused of sexual assault and let him return to another school where he sexually assaulted another girl, but they tried to paint her father as a threat when he justifiably confronted them over it at a school board meeting. The school board’s behavior sparked outrage nationwide.

After a long investigation, a special grand jury has released its report on the conduct of school and district officials, and it is blistering. Aside from making recommendations for fixing the dysfunctional school district, the grand jury found that the district’s school board excessively cited “attorney-client privilege” in refusing to answer questions (taking the Fifth might’ve been more appropriate.)

The report also slams the school board’s legal counsel for trying “to thwart, discredit, and push back against this investigation and this report, and to promote their own narrative," a narrative “completely undermined and contradicted by the sworn testimony of the chief operation officer." They said that were it within their powers (sadly, it’s not), they would have considered indicting the school board’s counsel for obstruction of justice.

Memo to Attorney General Merrick Garland: This is how you investigate accusations against school boards. You gather evidence and testimony, and then you go after the people who actually did something wrong. You don’t start with the assumption that parents who are angry over the unconscionable actions of their corrupt school board must be domestic terrorists.

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