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March 23, 2022


Good morning! Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • The deeper significance of Hunter laptop story, Part 2
  • Ukraine Update
  • Supreme Court Update
  • And much more

The tornadoes that struck Texas moved into Louisiana Tuesday, with one massive twister hitting New Orleans and nearby suburbs. At least one person is known dead, several injured, and an unknown number may be trapped under debris. A number of homes have been destroyed, and 16,000 people are without power. At this writing, it’s a developing story, so please keep an eye on the news for more information. In the meantime, please pray for the victims, and if you can help, a donation to Samaritan’s Purse at will help get aid to those in need quickly.

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2. The deeper significance of Hunter laptop story, Part 2

Part 1 observed that some of the names from Trump’s first impeachment, mostly from our own embassy in Ukraine, were the same as those involved in the Trump/Russia Hoax as revealed in special counsel John Durham’s indictment of Clinton/DNC attorney Michael Sussmann. We wondered why that might be.

Before we continue with that, here are a few updates on the Hunter laptop story:

Monday on Jesse Watters Primetime, investigative reporter Peter Schweizer reiterated what he’s said about Hunter being close to criminal indictment. He said The New York Times “got a lot of cooperation from Team Biden” before they ran the story on Hunter that included their admission that the laptop was, indeed, real. He says Biden’s team were “trying to position themselves.” Of course, this case isn’t really about Hunter but the President of the United States, and a criminal indictment would open up “that whole can of worms” concerning dad’s connections to dirty money and the associated tax issues and huge national security concerns.

So, “does Hunter Biden become the sacrificial lamb?” Schweizer asked. “Does he end up taking a plea deal that might even mean jail time in order to protect his father?”

Also, Margot Cleveland has a new piece detailing eight Joe Biden scandals revealed in Hunter’s laptop that have been finally been confirmed in mainstream media as real. She echoes Schweizer, saying, “These scandals are not about Hunter Biden. They are about now-President Biden.” These are areas that an honest media would ask about, she says –- the implication being that they won’t. Her piece a must-read.

Now, to Part 2. Yesterday, as a way to help understand Ukraine and the Bidens’ activities there, we recommended Chapters 2 and 8 in Dan Bongino’s book “FOLLOW THE MONEY: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump Cabal. Let’s pick up there…

According to Bongino, the hard-working Ukrainian people are “desperate for honest leadership” but “have been consistently let down by a broken political class eager for power and riches.” Ukraine and Washington DC are the two centers of a group he calls Scandal Manufacturers of America (SMA), which dedicated itself to a takedown of Donald Trump. These people helped come up with the Russia Hoax, and later, when that failed to take him down, they assisted with his first impeachment. That’s why we see some of the same names in both.

(Side note: The New York Times caught some richly-deserved grief from Candace Owens when they accused her of copying “Russian state media” when she “advanced the idea that Ukraine is a corrupt country.” She informed them she’d learned of Ukraine’s corruption from The New York Times, offering as one example an NYT editorial called “Ukraine’s Unyielding Corruption.” We bring this up so as not to also be falsely accused of working on behalf of Putin when we point out the deep well of Ukrainian corruption.)

Bongino calls Paul Manafort “ground zero for all the manufactured Trump scandals.” Manafort was a consultant for Trump’s campaign and then the chairman, bringing with him tons of baggage from alleged dark dealings in Ukraine. What we have always wondered --- perhaps Bongino has the answer --- is this: exactly how did someone who was so notorious as a shady lobbyist get to BE chairman of Trump’s campaign? It was just soooooo convenient for Trump’s enemies to have Manafort, of all people, in that spot. So we suspect there’s more to this story. His baggage was made to order for anyone looking to derail Trump’s campaign. Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner, was with the campaign as well, as deputy, and later became a cooperating witness for the special counsel in Manafort's trial.

Manafort lasted with Trump for about six months. Ironically, what brought him down –- in five days –- was FAKED evidence in the form of a “black ledger” of supposed payments from a pro-Russia political party. By continuing to hound him after he left, Trump’s enemies thought they might bring Trump down, too. The ledger had nothing to do with the Russia hoax; it was a red herring, to cast a cloud over the campaign and provide a pretext for ongoing investigation.

