December 24, 2020

One thing we all learned from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is that it’s not how fancy your tree is that matters, it’s the love it represents. A radio listener of mine named Vicky from California sent me a beautiful story that illustrated that as well as Charles M. Schulz did.

Vicky recalled a time years before, when her young family was desperately poor and struggling to provide Christmas for their three small children. Her husband brought home a tree, but was so exhausted after working 14 hours, he hadn't noticed it was dead and brown on one side.

A neighbor tried to help by giving them a little 18-inch, lighted tabletop tree. Vickie thought it was so small and ugly, she began to cry at the thought that this shrunken thing would be their family's tree. Just then, her little daughter began to cry, too, and hugged her. But she was crying for a very different reason.

The little girl said in awe, “That is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. Do we really get to have that as our tree this year?"

Vicki wrote, “I had a permanent attitude change. That night, I couldn't stop thanking our Heavenly Father enough for His blessings.”

Thank you, Vicki. That story puts a new spin on “a little child shall lead them.”

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  • Robert Rausch

    12/23/2020 12:55 PM

    Amen to that. Praise be to God.