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October 9, 2023

I feel that I must apologize in advance for ruining your Columbus Day weekend by bringing up Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, she emerged from her voter-enforced retirement for a typically sycophantic CNN interview and said something so outrageous and (as always) lacking in self-awareness that she wormed her way back into the news, so I guess I have to tell you about it. I’ll try to make it as short as possible, and then we’ll move on to more pleasant subjects, like inflation and the Ukraine war.

Hillary started by claiming that the man who beat her for the Presidency and may be elected again next year, Donald Trump, is an “authoritarian populist” who has no credibility because he’s fighting criminal and civil charges (again with the lack of self-awareness: Trump is only facing those charges because her Party has weaponized the “justice” system to prosecute political opponents, something Trump could have done to her with real justification; but he took the high road and said that in America, we don’t do that. Of course, we do it now, thanks to her Party.)

She then went on to make the clueless comment that’s getting the most negative attention she’s received since calling half of America a “basket of deplorables.” She painted Trump’s supporters as a cult of bigots who "maybe they don't like migrants, maybe they don't like gay people, or Black people, or the woman who got the promotion at work they didn't get" (more projection: she’s the woman who didn’t get the promotion she thought she deserved.) She called them “MAGA extremists” and said, “at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members.”

Nothing says you oppose authoritarianism like claiming that half the population should be put into reeducation camps.

As for her other blatant acts of projection: if anyone’s followers are an unthinking cult who overlook nastiness, it would be hers. Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again.” That was all about helping Americans. In their attempt to smear his supporters, leftists sneer the acronym “Maga,” but never dare say what it stands for. And do you remember Hillary’s campaign slogan? It was “I’m with Her.” Nothing about what she wanted to do to help the nation or her fellow Americans, but about others pledging eternal fealty to her – you know, like cultists do for cult leaders.

Hillary lost in 2016 for a number of reasons: her coldness and arrogance; her record of tragic failures and scandals (Benghazi), her nepotism, her habits of rule- and law-breaking and enriching herself through bribes disguised as charity donations, and more.  But what truly sealed the deal and convinced many voters to roll the dice on Trump was her inability to disguise how utterly contemptuous and out of touch she is with regular working Americans. Like many cult leaders, she thought she had a divine right to rule us all (recall that horrifying children’s book about her, “Some Girls Are Born To Lead,” which one Amazon reviewer facetiously praised as a “genuinely funny” satire of Soviet-style hagiographies.)

Hillary might think that she’s helping Biden defeat Trump, but all she’s doing is reminding Americans of why they voted for Trump and why that was the correct decision, and that all the endless anti-Trump media propaganda since shouldn't convince them otherwise.

Okay, I’m done with this unpleasant subject, except to link to this palate cleanser from the Babylon Bee…

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