George Soros, probably the most influential man in Ukraine, is a big part part of this story, too. He gave $1 million to the humorously-named Democratic Integrity Project, headed by Daniel J. Jones, a former FBI analyst and staffer for California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Jones had started the nonprofit (seems pretty profitable to me) after Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS approached him with the idea of forming the organization. Then, after filling its coffers to the tune of $7 million, Jones turned around and wrote a check to Fusion GPS for $3.3 million! I am not making this up. The same players keep turning up again and again.

Fusion GPS’s task: to research how Russia intelligence operations were affecting elections around the world. And they brought in Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta to help. Still not making it up, my friends. This was after Podesta’s and the DNC’s emails had been purloined (the narrative became that they were hacked by Russia) and published by Wikileaks, to the DNC’s embarrassment.

(Incidentally, John's lobbyist brother Tony was under investigation at that time for “cashing in” in Ukraine. He was paid $1.2 million to promote a plan conceived, ironically, by Manfort and Gates.)

Then there’s the story you know, the investigation of Burisma by prosecutor Victor Shokin until then-Vice President Biden got him fired by threatening to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee. By now everyone has seen the video of Biden bragging about it before a live audience --- without mentioning Hunter was on the Burisma board.

There’s much more, involving Soros and an investigation by Shokin’s replacement into a Soros-funded organization, the ironically-named Anti-Corruption Action Center (AntAC). This was when the new U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch (remember her from Trump’s impeachment?) gave the prosecutor a list of people not to prosecute, including a founder of AntAC. Second-in-command George Kent had already tried to discourage the prosecutor from investigating. According to reporter John Solomon, their message to Ukraine officials was this: “Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an American presidential election in which Soros was backing Hillary Clinton to succeed another Soros favorite, Barack Obama.”

There are others in Ukraine tied to both the Russia hoax and Trump's impeachment. California Rep. Adam Schiff, running the impeachment, trotted out our diplomatic “experts” from Ukraine to talk about Trump and his “impeachable” phone call to President Zelenskyy. Those were Americans, our diplomatic corps, who'd been telling Ukrainian prosecutors who they could and could not prosecute and treating a Soros-funded organization like some sort of sacred cow. Soros supported Hillary and was Trump’s political enemy. He funded an organization conceived by Glenn Simpson. Something smells like bad borscht.

Of course, if our own FBI hadn’t withheld Hunter’s laptop, the justification for Trump’s phone call would have been clear.

Oh, the muck in the swamp gets deeper. Looks as though there will have to be a Part 3.

3. Ukraine Update

Here’s today’s Fox News link to the latest bulletins on the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

The latest headlines:

Russian forces continued shelling the cities of Mariupol and Kyiv. Thousands of Mariupol residents fled Tuesday, and Ukrainian forces continued to hold off the Russians in Kyiv. Ukraine claimed Russian troops took 15 rescue workers and bus drivers captive who were trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Mariupol. Poland expelled what it said were 45 Russian spies claiming to be diplomats (in America, we call those “U.N. ambassadors” and don’t expel them.) The Russian ambassador to Indonesia claimed that Putin plans to attend the G20 Summit in Bali in October. I’d say that’s about as overly optimistic as his belief that Ukrainians would welcome Russian troops and a puppet government with open arms.

There will be a NATO summit tomorrow to discuss what to do about Ukraine. Russia’s Foreign Minister warned that if NATO sends peacekeeper troops into Ukraine, that “would lead to a direct clash between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the alliance," which was taken as a warning of it sparking World War III. Of course, if NATO, which was formed to prevent Russian aggression, sends a message to Putin that they can be so easily intimidated just by a threat from Russia, it might make an eventual World War III sparked by Russian aggression even more likely.

Among the many Obama-era policies that left America weaker, add this: he saw no reason to maintain the Cold War policy of having a US military big enough to deal with two simultaneous regional conflicts. Yeah, we could never possibly have to deal with military threats in more than one place at the same time.

So this continues Obama’s streak of getting everything wrong except for warning that we should “never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to (BLEEP) things up.”

4. Supreme Court Update: The Questioning Continues

Tuesday, questioning got underway in the Senate confirmation hearing of Biden SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. As has become standard for these hearings, it was a made-for-TV production, except the shows produced for Republican nominees like Kavanaugh and Barrett resembled “American Horror Story” while the shows produced for Democrat nominees are more like “Queen For A Day.”

To draw a few “Goofus and Gallant”-like comparisons: Democrats grilled Kavanaugh about the meaning of in-jokes from his old high school yearbook that he didn’t even write. But they accused Republicans of racism for asking Jackson about judicial rulings that she did write.

Kavanaugh was expected to remember every detail of what he did every day when he was a teenager. Jackson claimed not to remember the basis of the Dred Scott Decision, one of the most important SCOTUS rulings in history, and that was fine.

With Kavanaugh, everything from his beer consumption to his personal diary was fair game for questioning. With Jackson, thousands of pages of documents have been withheld from Republicans, from records of her tenure on the US Sentencing Commission to her own probation rulings.

Kavanaugh was falsely accused of being a rapist. Republicans were criticized for even asking Jackson why she routinely gave lower-than-requested or suggested sentences to child porn defendants.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Other highlights of the day included Jackson saying that “Critical Race Theory doesn’t come up in the work I do as a judge.” Sen. Ted Cruz then read a quote from her saying that Critical Race Theory is part of her work as a judge.

Jackson also claimed that she couldn’t define what a “woman” is...

…She doesn’t know when life begins…

…And she thinks “illegal aliens” are simply “non-citizens.”

I can only imagine the media reaction if a Republican woman had professed such shocking ignorance of issues she regularly deals with in her job.

Ironically, in this theatrical production, Jackson is playing the role of a conservative centrist who respects the Constitution, which I don’t find convincing, but she's getting raves from the media for her performance. Kavanaugh and Barrett actually were conservative centrists who respect the Constitution, and the same critics savaged them. So I guess claiming to be a conservative centrist who respects the Constitution is only praiseworthy if the media knows you’re acting.

5. Biden says the quiet part out loud

As is often the case when he goes off-prompter, President Biden said the part he was supposed to keep quiet out loud. He said, “There’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.” You can read the full quote here:

This is another one of those mop-up jobs for the liberal “fact-checkers.” They have to go from declaring anyone who referred to a “new world order” as a conspiracy theorist spreading dangerous midinformation to explaining why the President saying there’s going to be a new world order is really no big thing.

I was on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night and compared this push for globalism over individualism to Aldus Huxley’s chilling novel “Brave New World,” which predicted many of today’s globalist and leftist plans nine decades in advance. You can see that interview online at A clip of the segment isn’t available yet, but it starts around the 12-minute mark.

6. Bravo: House Democrat slams Biden over Iran

Even New Jersey House Democrat Rep. Josh Gottheimer slammed President Biden’s latest policy decision about Iran as being dangerous and making “zero sense.”

As part of his sucking up to Iran to get them to sign a new nuclear deal, Biden has taken Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps off of our list of terrorist organizations. Gottheimer says it makes no sense to let Iran sell oil and be flooded with billions of dollars that they can use to fund terrorism while removing sanctions on a clearly terrorist-supporting country.

He’s right, of course, and I do appreciate that he specified which part of Biden’s Iran nuclear deal he was referring to, since there are many aspects to it, every one of which is dangerous and makes zero sense.

7. Best Wishes

Sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery to Hillary Clinton and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who both tested positive for COVID. Both said they are experiencing mild symptoms. Hillary and Bill Clinton are quarantining together, so I also offer my best wishes and sympathies to him.

Ironically, both Hillary and Psaki expressed gratitude for the vaccines that they credited for preventing them from having more severe or even life-threatening symptoms. I will be sure to pass their heartfelt thanks along to former President Trump the next time I see him.

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  • JER ZE

    03/24/2022 10:33 AM

    You mean the citizens of the US do not have a say in the hire of this hypocrite. I can't believe anyone with children in Congress would vote for her, she was so light on people who were sex offenders. AND she says she is a Christian but she supports Abortion. I can't believe how that gentleman RAVED on and on how he was hugged on but wanted him to tell her that they were hugging her for being the 1st black woman. What happen when we had the 1st black president, he took us down the TUBES. Can we ever get back to where trump had our country respected and we were prospering?

  • GAry Stilwell

    03/23/2022 08:17 PM

    RE: Best Wishes--
    Given the inaccuracies of the test, I believe this is merely an opportunity to exploit the American penchant for rooting for the underdog--what this does reveal is the worthless value of the fauci inspired "vaccine"---which it is NOT - based on the CDC's and FDA's definition of a vaccine---these folks will be treated with the proven, standard regimen that has been in place for many years(hydroxy, Z-pak, the horse de-wormer, vitamin D, C, and Elderberry. It will NOT be treated with the toxic remdesivir(that one has killed too many folks)
    Sure hope they survive--they deserve more than dying from what many will view as 'fate' when it really is what the Lord determines----you reap what you sow-----

  • Larry Rippere

    03/23/2022 07:31 PM

    We hear rumblings (not just from our good friend Madison Cawthorne) that Pres. Zelenskyy is a corrupt part of a still-corrupt government. What do you know, think, or can say about this??? By media design, we're sposeta love him - and we want to!

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/23/2022 06:24 PM

    Thank you

  • Adele Mourad

    03/23/2022 06:15 PM

    I have a question about posting advertising in your newsletter. Pls let me know whom should I email to get information.

    Reading the newsletter has been a joy and an education. Thank you so much.

  • Karl Schmidt

    03/23/2022 04:58 PM

    And there it is, the 50,000 foot view from above. The "new world order." Every "crisis" has been created by the swamp, the Dems, with backing from the left. Open the border that was secure. Crush the economy in the name of covid and climate change. Kill people to distract from it (Afghanistan). More covid. Spend more taxpayer money. Keep paying government employees to stay home and make a mess of everyone's taxes/refunds, drilling permits etc. Make sure Ukraine goes to war. On and on. Now, with Hunter's story being brought out in MSM, time to see how much more of a mess can be made to cover that story up.

  • Robert Miller

    03/23/2022 03:32 PM

    China - Biden kickback $.
    Russia - Biden kickback $.
    Ukraine - Biden kickback $.
    Iran - What % is Biden kickback $?

  • Jerry

    03/23/2022 03:21 PM

    Climate change is a hoax the green new deal is a hoax biden is begging other countries for oil to be consumed by every country on the planet. What does the carbon effect have if another country uses fossil fuel to operate machines. That in itself is a hoax. The bottom line is biden is in bankrupting America mode. A weaker America makes the enemies of this country America an easier target to fail. Bernie Sanders and the old Obama never liked America as it use to be. They favor and ordinary America not A Great America they like Americans weak so they can control Americans like they do in the larger Urban areas. It seems people in prosperity are an enemy an opponent to the Socialist ideas of biden sanders and the democratic party. I wish people could understand the democratic party wants to own people to have control of people look at the homes of Obama and people with immense wealth and watch their actions they do not help people they take from people.

  • Anne Turner

    03/23/2022 03:10 PM

    I can guarantee that my leftie neighbors have absolutely no idea about most of the themes of today’s newsletter. Last .I heard from them was that last Trump says Putin is smart and a good strategist. You can be nuttier than a fruitcake and still be those things. Look at Hitler. Even if Ukraine is corrupt as they come, that is their business, not Russias who is no doubt equally corrupt. We apparently are not far behind.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/23/2022 02:16 PM

    To view the the actions of the DC swamp our Congress the WH the DOJ FBI ect one wonders if America has any true Americans left. If this country were a herd of animals would the herd follow these weak mentally unstable leaders. My answer is no. The stronger animal would take the weak leader and dispose of it. Then head the herd to greener and a more stable pasture. So what happen to America? The role of leadership has been altered the herd I don't believe for a second wanted to follow the lead of today's leaders. What happens in Nature it has its ways to bring the sick and feeble from leadership and replace it with a strong healthy mindsets in stead of leading the herd over a cliff the healthy leader will bring the herd to water shelter and safety in the case of Americans they are heading for the cliff the herd is getting closer to the edge time for a change NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! We are being led by an animal in his later stage of rabies.